Best Bamboo Outdoor Rugs for Patio & Garden

How you organize and decorate your home shows who you are and what matters to you. So, all those little details like bookshelves, carpets, paintings, and plants are part of your identity.

When it comes to outdoor flooring, there is a bundle of accessories to choose from, including my favorite pick: bamboo outdoor rugs.

Rugs for outdoor need to be resistant and long-lasting, but they should also add style and make the surrounding space look inviting and comfortable.

Made of natural material and exceptionally durable, bamboo rugs are a great choice for those who appreciate simple yet elegant decor in their gardens or patios. Plus, they are biodegradable, flexible, and easy to store.

Considering buying one? Then browse through my top picks from Amazon:

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Top 7 Bamboo Rugs for Patios and Gardens

These are my top 7 recommendations for bamboo rugs for patios and garden. Each product in this selection contains a short bamboo rug review to help you find the right product before purchase.

iDesign Water-Repellent Bamboo Rug

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  • natural, stylish design
  • water-resistant coating
  • trimmed with a fabric border 
  • ideal for your garden or patio
  • Includes a protectable non-skid underside 
  • fits any home decor
  • Size 72” x 24”


My personal favorite is this bamboo outdoor rug, made of natural bamboo material that is water-resistant and an ideal for your patio.

It is a functional piece of homeware that includes a non-skid underside that protects your floor (tile or wood) from damage and scratching.

The bamboo is covered with a water-resistant coating and trimmed with a fabric border, so it can withstand intensive usage and rough outdoor conditions.

The soft earthy color tone gives it a natural yet stylish look that can complement a variety of home decor.

The size of this iDesign Bamboo Rug is 72” x 24” which is perfect for storing in small homes.

STT Natural Bamboo Outdoor Area Rug

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  • big size (5” x 8”)
  • made of natural, kiln-dried bamboo
  • has  polyester border for enhanced protection
  • Includes a non-slip padding
  • elegant look
  • easy to clean and maintain


This bamboo outdoor rug comes in a rather big size and appears more like a carpet, which makes it great for covering large surfaces in your outdoor space.

It is made of a natural, so-called “kiln-dried” (meaning, dried in an oven) bamboo construction and has a wide polyester border for enhanced protection and durability.

You are welcome to use it on tile flooring, as it comes with a non-slip padding.

Elegant and functional, this rug is perfect for any home, as it’s easy to maintain and clean with simple wiping.

The size of the STT Natural Bamboo Rug is 5” x 8”.

Queensell 100% Natural Bamboo Area Rug

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  • durable, increased wear resistance
  • anti-static
  • breathable, warm surface
  • trimmed with high-quality cotton
  • non-slip pad included
  • resistant to dirt and stains
  • natural, elegant
  • designed in Japanese style
  • convenient as a patio mat


The Queensell bamboo outdoor rug is durable and has increased wear-resistance.

The surface is anti-static effect, while the edges are trimmed with fabric made of high-quality cotton that prolongs durability and protects feet from scratching. Plus, the bamboo fibers retain the original color for a long time.

What I consider a great advantage in having this kind of rug in your outdoor area is its functionality. The structure of the bamboo material provides enough ventilation and makes the surface breathable and hygienic while retaining heat, which makes it warm and comfy to step on.

It is designed in a Japanese style to reflect elegance and harmony and provide a natural feeling of comfort.

There is no need of an under-rug, and you can put it wherever because it includes a pre-applied non-slip pad on the back.

The cleaning and the maintenance are pretty simple, as the rug’s surface is resistant to dirt and stains. Just wipe it, roll and store it. The size of Queensell 100% Natural Bamboo Rug is 5’ x 8’ and ideal to use in patios or gardens.

MYOYAY Natural Bamboo Large Rug

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  • 100% natural kiln-dried bamboo 
  • large size ( 28’ x 79’)
  • smooth, water-resistant surface
  • sophisticated and functional look
  • edges covered with a high-quality fabric
  • durable, safe
  • includes a protective non-skid underside
  • easy to store and maintain


Another 100% natural kiln-dried bamboo rug in this selection, this time in a larger size of 28’ x 79’.

