Best Bamboo Bath Mat: 8 Best Eco-friendly Shower Mats

Many people don’t think there’s much difference between the different shower mats that you can buy online. Making that assumption is a big mistake.

After working with more than 20 different bamboo manufacturers in China, we know a thing or two about bamboo products. And we can tell you one thing right away: there’s a huge difference in the products that you can find on Amazon. Some have been imported for as little as 2 USD. Others come with a manufacturing minimum price of 10 USD.

Now. We will use this article to tell you not only WHY you should buy a bamboo bath mat. In addition to that, we will also carefully tell you which products you should go for – as well as which you should avoid.

Most of these “best bamboo product X” articles on the Internet are fake. The authors behind them don’t have any experience in the field – but they are only writing them in order to make money.

That’s where we are different.

The best eco-friendly bamboo bath mats

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Why should you trust this review?

We have literally spent hundreds of hours researching, analyzing, and testing various bamboo bath mats. This article is written by two people who have a long history of sourcing eco-friendly products in China.

We are experts at telling what’s good – and what is cheap and poorly manufactured bamboo products.

All opinions about the products we mention are solely our own – and we are not affiliated with any of the manufacturers that we write about.

In a hurry? These are the winners of our bamboo bath mat test

Our favorite
GOBAM Shower Mat Bath Mat for Spa Relaxation,Bathroom Rugs Non-Slip for Indoor or Outdoor,Bamboo (19.7 x 13 x 1.3 inches)
iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat Non-Skid, Water-Resistant Runner Rug for Bathroom, Kitchen, Entryway, Hallway, Office, Mudroom, Vanity, 17" x 24", Natural Beige,81132
Bamboo Bath Mat for Bathroom Luxury Shower, Non-Slip Sturdy WaterProof Floor Mat for Indoor or Outdoor Use,Natural
GOBAM Shower Mat Bath Mat for Spa Relaxation,Bathroom Rugs Non-Slip for Indoor or Outdoor,Bamboo (19.7 x 13 x 1.3 inches)
iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat Non-Skid, Water-Resistant Runner Rug for Bathroom, Kitchen, Entryway, Hallway, Office, Mudroom, Vanity, 17" x 24", Natural Beige,81132
Bamboo Bath Mat for Bathroom Luxury Shower, Non-Slip Sturdy WaterProof Floor Mat for Indoor or Outdoor Use,Natural
Price not available
Our favorite
GOBAM Shower Mat Bath Mat for Spa Relaxation,Bathroom Rugs Non-Slip for Indoor or Outdoor,Bamboo (19.7 x 13 x 1.3 inches)
GOBAM Shower Mat Bath Mat for Spa Relaxation,Bathroom Rugs Non-Slip for Indoor or Outdoor,Bamboo (19.7 x 13 x 1.3 inches)
iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat Non-Skid, Water-Resistant Runner Rug for Bathroom, Kitchen, Entryway, Hallway, Office, Mudroom, Vanity, 17" x 24", Natural Beige,81132
iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat Non-Skid, Water-Resistant Runner Rug for Bathroom, Kitchen, Entryway, Hallway, Office, Mudroom, Vanity, 17" x 24", Natural Beige,81132
Bamboo Bath Mat for Bathroom Luxury Shower, Non-Slip Sturdy WaterProof Floor Mat for Indoor or Outdoor Use,Natural
Bamboo Bath Mat for Bathroom Luxury Shower, Non-Slip Sturdy WaterProof Floor Mat for Indoor or Outdoor Use,Natural
Price not available

If you want to read more about each and every product, feel free to scroll down below.

1. Gobam Bamboo Bath Mat – Our top pick

A very solid bamboo bath that will not get easily broken.

We tried very hard to break it (just for the sake of it)….and we couldn’t.

  • This bath mat is produced in 100 % bamboo
  • Quick-dry due to the smart design
  • Water-resistant coating on the outside of the bamboo
  • There are placed two anti-slip elements on the back of the mat
  • There can be two people placed on GoBam without any problems
  • Water-resistant

After reviewing all the different shower mats out there: this is it. This is the one you should go for.

Not only were we very impressed by the design of the mat. When we started to read about all the smart functions that come with it, we were sold.

A lot of airflow = quick-dry

The greatest thing is possibly the fact that the vented design will allow a constant airflow to go through the mat.

