The 6 Best Bamboo Keyboards and Mouses for Your Eco-Friendly Desk

I bet they’ve already caught your eye while browsing eco-friendly products.

Yes, you can buy bamboo keyboards and mouses, and not only that they look and work great, but they’re an excellent green solution for your office.

Regular keyboards are largely made of plastic which, although is recyclable, it takes many, MANY years to biodegrade.

Bamboo keyboards and mouses, in contrast, are natural, durable and environmentally friendly as they are 100% biodegradable.

And exceptionally sleek and elegant, I’d say!

In case you want to buy one, too, here are my top picks from Amazon:

The best bamboo keyboards and mouses

Top 6 Bamboo Keyboards and Mouses

Here are my top 6 recommendations for bamboo keyboards and mouses. Each product in this selection contains a short bamboo keyword review to help you find the right product before purchase.

Top Choice: Bamboo Eco-Fashion Mouse and Keyboard Combo


  • simple, smooth design
  • wireless
  • combo elements can be purchased separately
  • connects through USB receiver
  • lifespan of keys is over 5 million times
  • compatible with Windows and Mac computers


My personal favorite is this eco-fashion mouse and keyboard for Win and MAC combo, made of natural bamboo material that is durable and looks stylish.

The reason I place it on the top is that you can buy each element of the combo separately, which makes it affordable and practical.

Both the keyboard and the mouse connect through a USB receiver placed inside the battery area.

The keyboard is designed in a simple and functional style. It is water-resistant and has adjustable legs for more comfort while typing.

This Eco-Fashion bamboo keyboard is a wireless option for MAC and for many Windows models. The lifespan of the keys is over 5 million cycles.

Smart Tech Handcrafted Natural Bamboo Wooden PC Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo


  • wireless
  • compatible with
  • with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers; Android and iOS
  • keystroke and mouse life of over 6 million cycles
  • Mouse and keyboard share a single USB receiver


This bamboo combo of a keyboard and a mouse is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a quality handcrafted product. 

The out shelf and the key caps are made of natural bamboo wood, and they are robust — according to the producer, the mouse life and the keystroke can keep up to more than 5 million cycles!

This Smart Tech keyboard is great for watching videos and listening to music as it’s compiled of 7 multimedia keys.

Smart Tech Handcrafted Natural Bamboo Wooden PC Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo + Free Smart Tech Touch Pen


  • wireless
  • compatible with Windows and Mac computers, and smart devices which feature USB host port like Smart TVs
  • keystroke and mouse life of over 5 million cycles
  • Free calculator with rechargeable battery


Another Smart Tech bamboo combo of a keyboard and a mouse with an extra free feature – a smart tech touch pen and a calculator.

All elements handcrafted and stylishly designed.

The out shelf and the key caps are made of natural bamboo wood and as the pervious product by this producer, the mouse life and the keystroke can sustain over 5 million cycles!

This keyboard combo from Smart Tech has 7 multimedia keys which are convenient for watching videos and listening to music.

The calculator contains a rechargeable internal battery.

Trio Gato Mechanical Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse Plus Wood Pen


  • sleek, gloss-coated bamboo
  • Wireless, Bluetooth
  • USB keyboard and mouse compatible with Windows and Linux computers, Android and iOS
  • keystroke and mouse life of over 50 million cycles
  • free bamboo pen


This stylish gloss-coated bamboo handmade trio consists of a keyboard and a 3-button mouse and a wood pen. It is wireless and connects through Bluetooth, meaning no more cords or tangles!

Not only that it will make your office corner look compact and classy, but it’s also resistant to stains and sweat and can last for more than 50 million cycles.

Each Trio Gato mechanical keyboard and mouse combo comes with a free bamboo pen that will fully complement your eco-friendly office style.

Trio Gato Bamboo Wireless Standard Size Handcrafted Keyboard and Mouse


  • stain resistant, gloss-coated bamboo
  • Wireless, Bluetooth
  •  a single USB receiver for both keyboard and mouse
  • compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, and Android
  • durable, life span of over 50 million cycles


Another Trio Gato bamboo product, this time as a combo of a keyboard and a mouse whose stylish and elegant look immediately caught my eye.

This product sticks to a standard size and design, as it consists of 3 key pads that provide make typing a comfortable experience.

The key caps are gloss-coated and stain resistant.

An exquisitely durable keyboard with a life span of over 50 million cycles.

This Trio Gato keyboard is wireless and connects through Bluetooth with a single USB receiver that connects both the keyboard and the mouse at a long range, up to 30 feet (ca. 9 meters).

Impecca Custom Carved Bamboo Bluetooth mini Keyboard with Black Edging


  • mini format
  • stylish, elegant, trendy design
  • connects through USB Port
  • Wireless, Bluetooth
  • compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 up to Windows 10


If you’re a “style-above-all” kind of person, then this is the wireless bamboo keyboard for you!

The Impecca Custom Carved Bamboo Keyboard comes in a compact mini format, reflecting a sleek, modern tech design.

It is compatible with most models of smartphones and tablets and has a receiving range of up to 35 feet (ca. 11 meters), which means that it’s convenient to use from different angles in your home (and) office.

What I favor most in this keyboard is it’s 30 days battery life. What a relief, right? Plus, on a single charge!

Another advantage is its auto power saving property, so when it’s not in use, it just goes into sleep mode.

Though it’s not a mechanical bamboo keyboard, but users say it feels like one due to the high resistance that is similar to mechanical key presses.

This Impecca bamboo mini keyboard is wireless and connects through Bluetooth.

Why Should You Get A Bamboo Keyboard?

Still in doubt? Let me tell you why you should opt for a bamboo keyboard and mouse.

I don’t know about you, but every time I take one step forward to eco-friendliness, I feel the need to take one more.

First I started with rejecting plastic and paper cups, next I replaced my regular lunch box and cutlery with a bamboo set, then came the bamboo toothbrush and then the bamboo keyboard case… You see my point? 

So whether you make the first or next move to becoming eco-conscious by changing buying habits, this product is an excellent choice that fits the important the eco-criteria.


We wrote many times before about the environmental advantages of the bamboo — a 100% biodegradable, natural product that absorbs double the carbon dioxide than other trees, can grow up to 3 feet (0.91 meters) tall in a single day, and it is sustainable.

So, when consumers use bamboo, they encourage more bamboo cultivation, which is very fast and basically reduces our reliance on fossil fuels.

Hard to beat by keyboard competitors!

Antibacterial and Hygienic

Another important trait of this type of keyboard are its natural antimicrobial properties found in the bamboo itself, i.e., the so-called “bamboo Kun” substance which is a natural germ fighter.

Thanks to this, your keys remain clean and pleasant to work on throughout the day, unlike the smudged, full-of-dirt-and-crumbs keys of regular keyboards.

Modern and Elegant Looks

The look of bamboo keyboards and mouses really shakes things up when it comes to (home) office aesthetics. 

Most computer products look the same and this can sometimes feel dull, so these bamboo products come as a novelty that will liven up your working atmosphere.

To Sum Up…

We live in times when we can witness how consumers habits and behaviors change slowly but surely. More and more biodegradable products are offered and bought at the (online) market, and this brings a small spark of hope that things might eventually change for the better. 

More sustainable products for you and your home:

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