It comes in a soft brownish yellow color, providing a sophisticated and functional look in your outdoor space.

The edges are covered with a high-quality fabric, which makes it long-lasting and safe for your bare feet while sitting in the garden or on the porch in warm weather.

It includes a non-skid underside which protects the wooden/ tile floors from damage.

The surface is smooth and water-resistant, so just wipe it with a damp cloth, and the cleaning is done!

You can roll the MYOYAY Natural Bamboo Ru within a few seconds and store it in any corner of your home to save space. 

Giantex Natural Bamboo Outdoor Rug

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  • durable, long-lasting
  • large size (5” x 8”)
  • high-quality fabric on the edges 
  • natural, stylish look
  • includes a non-slip, skid-resistant backing
  • water-resistant and stain-resistant surface
  • lightweight
  • easy to maintain and store


According to the manufacturer, this natural, stylish bamboo carpet is enough durable and long-lasting to use it for years.

It has a tight binging of high-quality fabric on the edges which protects your feet from being scratched, so it is safe and convenient for any outdoor area that you use often.

Just like the previous product, this rug also features a skid resistant backing that prevents slipping and holds it firmly in place.

It is flexible and designed to save space — just roll it and store it inside your home once the outdoor season is over.

The surface is covered with a water and stain-resistant coating for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The size of the Giantex Naturall Bamboo Rug is 5” x 8”, so it’s wide enough to cover a large area of space, and it is lightweight, so you can easily roll it up and store it.

JIAJUAN Japanese Traditional Bamboo Rug

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  • big size (100’ x 150’)
  • elegant, Japanese style
  • 3 layers of material
  • includes a non-slip back-side layer
  • soft, breathable
  • convenient for the summer
  • easy to clean


This rug is a true decor gem, though it requires some extra care compared to the rest in this selection. Just imagine an afternoon tea ritual in your garden while sitting on a beautiful, natural bamboo material!

Three layers compose this large rug – a top one made of natural bamboo, and an underneath layer of a white sponge filling. The back-side layer is made of rubber granule, so you can be sure that it won’t move from its place, and you won’t slip.

It is breathable and quite convenient to use it in the summer as it is made of a natural material that feels comfortable.

Use a damp cloth and warm water when you want to wipe and clean the JIAJUAN Japanese Bamboo Rug. Remember not to leave it in the sun for too long, to keep the original colour longer.

Anji Mountain Traditional Bamboo Rug

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  • big size (100’ x 150’)
  • elegant, Japanese style
  • 3 layers of material
  • includes a non-slip back-side layer
  • soft, breathable
  • convenient for the summer
  • easy to clean

The Anji Mountain Traditonal bamboo outdoor rug is made of 100% kiln-dried bamboo that is carbonized and, therefore, in a darker brown color.

In my opinion, the rug is an excellent choice if you’re looking for style and easy maintenance as though it’s not waterproof, the dark color will keep its good looks when stained.

The borders are made of polypropylene, but they are long-lasting and stain resistant. 

Another thing I really like about this rug is that its manufacturer is eco-conscious: Anji Mountain guarantees that all their harvested bamboo trees regenerate to maturity in 6 years.

The size of the Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug is 5” x 8” and it compliments all types of flooring, including ceramic tile, hardwood and marble.

Oriental Furniture Chequerboard Bamboo Rug

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  • 100 % natural bamboo
  • cotton weave
  • size 4“ x 6”
  • varnished, shiny surface
  • playful, chequerboard pattern
  • includes a non-slip latex backing
  • easy to clean and store

This bamboo rug can really liven up your outdoor area as it is designed in a playful, checkerboard pattern that reflects a modern yet evergreen style.

