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About the SMD Magazine

Welcome to Sustainability Matters Daily Magazine: Your inspiration for a sustainable, eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle!

This blog is run by a team of writers from different countries. They’re all united by their mission to make our planet a better place and their belief that if anyone makes a small contribution, we can achieve great things.

This magazine is meant to work as a great resource for a wide range of topics. It started back in 2017 as a special interest magazine about the environment, global warming and other related topics. That has changed over the last couple of years.

Nowadays, we write and publish articles about stuff that we experience and value. That includes, but is not necessarily limited to: Traveling to and living abroad, learning languages and other new skills, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and relationships, and pursuing meaningful careers. In 2021, we merged with a website focused on water purification which is now one of our major sections.

Still, we quite heavily focus on writing about things that can make a positive change for our lives and environment.

Please note that there’s an open comment section below every article on our website. We really appreciate a productive discussion – and we encourage everyone to leave a comment.

We hope you’ll like our articles and get a lot of inspiration from them. Even more, we hope for a positive impact on the lives of you and the ones around you.