Most comfortable women's bamboo underwear

Buyer’s Guide: 7 Best Women’s Bamboo Underwear

Finding comfortable underwear for women is super hard. Despite being a man, I know what I am talking about.

After having worked more than a decade sourcing products from China, I am able to distinguish good fabric from bad fabric. Especially when it comes down to bamboo products.

So when I googled “Best bamboo underwear for women”, I was shocked. All these commercial websites did, for some weird reason, recommend all the low quality products. Not fair.

I decided to write this post simply to help you women out in order to find high-quality and comfortable bamboo underwear.

Because you deserve it!

Most comfortable women's bamboo underwear

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In a hurry? These are the winners of our bamboo underwear review

Our favorite
Boody Body EcoWear Women's Brazilian Bikini - Seamless Underwear made from Natural Organic Bamboo Viscose - Soft Breathable Eco Fashion for Sensitive Skin - Black, Large
Bamboo Lace Thong (Small) 3 Pack
Hoerev Bamboo Fiber Women Underwear String Panty Pack of 3
Boody Body EcoWear Women's Brazilian Bikini - Seamless Underwear made from Natural Organic Bamboo Viscose - Soft Breathable Eco Fashion for Sensitive Skin - Black, Large
Bamboo Lace Thong (Small) 3 Pack
Hoerev Bamboo Fiber Women Underwear String Panty Pack of 3
Our favorite
Boody Body EcoWear Women's Brazilian Bikini - Seamless Underwear made from Natural Organic Bamboo Viscose - Soft Breathable Eco Fashion for Sensitive Skin - Black, Large
Boody Body EcoWear Women's Brazilian Bikini - Seamless Underwear made from Natural Organic Bamboo Viscose - Soft Breathable Eco Fashion for Sensitive Skin - Black, Large
Bamboo Lace Thong (Small) 3 Pack
Bamboo Lace Thong (Small) 3 Pack
Hoerev Bamboo Fiber Women Underwear String Panty Pack of 3
Hoerev Bamboo Fiber Women Underwear String Panty Pack of 3

If you want to read more about each and every product, feel free to scroll down below.

1. Boody Body – Bamboo EcoWear Underwear for Women

I love the name of the company: Boody. This is my absolute favorite due to the high-quality fabric as well as the good fit.

And many women agree with me.

  • Made out of at least 80 % bamboo
  • Super good reviews on Amazon (between 4,5 to 5 stars)
  • All their underwear come in the same comfort and quality
  • Offers a wide range of different women’s underwear
  • Provides a “Feel-Good” Guarantee that gives you a refund within 30 days after purchase
  • Good price (affordable)
  • Good durability

To my knowledge, Boody offers the best bamboo underwear for women on the market. I know it because I have personally felt the underwear myself. And I am very much aware of the people owning the company.

Wide range of sizes, styles and colors

First of all: Boody has a huge production selection that you can choose from. In regards to the different styles, they offer something that you would guaranteed be interested in:

  • Boyleg
  • Brazilian bikini
  • G-strings
  • Thongs
  • Two different types of bikinis

…and a couple of more options. All made in high-quality bamboo.

Also, the bamboo underwear from Boody tends to all come in four different sizes: Small, Medium, Large & XL. Most of the products are also made in either white or black. Some of them can also be bought in beige.

Soft as silk

According to the reviews on Amazon, many women use Boody underwear to help them sleep at night. The thermo-regulating technology in the underwear does two things. First of all, it keeps you warm during the winter months (especially helpful for us living in Norway). Secondly, it also keeps you somehow cold during the summer.

For that reason alone, we can also conclude that this is a great option for those of you who spend a lot of time working out.

2. Hoerev Bamboo – Best budget option

If you want a cheap high-waist bamboo panty that got loads of great reviews on Amazon: go for this one from Hoerev.

  • Fits most women
  • Very soft
  • Super comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Very affordable

Hoerev has made an option for those of you that want to try out a combination of spandex and bamboo.

You might ask: what’s the advantage of such a combination?

You get the soft, durable material from bamboo. And when you add spandex to the mix, you get a lot of breathability as well as stretchiness. These pants are superb.

Cheap, but possibly not as durable?

