5 Companies Selling Ethical and Eco-Friendly Jewelry

5 Companies Selling Ethical and Eco-Friendly Jewelry

There’s one thing we know for sure: ethical and eco-friendly products never go out of style. Lately, with the efforts of dedicated scientists and environmentalists, we have become more and more aware of the environment around us and how it responds to the ripple effect of the smallest actions each individual does. With that awareness came the shock of the reveal that most, if not all, our consumer habits are unhealthy towards the planet. A particular industry that has been the center of this conversation is the cosmetics and fashion industry.

The first wave of this revelation came with the increased awareness of animal testing procedures carried out by manufacturers of cosmetic products (skin care and makeup) on frequent basis. Today, a lot of these manufacturers have shifted their behaviors and those who haven’t are losing sales to cruelty-free products.

While that’s a considerable success, we also need to shift our attention towards the jewelry industry in order to be able to make the right choice. Today, most popular jewelry brands rely on unethical mining procedures, endangering natural habitats as well as risking lives of workers in third world countries, while paying them unfair wages. Not only that, some of them also use harmful materials that are non-recyclable or made through polluting manufacturing processes. So what’s a better alternative for your fashion cravings?

Here is a list of 5 jewelry suppliers that employ ethical and eco-friendly techniques to produce their jewelry, like avoiding gemstone mining and non degradable colors or materials, and employing workers under humane conditions and with ethical wages:

5 Companies  Selling Ethical and  Eco-Friendly Jewelry

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1. BaYou With Love

This brand really does everything with love. Originally centered around eco-friendly and sustainable beauty and homeware products, BaYou, which is run by actress Nikki Reed, has recently entered the field of jewelry with an interesting twist: they make 14k to 18K gold jewelry with gold that has been recycled from old discarded motherboards of Dell computers.

2. Raw Copenhagen

Styling for a good cause! This fashionable jewelry brand is our new favorite impulse buy. Founded by a Danish woman with a passion for human rights, Raw guarantees that all the materials it uses are ethically mined by workers under humane and sustainable working conditions. Raw also uses recycled materials in their designs. Additionally, Raw donates 10% of its profits to various charity organizations and causes. And of course, the jewelry is incredibly stylish, yet simple and not overdone.

3. Ananda Soul Creations

Even if you aren’t into jewelry, you’ll definitely want to buy something from this jewelry manufacturer. Established and based in Bali, Indonesia, Ananda jewelry is made exclusively from recycled silver, but that’s not all: Ananda’s mission in Bali will win your heart. They give employment opportunities to single mothers and provide them with an ethical workplace, fair wages, and education for their kids.

4. Lovebullets

Yep, you read that name right. Yep, it means exactly what you want it to mean. British jewelry maker Lovebullets has a beautiful metaphor in store for you: their jewelry is exclusively made from recycled brass from brass bullets. Creating beautiful and fashionable designs from what was once used with a different intention entirely is exactly the message we love to see invading the fashion scene. And although many celebrities were spotted wearing Lovebullets’ designs, it’s still affordable.

5. Ten Thousand Villages

This brand is unlike any other. Ten Thousand Villages is taking jewelry a step further by being a non-profit organization, completely dedicated to supporting and sustaining small artisan shops in villages around the world. By establishing and supporting long term partnerships with these artisans, Ten Thousand Villages helps them grow their business and raise their living standard. And the end result? You get to wear beautiful, authentic, and ethically made jewelry – and for a great cause.

There are tens of other jewelry manufacturers with similar agendas which you can find with a quick google search. All what’s left for you to do is pick your favorite item and make the purchase! Make sure to also spread awareness about these brands with your friends and family. After all: we do all want to save the world, don`t we?

Supporting these brands is as important as supporting cruelty free makeup products, it’s the only way to transform the industry into a sustainable and ethical one. Happy shopping!

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    Lovebullets is amazing! 🙂

    I would love to buy some eco-friendly jewelry from them. Can’t afford it at the moment, but I’ll try to get some soon….not for me, but for my wife

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