Even though you got a very humid bathroom, you can always make sure that this mat will dry pretty quickly. It really dries faster than a lot of competitor products, which we are super happy to see.

Easy cleaning

All you need to clean this bamboo bath mat is:

  • Water.
  • A very mild soap.

….and that’s it.

The good thing is that we have now used this product for about a year, but have never had any problems with bad smell. If you really spend time taking care of this mat, you will be able to enjoy it for years to come!

Safety first

When you see this GoBam Mat in the pictures, it doesn’t look very safe. But it is.

First of all, the mat is equipped with two large slip-resistant rubbers on the bottom. This makes sure that it will always stay put wherever you place it in the bathroom.

Anything wrong with this mat?

Well, let’s be honest.

The groove of the mat is not as big as we wanted it to be. But that’s it. Apart from that, I think we have found on the market. As we have been delighted with it, I am sure you will be as well.

Product specifications

Brand nameGobam
Size19,7 * 13 inches
Material100 % natural bamboo

2. interDesign Bamboo Floor Mat – Peoples’ choice

With more than 3000 reviews on Amazon, this seems to be the most popular bamboo mat on the market!

  • Can be used for more than the bathroom (kitchen, living room, etc.)
  • Comes in 6 different sizes
  • No water leaking through the mat
  • Good coating makes it water-resistant
  • Quick-dry
  • Very lightweight

Unlike many competitors, this mat is not equipped with “holes” in the mat. That means that there will be no water flowing through it.


The good thing about this mat is that you can place it wherever you want in your house or apartment. Living room, kitchen, bedroom – you name it.

However, we tried to use it as a bathroom mat – and well…it was OKAY. Not good. Not bad. But OKAY.

We have to say that we love the zen design it is made out of. If you have a home that you want to give a “Japanese touch”: this might very well be the bamboo rug you’re looking for.

Water-resistant, but no water flowing through

The problem we saw straight away is that the mat does not let any water flow through it. As bamboo is a water-resistant material, there ended up being small gatherings of water constantly laying on top of the shower mat.

If you don’t actively remove that water, it might be laying there for days to come.

Not the safest mat

The underneath of the mat sticks to your bathroom floor like a suction cup. It’s really good and safe. is one of the more stable shower mats on the market as the WHOLE back of it is covered in exclusive non-slip material.

However, the top of the mat was a bit slippery. If you just come out of the shower with wet feet, you would love to step on something that is 100% safe and won’t make you slip.

Well — in that case, I would maybe argue that you should go for another mat. I saw some comments on Amazon suggesting that you could scrub the top of the mat with soap to make it less slippery. However, we did not see that working very well for us.

Well-known manufacturer

iDesign is a very well-known manufacturer of high-quality bamboo items. We have worked with their products for years. Not only do they offer safe and high-quality products. In many cases, they are one of the cheapest options as well.

One example is another product test we did in the past. When we found the best bamboo soap dispensers on the market, iDesign came out on top.

Product specifications

Brand nameiDesign
Size6 different sizes
Non-slip?Oh yes!

3. EcoBambu Shower Mat – The fastest drying shower mat on the market?

A very smooth and simple bamboo shower mat.

Quite affordable as well.

  • Well-constructed
  • Air and water flowing through the mat easily
  • Gets dry before you even have the time to leave the bathroom
  • Waterproof
  • Mold resistant

In our mind, there is no question what the manufacturer focused on when they introduced this shower mat to the market: Quick-dry. The Ecobambu mat is made out of a material that will make the mat dry as soon as you step off it.

And that’s helpful. Especially for those of us who struggle with a humid bathroom.

3 layers of varnish

And those three layers contribute with two very specific things:

  • They make the shower mat water-resistant.
  • Also, it helps to avoid that any mold will grow on the mat.

That being said, we would suggest that you clean this shower mat at least four or five times per year.

The coats of varnish are not necessarily making it 100 % mold proof – especially not if you have a big family that constantly makes the mat wet.


The non-skid stoppers underneath are designed so that you will not slip and get injured after you had a nice shower.

And yes – it is very stable on the bathroom floor.

Product specifications

Brand nameEcobambu
Maximum weight225 lbs (102 kilo)

4. Bambusi Bamboo Shower Mat – Handcrafted & Foldable

All-in-all, this antibacterial shower mat from Bambusi is a good choice if you like this type of design.