And the best thing of all?

You don’t have to break the bank in order to buy these underwear. They come in a pack of 3 and currently cost below 9 dollars. That’s very cheap.

From what we can read on other “review websites”, several people have pointed out that the material in these panties can be a bit thin. That might give problems with durability. The thin material can very well also explain the low price.

“Granny panty?”

When I showed these panties to my girlfriend, she immediately said that she would “never use those regardless of how comfortable they are”.

She also made the claim that no woman or girl below the age of 40 would use such high-waist panties. Well. I guess that might be a personal choice. From what I know, these pants have been very popular on Amazon. But again: it might very well be that only people aged 40 or more buy them…who knows?

We know that high-waist underwear might not fit the young generation. But this could potentially be something that you could use while sleeping? After all: Hoerev is extremely comfortable to use.

Convinced? Check them out on Amazon.

3. Ham & Sam – A great new alternative

One of the fantastic newcomers in the bamboo underwear space is Ham & Sam.

Catchy name. Comfortable underwear – and they come in 5 packs.

  • Made out of 63 % bamboo viscose
  • Organic
  • Does not roll up during the day
  • Comes with a 60 days guarantee
  • Middle waist bikini style

Ham & Sam have implemented 8 % spandex in their bamboo underwear. That makes the panties more stretchy. Also, the 29 % cotton has been implemented in order to make the underwear soft towards your skin.

One-colored 5-packs

You are able to purchase them solely in 5-packs. Please also note that all five panties in each pack come with the same color. You cannot mix and match.

The same goes for sizes. And speaking about sizes….the bamboo underwear from Ham & Sam come in S, M, L, XL & XXL.


Ham & Sam bamboo underwear is not only super comfortable to wear during “normal temperatures”. They also have an almost unique cooling and heating feature that helps your body temperature to maintain normal during winter and summer.

In addition to that, these panties are good for people with allergies.

From what we can read from the reviews on Amazon, “soft” is a word that is frequently being used by Ham & Sam customers.

4. TEERFU 5 Pack Bamboo Hipster Panties – Super stretchy

These bamboo briefs by a company called Teerfu are made of 95% bamboo fiber.

And the remaining 5%? That’s spandex. You know…to make them stretchy.

  • Super comfortable
  • Currently holds a 4,6 star rating on Amazon
  • Comes in 5-pack
  • Affordable
  • 95 % bamboo

Teerfu bamboo underwear does not come with any tag, which makes them more comfortable. In addition to that, these panties are super lightweight. That combination almost makes you wonder whether or not you remembered to put underwear on this morning….

And yes: they are THAT comfortable and “anonymous”.

Classic underwear design

In regards to the design, there is nothing “fancy” with these hipster panties. They are single colored and can be bought in five packs. Now that one pack costs less than 20 USD, you know that you’re about to make a good deal.

5. Wam Sun Women’s Bamboo Panties – Also in super large sizes

If you are a large woman who needs underwear up to 10 XL, Warm Sun got you covered.

  • 95 % bamboo
  • More than 900 reviews on Amazon
  • Super breathable
  • Lightweight
  • High-middle waist

Some other websites have named these bamboo panties from Warm Sun “the softest bamboo underwear on the market”.

I disagree. I have felt these panties myself – and they are not the softest on the market.

However. There is one big reason (no pun intended) to buy them: the size. If you are a big woman who needs up to 10 XL, this is the best option on the market. And when I say “best option”, I mean “only option”.

At least if you want to purchase women’s bamboo underwear online.

6. Viscose Menstrual Leakproof – To keep you safe the whole month

As a man, I can only imagine the struggle of having to deal with menstruation once every month.

But if I was a woman, I would seriously consider Viscose leakproof panties during that period.

  • Made of 95 % bamboo
  • Sizes up to 10 XL
  • Can be washed in the machine
  • Brilliant for girls and women during their menstrual cycle

7. b.WR Bamboo Underwear – Comfortable Bamboo thong

b.WR is a quite new company that recently started to sell on Amazon.

Despite that, they have received a lot of great reviews for their super comfortable and cute lace thong.

