Most comfortable bamboo underwear for men

I was once sitting in a restaurant in central Shanghai during a business meeting.

The other guys in the meeting were already aware of my recent success with selling eco-friendly products on Amazon.

They were super interested in teaming up with me to launch bamboo box. Despite a constructive meeting and loads of motivation on their side, we never agreed on our financial terms.

As a result of that, we never launched our bamboo men’s’ underwear brand on Amazon. But despite that, I was given bamboo underwear from about 20 of our “future competitors”. Instead of just throwing them away, I wanted to make a comparison and a real-life ‘best bamboo underwear’ test article, listing my favorite bamboo boxers and briefs on Amazon.

Because … why not? If I’m able to help some people to avoid some poorly made stuff that can be found on Amazon, I’ll be happy to do so. 🙂

Firstly, I’ll briefly introduce you to WHY you should buy bamboo underwear.

Advantages of Bamboo Underwear

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material

Why? Well, …not because chopping down bamboo wood is a great thing. But because the alternative is called cotton. And if you’re not sure how big of an environmental impact the cotton industry is making to our world, I suggest you to read this article.

They don’t have to cost more than “normal” men’s underwear

That’s a HUGE advantage. When most businesses offer an eco-friendly option, it’s almost always pricier than the eco-harmful one. So most people will go for what’s best for their wallet. That’s not the case with cotton boxers vs. bamboo boxers. It’s more or less the same price.

They feel better

This isn’t just something I’m writing to convince you to buy some. I seriously think that the very best underwear I got is made from bamboo. To be completely frank, I haven’t bought one single cotton boxer shorts in more than a year. And neither will you once you start to buy bamboo. 🙂

Here are my top 7 recommendations for bamboo men’s underwear

If you just came here for the product recommendations, I’ll skip the talk. Out of all the 20 brands I received in my mailbox, these were the top five bamboo boxers and briefs for men:

DAVID ARCHY Men’s Super Soft Breathable Boxer Briefs Bamboo Rayon Underwear with Fly in 3 or 4 Pack

Bamboo Cool Men’s Boxer Short 3-Pack Bamboo Boxers for Men Classic Relaxed Fit Stretch Short

Jinshi Mens Bamboo Underwear Boxer Briefs Short Leg Tagless Pouch Trunk

BAMBOO COOL Men’s Underwear boxer briefs Soft Comfortable Bamboo Viscose Underwear Trunks (4 Pack)

Men’s Bamboo Underwear Soft Lightweight Low Rise Boxers Briefs (3 Pack)

Cariloha Men’s Organic Bamboo Underwear Boxer Briefs – Lightweight, Flexible, Eco-friendly and Odor-Resistant – Medium – Black

Youlehe Men’s Underwear Soft Bamboo Boxer Briefs Stretch Trunks Pack


How little or much should you spend on quality bamboo underwear?

  • Below 10 USD: When talking about unit price, I barely buy something below 10 USD. However, it’s clear that boxer shorts companies tend to sell their products in 3-pack or 5-pack. You can make a great deal for a unit price below 10 USD. You should just be careful about reading the reviews before you do so. 🙂
  • Between 10 and 25 USD: From what I remember, this is what most bamboo companies need to sell their boxer shorts for to make money. And that’s a quite fair price in my opinion.
  • Above 25 USD: It’s a myth that women spend 1 USD on underwear and men spend 20 USD++. My previous girlfriend asked me: “Why is it the case that you always wear so expensive boxer shorts?”. And I couldn’t answer. If you spend more than 25 on a pair of bamboo boxers, you’ve been mugged. Don’t do it.

On a serious note: there ARE definitely quality differences in the “bamboo underwear section” on Amazon. However, it’s mainly related to how much bamboo the clothing consists of. And even beautiful boxer shorts made of 100% bamboo should not cost above $25

Top Brands

Why don’t the big fashion brands start to sell bamboo underwear?

When I started to look into this market, it surprised me as well. I mean; if this is such a great opportunity — why haven’t Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren produced them?

Turns out…they have. They were a bit slow, but a lot of the big brands have already started to sell them. It’s just that they are not as comfortable as the less renowned brands. And a lot of that has to do with prioritization and market size.