It is made of 100% natural bamboo, with a cotton weave. The surface is varnished and has a subtle shiny look.

A non-slip latex backing is included for a good floor grip.

Like the rest of the rugs on this list, just wipe it with a damp towel when you want to clean it.

It is flexible and easy to roll and store it to save space.

The size of the Oriental Furniture Chequerboard Bamboo Rug is 4” x 6”, so it will fit perfectly in your favourite outdoor area.

Why Should You Get A Bamboo Outdoor Rug?

Bamboo outdoor rugs have numerous traits that make them a great fit for your garden or patio.

Warm and Hygienic

Most bamboo outdoor rugs can be wide strip or narrow strip woven.

The strip weaving makes the rug a warm surface to step on, plus it is usually designed to provide an anti-slip backing and keep the rug securely onto the flooring.

Another important thing to note here is that bamboo outdoor rugs don’t hold redundant materials in the fibers, so they are allergy-friendly and easy to clean and maintain.

Practical and Decorative

Not only are bamboo outdoor rugs fade-resistant and durable, but they provide a touch of laid-back elegance that promotes a feeling of comfort and authenticity in sitting areas.

A bamboo outdoor rug can complement a small patch of tile flooring in your garden, make it look sophisticated and protect it from scratching or damaging; but it is an equally good decor when laid on bamboo or wood planks floor, for example.

It all depends on what bamboo color you like best!

Thanks to the bamboo’s natural versatility of texture and color, you can choose between light blonde to caramel tones, or mahogany to dark brown according to your aesthetic preferences.  


The bamboo is an exceptionally eco-friendly material and a real symbol of durability, tenacity, and stability. This plant grows without pesticides, its production is sustainable, and it is biodegradable.

Read more about the benefits of the bamboo and the use of bamboo products.

What Is the Best Material for Outdoor Rugs?

When choosing a rug for your outdoor areas, it is important to find one that is comfortable and has a warm surface to walk upon.

Also, it should be anti-static and simple to clean and maintain as places like gardens, porches, or patios tend to get dirty fast and too often.

If you browse through the market of outdoor rugs and carpets, you will mainly find sisal, polypropylene, jute and hemp rugs.

Sisal carpets, for example, are made of coarse fabric and see durable, however only if they’re branded, pricey and can guarantee quality. Any rug of this material that goes under the price of $200 is not worth investing.

Somewhat similar are the jute rugs. These are soft, comfortable and look nice; however, they are a big no-no for outdoor spaces exposed to rough weather or frequent foot traffic as they are not durable and moisture is their greatest enemy.

Hemp rugs and carpets, on the other hand, are durable but too coarse and hard. So, if you consider using this carpentry in a sitting area with floor cushions, better opt for something softer as these take time to become more flexible.

Personally, I prefer natural to synthetic materials, but I have to mention the polypropylene rugs as they are the best synthetic choice for outdoor rugs. Despite that they don’t feel enjoyable on bare skin, they’re mainly cheaper than the natural ones, which can be an advantage.

Compared to these rugs and carpeting, I vote for bamboo outdoor rugs as they are comfy, warm, durable, and look really attractive in almost any setting. 

You can clean them with a simple damp towel, and they don’t collect zap when stepping on them. 

Plus, storing a bamboo carpet is an easy-peasy thing — just roll and keep it in a dry place.

Can Bamboo Rugs Be Used Outdoors?

Bamboo outdoor rugs are made to withstand rough conditions and prolonged usage, so don’t hesitate to get one, especially if your home includes pets or children who regularly take part in the outdoor areas in your home.

Nevertheless, it is wise to keep them away from excessive moisture and store them when it rains or snows, for example.

Sum Up….

Whether you’re thinking about sprucing up the exterior or the interior of your home, bamboo homeware is the real deal – eco-friendly, hygienic, affordable and attractive. I hope that my guide helped you find the right bamboo outdoor rug that will embellish your garden or patio.

Here are more bamboo products for a sustainable lifestyle :

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