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Welcome to Sustainability Matters Daily – your inspiration for eco-friendly products and services! is not a one-man-operation. I have several writers writing for me. However, they have kindly asked to be anonymous, which I respect.

Therefore, you will find my name connected to every single article on this website.

What will you find on

This magazine is meant to work as a great resource within a wide range of topics. It started back in 2017 as a magazine about the environment, global warming and other related topics. That has changed over the last couple of years.

Nowadays, we write and publish articles about stuff that we are experts on. That includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • China (I’ve lived in China for five years)
  • Language learning (I speak 5 languages fluently)
  • Marketing and business – as I have a Master’s Degree in Business & Administration
  • IT and Online marketing – as I work as a Digital Marketing Manager for a huge company

So…I really believe you will find a lot of interesting articles on this website. We are still quite heavily focused towards writing about things that can make a positive change for our environment. But I do not want Sustainability Matters Daily to be a website only about these topics.

After all, we have grown quite big. There are more than 50,000 people reading our blog every month – which we are very happy to see.

If you still want to read more about me, my interests or my skill set, feel free to visit the about page.


Many of our articles are aimed towards helping people to understand that a “green eco-friendly lifestyle” doesn’t equal “an annoying and expensive lifestyle”. They are not necessarily the same.

I’ve taken huge steps over the last years to make my lifestyle more eco-friendly. And to be honest, it has not reduced my life quality at all. That’s why I try to share a lot about the journey I have been through. I know it works. And I know that it can make a difference in this world.

On the flip side, I try not to be arrogant nor preaching. Nothing is more annoying than vegans that stand outside a sausage shop and shout “IDIOT!!!” to everyone that comes out. That’s not how we should teach people to take better care of our planet.

Feel free to comment

Please also note that there’s an open comment section below every article on our website. We really appreciate a good discussion – and we encourage you guys to leave a comment. Believe me: I have gotten quite a lot of bad comments during my time as a website owner – so feel free to criticize me if you feel the need for it.

Nice and polite comments are also allowed. 😉

Kind regards,
The Sustainability Matters Daily Team