  • Made out of Moso bamboo (Wikipedia link) 
  • Has a very unique design that differs from competitors
  • Antibacterial
  • Non-slippery for optimal bathroom use
  • Can be folded for easy storage
  • Quite a big size

Bambusi has made a bamboo shower mat that is more or less only unique in one single way: the design.

Foldable design

The foldable design makes it easier for you to store this mat wherever you want when you’re not using it. We found it to be very convenient for people who have small bathrooms, but large bathtubs or showers.

As we can see from our list, there are no other bamboo mats that are as easy to fold as this one from Bambusi.

Big size

With 18 * 24 inches, the mat is very large.

If you have a large bathtub or a shower, this could be your solution if you want to cover a big part of your bathroom floor.

Several advantages

We can also mention some key features of that the manufacturer highlight in their Amazon listing:

  • The product is handcrafted, which is nice
  • Made out of 100 % bamboo
  • Antimicrobial
  • Odor resistant (this is important if you use the shower mat a lot)
  • It allows heavy people to use it as well

Product specifications

Brand nameBambusi
Size17 * 23 inches

5. Zpirates Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat – Easy Cleaning

If you need a bath mat that is extremely easy to clean: go for this one from Zpirates.

  • Many positive reviews from Amazon customers
  • Can be folded (wrapped) for easy storage
  • Waterproof & water-resistant
  • Water flows through it and down to the floor
  • Nice design

This shower mat from Zpirates is very interesting. It has a nice design, which is both functional and pretty. Air and water will automatically flow through the small holes, which means that mold and odor will be easily kept away.


Easy to clean

One of the top reasons to buy this bamboo bath mat is the fact that it is so easy to clean. You just get your soap and water ready – and it’s done within a minute.

Can be folded

Unlike most of its competitors, this is easy to store in a cupboard or by the bathroom wall.

The reason for that is that you can wrap it together like a burrito.

Product specifications

Brand nameZpirates
Material100 % bamboo
Best featureCan be wrapped

6. Morvat Bamboo Bath Mat – Super comfortable for your feet

Stepping out of the shower and onto Morvat bamboo mat isn’t anything but pure joy.

This mat will WANT you to step out of the shower as soon as possible. 😉

  • Resistant to moisture
  • Works perfectly in humid bathrooms
  • Very good anti-slip feature
  • Cool design
  • Air and water flows through it

The best thing about this bamboo mat is how comfortable it is towards your feet. Not only that – but it also sticks to the floor thanks to the many rubber grips that come with it.

This is a perfect alternative if you need something moisture-resistant, anti-slipping, and comfortable. Thumbs up.


Also: this durable bamboo bath mat does not weigh a lot.

Combining a beautiful design with a lightweight profile is not very easy. But Morvat has definitely done it.

If you want the perfect mat for comfort and safety; this might very well be what you are looking for.

Please also note that this mat can be rolled up in order to make it easy to store around the house.

Product specifications

Brand nameMorvat
Best featureRubber grips beneath the mat

7. Bamfan Black Bamboo Floor Mat – If you like black design

The typical light bamboo color doesn’t fit everyone’s bathrooms. We know that.

That is the reason we have included this model from Bamfan on our list.

  • Modern design
  • Fits perfectly for those of you who have black or dark tiles in your bathroom
  • Can also be used in other parts of the house
  • The design makes the mat lift very high off the ground

When you first see the black bamboo floor mat from Bamfan, most of us think:

“Is it really necessary to have a mat that is lifted THAT high from the ground?”

The answer to that question is: no. It’s not necessary.

To be honest, we found it a bit annoying that it was placed so high. When you step out of the shower, you might not want to “level up” in height. You want to step on a mat that is not higher than 1-1,5 centimeters from the floor.

But it is worth mentioning that does indeed come with a non-slip grip feet on the bottom, which makes it safe.

Black design

However, this product MIGHT be suitable for those of you who are looking for something that is made out of bamboo, but don’t have that light bamboo color.

After all: 99 % of all bamboo shower mats look the same. They are light-colored. And it might very well be the case that you would like another color on your bathroom accessories.

In that case, this could be ideal.

Product specifications

Brand nameBamfan

8. SereneLife Bamboo Wood Bathroom Mat – A great outsider

SereneLife is a very famous and respected brand that produces high-quality bamboo home accessories.

