The Best 9 Bamboo Organizers for Your Home

If you have the exceptional quality of being organized and have all things, including your home, tidy, read on. But if you are considering turning a new page in life and start organizing your desk, kitchen, and those mega-full drawers, read on even more carefully.

Personally, I’m the type that floats between these two: I am keeping my flat as tidy as I can, however, I can also get stuck into a work spiral and turn my home into a decent mess.

Recently, I realized that the best way to stay organized longer without constantly sprucing stuff up is to have a few “helpers” at home, i.e. organizers.

My latest shout-out goes to bamboo organizers which not only keep me organized but also look sleek, and finally, are biodegradable products that won’t live on the dump forever.

You think these would look good in your or your friends’ home, too? Then check out the 3×3 best bamboo organizers I found on Amazon.

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3 Best Bamboo Desk Organizers

Prosumer’s Choice Bamboo Desk Organizer and Telephone Stand

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  • long-lasting construction
  • made of natural bamboo
  • keeps phone close-at-hand
  • includes a pull-out tray for paper
  • sleek look
  • easy to clean and maintain


This product is an expandable bamboo organizer that is multipurpose, so you can use it to organize the working area on your desk and turn it into a sleek nook, either at work or at home.

The Prosumer’s Choice organizer has a shelf and a drawer in the form of a practical pull-out compartment where you can keep paper for printing, mail, documents, etc.

Next, you can keep your phone on the top surface but also use it as a place for taking notes when needed. Also, you get a “pocket” for keeping pens, pencils, scissors, and other stationary objects.

It is made of a durable, sturdy bamboo material with an elegant finish that will add some style to your workstation.

HYNAWIN Bamboo Desktop Organizer

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  • high-quality, durable bamboo
  • saves space
  • has 4 tiers of storage
  • delivered fully assembled
  • small pull-out drawer for valuables
  • easy to clean 
  • non-toxic, biodegradable


The HYNAWIN is in the category of stackable bamboo desk organizers that will help you declutter your main area in (home) office and efficiently save space.

It can fit small spaces, and be placed on narrow desks or in cubicles. With this bamboo desk organizer, you can organize and store all your office supplies and significant documents.

Plus, all your work materials will be at your arm’s reach, so you won’t have to hopelessly dig into your drawers or waste time around looking for something you need. Your organized desk will give you the necessary calmness to stay efficient and on time while working.

On the top surface you can keep your stationery and some smaller objects for everyday use, while the second part allows keeping printing paper, notebooks and thin folders.

Lastly, on the bottom of the HYNAWIN bamboo desk organizer, you get extra open space and a small drawer where you can keep your valuables and tiny objects. 

MissionMax Bamboo Desk Organizer

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  • saves space
  • multipurpose storage area
  • no assembly required
  • time-saving and efficient
  • easy to maintain 
  • natural sustainable bamboo


The MissionMax bamboo desk organizer is a multipurpose organizer that will keep your stationery, notes, and essential notepads and notebooks in one place.

It is made of sturdy, long-lasting bamboo with an elegant finish, and thanks to its patented, all-in-one design can fit in all office settings.

There are five pen holders, a wider storage area for essential everyday objects, and a place to put your phone, for example. Also, in the MissionMax organizer, there are three clip holders, a note holder, and a book holder on the bottom where you can also store thin folders.

The 3 Best Bamboo Drawer Organizers

Totally Bamboo Compartment Drawer Organizer

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  • durable and practical
  • expendable
  • great for sorting tools, crafting materials
  • cuts down clutter
  • easy to maintain 
  • natural bamboo and fiberboard


This is an expandable bamboo drawer organizer whose task is to keep your drawers neat and organized. 

What I like best about this one is that you can adjust it to fit any drawer of any size. It is designed with three fixed compartments and two sliding compartments that can expand it from 13 inches (ca. 33 cm) to 22 inches (ca. 56 cm).

The dividers are made of sturdy bamboo while the base is made of fiberboard; thus the product will last and serve you for many years.

Use the Totally Bamboo drawer organizer in the bedroom to sort underwear or makeup, or in your workshop to declutter your small tools and various knick-knacks.

PipiShell Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer

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  • durable material
  • expandable design
  • maximizes space
  • keeps your drawer neat and tidy
  • made of natural, premium bamboo
  • multifunctional
  • light color, appealing look
  • complementary to various interiors
  • customer service available for inquires 


Another expandable bamboo drawer organizer in this selection, this time with a bigger number of compartments yet with a smaller capacity.

Pipishell bamboo drawer organizer has a multifunctional use and it is the perfect choice for keeping the clutter in drawers tidy and neat.

It is made of premium natural bamboo that is not only durable but also looks light and beautiful. Plus, it is easy to clean by wiping it only with a damp cloth.

You can adjust its size and place it in drawers of different sizes in your home, either in the bedroom, the living room, or the kitchen. However, it is recommendable to measure the size before purchase, just in case

Alternatively, you can keep the PipiShell drawer organizer on top surfaces in your home, too, since its high-quality material and sophisticated design give a nice touch to almost any interior.

It is worth mentioning that the manufacturer provides friendly and professional customer service that is available before and after purchase, in case you need to contact.