An example is these boxer shorts by Calvin Klein sold on Amazon:

Calvin Klein Men’s The Ultimate Comfort Viscose Made From Bamboo Hip Briefs 3 Pack

I guess 99% of the underwear sold in the world is made of cotton. So for some of these big brands to change their business model towards bamboo clothing isn’t going to happen…yet. 🙂

Wrapping things up

So what did we learn from this article?

First, whenever someone pitches you a business idea: tell them you’re interested. It might help you to get 20 free eco-friendly boxer shorts.

Secondly, that it’s quite significant differences in the quality and price of the men’s bamboo underwear that you find online.

I’m not saying that you SHOULD pick some of the ones that I recommend. But I dare say that it’s not many people who have tried 20 different boxer shorts and written about that online. In other words: I am not only giving you an honest review, but I’m also providing you with information that you cannot find other places online.

This article took me twenty days to complete (had to spend one day wearing each one of the bamboo boxers). So, I would really appreciate it if you spent time sharing the article and write a comment down in the comment section below.

Check out our recommendations for bamboo underwear for women.

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  1. Great post. Fabric obtained from the Bamboo Pulp is extremely soft due to the nature of Bamboo.

  2. You left out [name removed] brand underwear. These have the best fit and also the best pouch for guys that need it. The fabric wears for years and they have several different styles. I don’t know why every underwear review leaves them out. Probably because no other manufacturer is as good. I have tried all the rest and while the David Archy has nice fabric and workmanship, the pouch is not there as shown in the pics. There is definitely the main problem with most styles of bamboo underwear and underwear for men in general. Once you wear [name removed] briefs, you wont be able to wear other brands.

  3. I would be very interested in the authors comments on this short article saying the manufacturing of the fibres post cultivation of bamboo makes the seed to garment processing of bamboo environmentally unfriendly
    [link removed]
    Ps I have some bamboo clothing it’s fine but I just wonder about the environmental credentials

    1. I don’t think there was enough scientific evidence in that article to make such a bold claim.

      Also, I removed the link as this might be looking as something related to a “link building strategy”.

  4. Hey,
    that was a really very informative article. Very much insightful as well.
    Bamboo underwear I believe is much more comfortable than another fabric and it’s more comfortable especially in the summer season.
    Again keep the good work.

    Thank you

    1. Hey. Thank you.

      I agree that bamboo is more comfortable than other fabrics when it comes to underwear. Not sure that I’ve felt any difference in summer or winter though. 😉 I believe it’s a good “all year around” product.

  5. the fact that women barely spends any money on underwear. But their underwear is often made in a dirty sweat factory in South East Asia.

    Men buy BAMBOO underwear that is STRONG, MASCULINE and COMFORTABLE

  6. It’s always nice to see someone from the industry writing the articles.

    there are so many websites out there written by people without any knowledge. From my perspective, i believe they are only going for the quick cash of writing such articles.

    On-topic: I have never tried bamboo boxer shorts in my life. But, Amund, you did convince me that this is something that I need. Therefore i’ll be giving it a shot.

  7. It wasn’t until I was 30 years old that I started to use bamboo underwear. I was so excited over this stuff that I also bought some for my girlfriend…and she hated it 😛

    haha, so I guess it might be different from girls and boys maybe?

  8. Calvin Klein > any other boxer shorts brand.

    You can try with ANYTHING.-.. and I will promise you that Calvin Klein make the best men boxer shorts. Bamboo or not: their material is too good.

    It’s a reason why they’re famous.

  9. In general, boxer shorts below 10 USD are not recommended at all. I mean, that I mean boxer shorts of any textile.

    If you go below the infamous 10 USD mark, I’d say its more “garbage” than a “boxer shorts”.

    Speaking about bamboo…..oooooh it’s so comfy 😀

    To everyone that haven’t tried bamboo underwear before: try it. And be impressed.

  10. I have been struggling with some “scratches” in the private area (sorry for oversharing – I’ll be anonymous).

    What helped me is actually using bamboo underwear. I’m not even joking. The old traditional Calvin Klein stuff that I used only made things worse.

    And I tried to google this, but haven’t found any answers. In your research, did you ever find anything that would suggest bamboo being a better material for the skin “down there”?

    1. Hi Andy. great question!

      Well, we couldn’t find any clear research that showed any correlation between bamboo and lack of skin irritation.

      However, it’s obvious that natural ingredients are much better for the skin compared to a lot of other textiles.

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