They’re not huge because they have done a lot of marketing. They are huge because they deliver products that people love.

This bamboo mat is no exception.

  • A total of 12 non-slip rubber pieces on the bottom to secure stability
  • Very safe
  • Water-resistant
  • Bacteria and mold resistant
  • Fantastic and neat design

Convenient and pretty bamboo bath mat

This is a bath mat that will not only make you safe after you step out of the shower. The mat is also very comfortable.

The fact that air and water can flow through the mat will help to reduce (almost eliminate) the risk for bacteria and mold. And the best thing of all?

A total of 12 pieces of anti-skid rubber has been placed underneath the mat. This prevents you from injuring yourself on your wet bathroom floor.

We are always skeptical when a product doesn’t have too many reviews on Amazon. As we are writing this article, SereneLife got less than 350 product reviews.

That is, although we know this product has been sold for a long time.


I mean: most of the reviews are indeed positive. That is not what we worry about. But we worry that might be taken off the market in the near future if they can’t get their sales volume up.

Product specifications

Brand NameSereneLife

Advantages with bamboo shower mats

What are the reasons to buy a bamboo bathroom mat instead of a regular, fabric mat? Here are a few advantages:

  • Many of the bamboo bath mats are elevated. That means that the water will not be stuck inside the shower mat and destroy the floor or the material.

  • They look nice. Let’s be honest: most people buy bamboo bathroom products because they are aesthetically pleasing – not because they are eco-friendly. I guess that’s what we can call a win-win situation?

  • Strength and durability. If you are afraid that you have to buy a new shower mat every year, you should go for bamboo. Also, many non-bamboo bath mats start to slowly fade their colors after a short while….bamboo doesn’t.

  • No mold. You might have experienced the problem of fabric shower mats starting to smell funny after a while? That’s because they constantly contain water – and mold will start to grow. Eww. This is NOT a problem with bamboo mats as they do not absorb any water at all.

  • Fit very well into black, white, and grey bathrooms. What we figured out after working with these products for a while, is that most “luxury home owners” start to invest in bamboo bath accessories. That’s simply because it will make your bathroom look more expensive.

  • Eco friendly. I mean – you’re currently on a website called Sustainability Matters. Of course we care about the environment. There are two reasons why using bamboo is environmentally friendly. First of all, bamboo grows quickly without any external help. Secondly, bamboo bathroom products are known for lasting a very long time.

  • No need to dig deep into that wallet. The average price of the shower mats we have recommended in this article is around 30 dollars. If you bought some fabric models, they might cost around 20 USD. In other words: it’s not a very big difference after all.

  • No smell. Most fabric shower mats will smell badly after a while – and you don’t really want to wash them together with your other clothes. That creates a nightmare. Bamboo bath mats don’t have this problem as they do not absorb water.

  • Slip-resistant. This might come as a surprise, but the bamboo surface is extremely good at producing friction after you’ve come out of the shower. This is a feature that is very good for children and old people as it reduces the risk of injuries.

I mean; if you weren’t convinced before, I am sure that you are right now.

However, let us also tell you a bit about how we know that product A is much better than product B.

What should you look for in a good bamboo bath mat?

Choosing a bamboo bath for your own home isn’t necessarily easy. It might seem that “all products look the same” while shopping on Amazon.

That’s not the case.

Please scroll down below to understand why the different features are important to understand.

No mold (anti-fungal)

Even though bamboo is a material that isn’t in danger of mold and mildew, you would still need to make sure that you buy one that is antifungal.

The most important thing is that water can easily escape the mat. As you can see from our list of recommended products: we always recommend those where the water can easily escape.

According to this thread on Quora, one of the reasons why bamboo doesn’t mold easily is because it’s naturally antibacterial. Wow!

Not slippery

To be honest, the best bamboo shower mats have holes in them so that the water can runder underneath. They are sort of equipped with a well-functional drainage system that prevents the mat from becoming slippery.


There’s nothing worse than buying a too small shower mat that won’t cover the water falling from your body after you’ve been in the shower. Nothing worse.

So please make sure that the product you’re picking is at least big enough to cover your whole body in width.

Our recommendation is to go for those who are deemed “normal sized” by the manufacturers. 