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Luxury Bamboo Drawer Organizer

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  • 5 multi-storage boxes
  • made of premium, luxury bamboo
  • Water-resistant, durable
  • saves space and looks great
  • A perfect organizer and home decor
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • excellent as a gift


This ROYAL CRAFT WOOD luxury product is a bamboo drawer organizer that you can buy it for your home but also consider it as a gift for a dear friend who has just moved in. (Did this for a friend and he loved it).

It is a multi-use drawer organizer made of 6 separate compartments/ boxes in various sizes. It has the perfect size so you can place it in a variety of drawer sizes, or simply rearrange each box and move them in different drawers or place some on countertops around your home.

The bamboo material is sturdy and durable and the solid construction proves that this is a product for a lifetime. The boxes have a protective sealant and are water-resistant. They are deep and convenient for storage.

As a luxury bamboo product, this stylish, unique ROYAL CRAFT WOOD organizer will fit any place you want to keep organized while giving your home a personalized touch.

Bamboo Kitchen Organizers

NEOLETEX Lazy Suzan Bamboo Kitchen Organizer

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  • easy and smooth turns
  • made of high-quality bamboo
  • space saver 
  • anti-slide bottom
  • multifunctional
  • quick, easy to assemble


This bamboo kitchen organizer comes in an extra-large size and with premium features – it is turnable, adjustable, and with a big storage capacity.

You can place the kitchen organizer on the countertop in your kitchen and have all your spices, small jars, and different kinds of kitchen accessories neatly organized.

It is made of durable, natural bamboo that is high quality and long-lasting. 

The product is ultra-spacious, with three floors, six smaller bins where you can store coffee, tea ,and snacks, and 4 large compartments for pantry goods, bottles, and spices.

With this NEOLETEX Lazy Suzan bamboo kitchen organizer, you can use corners in the kitchen that are usually wasted, like on the kitchen counters or under the kitchen cabinets. Also, it is great to use it for snacks or small food bits when you host a party.

Adorn Stylish Bamboo Kitchen Organizer

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  • Includes three kitchen shelves
  • perfect for corners of countertops
  • space saver 
  • made of light, natural bamboo
  • keeps things close at hand
  • durable
  • quick, easy to assemble
  • 100% risk-free money-back guarantee


This stylish kitchen organizer made of light, natural bamboo is super practical and looks great. 

It includes three extra kitchen shelves where you can store anything – you can arrange your spice jars, stack plates, line up some cooking essentials on the top like oil, vinegar, and flour… you name it!

The Adorn bamboo kitchen organizer will free-up space on your kitchen countertop and make your busy kitchen corner tidy and neat. Plus, it is designed to keep all things easily accessible and at hand. 

Finally, with this organizer you keep your kitchen space tidier, so you save up time on cleaning.

It is easy to assemble and looks sturdy and durable enough to stand the test of time.

Also, you get it with a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee for the Adorn Bamboo Kitchen Organizer.

Purawood Bamboo Cutlery/Kitchen Utensils Organizer

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  • easy and smooth turns
  • made of high-quality bamboo
  • space saver 
  • anti-slide bottom
  • multifunctional
  • quick, easy to assemble


The Purawood Home Store bamboo kitchen organizer is expandable and includes 7-9 compartments where you can sort and organize your kitchen utensils, flatware and various kitchen gadgets.

It fits perfectly in any drawer of a standard size. If you use 7 compartments, it is 13 inches (ca. 33 cm) wide, but it can expand up to 20 inches (ca. 51 cm) if you use the 9 compartments, and thus get more space for storage.

The bamboo material is water-resistant and has a beautiful natural yellow shade that fits any kitchen. 

The construction of the Purawood Bamboo Organizer sturdy and made of moso bamboo that is easy to clean and maintain.

Find bamboo soap dispensers for your kitchen here.

Why Should You Get A Bamboo Organizer?

Bamboo organizers are a great buy because they are much more than a practical investment.  

Durable and Easy to Maintain

Although there are countless organizers of various materials in the market today, I vote for bamboo. Bamboo organizers are made of natural material, their construction is sturdy and they can be water-resistant and durable for a lifetime. Plus, they are easy to clean and maintain. You only need to wipe them occasionally and you’re done!

Practical and Appealing

Who can resist the natural elegance of bamboo products? I know I can’t, and my home is a real proof of this.

On one hand, these organizers look great and neat when stored in any pantry or drawer, however their sleek appearance make them nonetheless a home decor that fits all interior styles of kitchens, offices, bedrooms, living rooms etc.

I always go for the lighter tones; however, the bamboo color palette is wide enough to offer all kinds of blonde to brown tones that you may notice on bamboo products. 


We wrote many times about the eco benefits of bamboo. In fact, they are the main reasons why bamboo products are continuously expanding in so many categories in the market.

Like the other bamboo products, the organizers are safe, biodegradable and sustainable.

Is there even need to compare these to organizers made of plastic or metal?

Read more about the benefits of bamboo and the use of bamboo products.

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Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for the next best thing to organize better, or maybe inspire a friend to start organizing and reduce stress, get some of these bamboo organizers and feel the difference. 

I hope that my guide helped you find the bamboo organizer tailored to your needs and preferences.

Here are more bamboo products for a sustainable lifestyle:

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