  • Premium quality
  • Something your boyfriend or husband will like
  • The millions of micro-gaps in the bamboo fabric makes it breathable
  • Moisture wicking
  • High price

Yes: this laced thong pack does currently cost between 45 and 60 USD on Amazon. However, these bamboo underwear might very well be worth the price.

Not only do they stay fresh for a long time. They are actually also sweat proof. Many women have problems finding thongs that are comfortable to use during workout sessions. Guess what?

These bamboo underwear from b.WR are super comfortable.

Up and coming

As I just mentioned: b.WR is a quite new company. So give them some time.

I am confident that the sales and positive reviews will skyrocket once women understand how extremely comfortable these bamboo panties are.

Factors you should consider

It’s not easy to pick the best bamboo underwear on the market. In order to come up with the list above, I’ve considered many important details. Let me quickly explain what you should look for in a good product in this niche.

How “clean” materials are used?

Some underwear companies use 100 % bamboo in their products. Some do not.

The problem is that both of these types of companies would advertise their underwear as “clean bamboo clothing”. That’s a problem. The more bamboo, the better. Not only do they feel better to your skin – clean products are also significantly more durable.

Size range

Sometimes you go on Amazon and buy some pieces of clothing. “I’m size L, so I’ll get the large one” .

But then it turns out that the size is not precise at all. This happens a lot with underwear. And the problem with a lot of underwear is that it cannot be sent back to the manufacturer due to hygiene issues.

I have only recommended bamboo underwear brands that use proper American sizes in their Amazon listing.


Even though bamboo is a more expensive material to produce, there is no need to overprice the products. Many fashion companies do this.

You have to buy underwear that is reasonably priced. Despite the fact that they are made in bamboo, women’s underwear is always a consumer product that needs to be replaced in a couple of years.

Why should women buy bamboo underwear?

If you’re already reading this article, I guess you might understand the advantages of bamboo. But let me quickly recap the most important factors in buying bamboo underwear.

  • Bamboo is a durable material.

  • In comparison with other fabric, bamboo feels super soft towards your skin.

  • It’s environmentally friendly.

  • And as you’ve already seen in this article, you have loads of different options to choose from. Many multinational companies are now switching from other fabrics in order to produce bamboo clothing.

  • This fabric is actually both antifungal as well as anti-bacterial.

  • Bamboo clothing does not wrinkle at all – isn’t that cool!?

  • Works very well for people with allergies (hypoallergenic).

So are you already convinced about switching from “normal” underwear to bamboo underwear?

You should be.

Video: this is why you should buy bamboo underwear

Despite clearly being a sponsored post, I think this video below from influencer Tiana Kaylyn contains a lot of good information.

I have not personally heard about the brand she is promoting, which means I cannot acknowledge her praisal. However, she does indeed mention that bamboo underwear is more comfortable for sports.

That is definitely true.


Having a wardrobe filled with high-quality underwear is any woman’s dream, isn’t it?

The more bamboo clothing you fill your wardrobe with, the more comfortable you will become. In this article, I’ve listed the best bamboo underwear for women. Despite not being a woman, I know very well the difference between good and poor quality when it comes to bamboo fabric.

After all, underwear is about making sure that you’re comfortable and feel great.

I have helped you along the way to source the best options out there. Now it’s your job to actually go order something. 🙂


✅ What can be considered to be Bamboo Underwear?

There is not much difference between bamboo underwear and underwear made from other fabric. The only difference is the plant it’s made from. Bamboo underwear is, not surprisingly, made from a bamboo plant.

Some manufacturers use a hybrid solution where only parts of the material is bamboo. Other and more popular brands produce 100 % “clean” bamboo underwear.

✅ Why would bamboo underwear be better than cotton?

Not only is bamboo a material that makes clothing durable. It is also a lot more environmentally friendly. You might not know this, but the cotton industry is related to a wide range of environmental issues like drought and air pollution.

Furthermore, bamboo underwear might as well be more comfortable during the summer as they are more absorbent.

✅ Does bamboo cost more than cotton alternatives?

Yes, it does.

When it comes to fashion and apparel, you very often have to pay for quality. That also goes for underwear.Therefore, bamboo underwear is indeed more expensive. However, I would argue that they are absolutely worth the extra price.

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