How do you want it to look? Design features

The design can be a very important element. Make sure that your bamboo shower mat fits the rest of the elements that are present at your bathroom. The most important thing is that it’s functional; the second most important thing is that the shower mat is stylish.

Most bamboo products do, after all, come in the same color: wood. Very few of the products we’ve seen have been colored in any way.

Good grip to the floor

Stability is important. Make sure that you buy a shower mat that doesn’t “float about” on the bathroom floor in wet conditions. This is so extremely important because of one thing:


If you fall over and land on something sharp on your bathroom floor, you can very well be in big trouble. Therefore: make sure that your bath mat gives you proper stability even on the wettest floors.


Let’s be honest. It’s no point paying more than you should.

However, we see that the high-quality bamboo mats are only slightly more expensive than the ones made out of very poor quality wood. Therefore: we would NOT recommend you to buy the absolute cheapest products on the market. They very often tend to be sourced by the absolute worst manufacturers in China.

Believe us: we know this market.

Why are Bamboo Bath Mats Environmentally Friendly?

You’ve probably heard that wooden products in general are more eco-friendly than other materials.

And that’s correct.

In the following section, we will be very brief and precise when we outline WHY these bamboo bathroom products are so good for the environment.

1. Bamboo is fast-growing

In fact: bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the whole world. (source: Guiness World Records)

Therefore, it’s easy to mass produce bamboo on a large scale without having to chop down slow-growing trees. 

2. The manufacturing process is sustainable

Unlike many other organic manufacturing processes, the process of growing bamboo is easy.

As a bamboo farmer, you don’t really have to do anything in order to make it grow. This reduces the use of pesticide as well as water usage.

3. Durability

One of the key reasons to use bamboo products in your home is simply because they…don’t get broken easily.

We have now had a bamboo soap dispenser for about five years – and it still looks as fresh as it did when we bought it. Believe us: bamboo products in your bathroom will be a super good investment.

Also, buying eco-harmful shower mats are almost just as expensive as going for bamboo.

4. There is no proper eco-friendly alternative

About 90-95 % of all shower mats in the world are made out of one of these fabrics:

  • Microfiber (about 60 %)
  • Cotton (15 %)
  • Chenille (15 %)

There are several problems with using these materials in a shower mat. Let’s focus on the worst one: microfiber. Microfiber is a fabric that releases small fibers every time it’s cleaned. These fibers have a tendency to end up in nature.

According to, about 9 million microfibers end up in the ecosystem every time we wash our clothes.

Nine million.


If you need a bamboo outdoor rug instead, look into this guide.


To end this article, we should get back to where we started.

Unlike most other “best bamboo bath mat” reviews, ours is real. We have tons of experience in this space – and we analyze bamboo products every single day.

Buying a good bamboo shower mat will be one of the best investments you make in your bathroom. Not only will it help you to create a non-slippery and safe environment just outside your shower.

It will also give you a good feeling knowing that you buy a product that doesn’t harm the environment.

As there are so many bamboo bath mats on the market, we understand it can be difficult to choose the right one. That’s why we wrote this article. In order to find the very best bath mat on the market, I would suggest that you scroll up and find your favorite among the products we’ve mentioned.

We can almost guarantee that you will find one that you’re happy with.


✅ Are bamboo shower mats non-slippery?

Yes, bamboo is a material that is non-slippery.

In other words: they are safe for both children and old people as they provide you with stability. 

✅ Why are bamboo bath mats more expensive?

Even though bamboo is an easy material to produce, 99 % of all bamboo mats have been imported.

However, we would strongly argue that it is absolutely worth it to pay 50-60 % more for a bamboo mat compared to other materials. They are worth it due to the wide range of advantages that come with bamboo bathroom products.

✅ Do I have to clean bamboo bath mats?

We recommend that you clean these bath mats between 1 and 2 times per year. Nothing more than that.

In comparison, microfiber mats should be cleaned AT LEAST four times per year.

Similar reviews

If you’re still reading, I assume that you are very interesting in bamboo products.


In that case, I got more for you.

These below-mentioned reviews have been provided by us in Sustainability Matters – so that you can choose the best eco-friendly products on the market.

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  1. Thank you for this article.

    I agree that there’s no point buying a poorly China made fabric shower mat. If you purchase bamboo, you will be able to have it in your bathroom for at least 20 years without it taking any proper damage.

    Most people don’t understand how fantastic material bamboo is

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