The Best Soap Dispensers for Kids and Toddlers

What’s more annoying for kids than washing hands several times a day?

Okay, brushing teeth, tidy one’s room… but that’s not the point here. 🙂

Washing hands with soap regularly is one of the most easy and most effective hygienic measures – kids have to learn this habit as soon as possible.

Typically, they don’t like it too much; and this is where a kid-friendly soap dispenser comes handy: it will simplify the process and make it way more fun!

That’s why I searched and tested a row of reusable soap dispensers for kids and toddlers, which are practical and look adorable.

You can choose between manual easy-to-pump and touchless automatic dispensers.

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GoFika cute animal vinyl soap dispensers for kids

Cute, durable and absolutely affordable. This 350ml (11.8oz) animal soap dispensers from the Swedish brand GoFika are the best option out there. Choose between three animals:




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Your kids will love it. They have beautiful details, a good pump which is easy to install, they’re straightforward to fill up, and they’re almost unbreakable.

No wonder, that the customer reviews are enthusiastic: “So freakin’ cute — and cool“, says one; “Not just for kids“ states another. I agree.

When I bought it, I did expect to receive some poor-quality plastic stuff. What I received in my mailbox was something different. It’s really made from high-quality materials. In addition to that, GoFika has made the design as appealing and kids-friendly as possible.

As I am writing this now, I have used this kids soap dispenser for about a year. The “paint” was just as pretty when I received it as it is now. No leak. No problems with the pump. And the best thing of all is that my kids are still delighted using it — and showing it to their friends.

More plastic animal soap dispensers from Hyever

If your kid’s most-loved animal isn’t available from GoFika, you can find more options on Amazon from Hyever.


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Although the brand name is different, the products are very similar regarding design and quality; except for that they’re not made from vinyl but from another type of plastic. They seem as durable as the GoFika ones and the customer reviews of the Hyever soap dispensers are totally positive:

“Perfect for toddlers with slippery fingers“, or “Cant get my daughter to stop washing her hands“ – what do you need to know more?

Locco Decor interactive floating fish soap dispenser

This interactive soap dispenser is perfect for kids who love to see fish swim around in their soap.

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Locco Decor has made a soap dispenser for kids that is slightly different from the ones from GoFika.

First, this is a see-through dispenser. You can always keep an eye on how much soap that’s left.

Secondly, this dispenser is not made of plastic, but from high-quality acrylic, which is safe for daily uses and easy to clean. It has a volume of 270 ml (9,14 oz).

Oh, and did I mention that it’s a toy as much as a soap dispenser? If your kids are quiet in the bathroom for minutes, maybe they are on a swim with their little marine friends.

Locco Decor has created this product, which has been really well-received by the Amazon customer base. With more than 2,500 reviews (and counting), this is one of the most popular soap dispensers for kids on the market now.

I guess that must mean something.

Automatic touchless sensor soap dispensers

If you are looking for automatic soap dispensers with a touchless sensor, go for these three recommendable options. Your kids and toddler can use them effortlessly, and they’re very hygienic.

HYGIENE WORX Poppy Pig Smart Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

20-second Build in Timer and Beep; a Cute Countertop Gadget to teach kids proper handwashing; 330ml (11oz) tank.

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Seawah Dinosaur Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser

Foaming Touchless Hand Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser for Kids, IPX6 Waterproof, for Bathroom Countertop; 250ml (8.7oz) tank

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Secura Premium Touchless Electric Automatic Soap Dispenser

Water-resistant battery-operated automatic soap dispenser, with adjustable soap dispensing volume control dial; 500ml (17oz) tank

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Why is it important to have a soap dispenser that your kids love?

Washing hands frequently decreases the risk of becoming sick. There was one study in Norway that happened through the “swine flu period”. All kids should wash their hands three times per day in the kindergarten.

The result?

The number of people who got sick (both kids and kindergarten employees) dropped by 40%. That’s why it’s important to make your kids wash their hands.

I mean: Whom do I need telling this, after two years of the CVID-19 pandemic?

Kids are significantly more eager to wash their hands if you have some funny soap dispenser in your bathroom. Kids and toddlers should develop the habit of washing hands regularly; the more fun it is, the faster they will learn.

Easy-pump or automatic soap dispensers will be easier to use for small kids’ hands than others you have to press down with force. They’ll be able to wash hands without assistance after a while.

Finally, refillable soap dispensers are eco-friendly. Refill them with your kids and teach them about zero waste and being sustainable at home.

Hint: You can use all dispensers for toothpaste or hand lotion, too!

What is a good soap dispenser for kids or toddlers?

To me, it’s something that fits all these criteria:

  • It stands solidly on the sink. (Many of them have a tendency to easily fall over.)
  • It does not leak easily.
  • It is easy to pump.
  • It’s affordable, of course.

These factors might seem like a simple thing to make, but my experience tells me that 70-80% of all the soap dispensers for kids do have some type of error. Most of the time it’s a combination of not being steady (because the design is too fancy) and a high price.

Here are some more factors to consider:


Since children are more into cute things compared to hand hygiene, the design is vital. If you buy a soap dispenser that your kid doesn’t like, there’s a chance he or she won’t use it too frequently.

A cute soap dispenser will mean a lot to your kids’ hygiene. Once they find it funny to wash their hands, you already won. 🙂


Since soap dispensers need to be filled up by soap every now and then, the size matters a lot. If your dispenser is too small, you would need to constantly fill it up with soap every single week. Also, it won’t be as stable on the sink and can fall down.

Quality of the pump

The pump needs to last long. Some pumps, especially those who are NOT made of plastic, will easily get broken. Besides, you need to make sure that the pump doesn’t splash out too much soap. That will create a mess. (Probably, your kids will love it.) 🙂


You will barely find quality soap dispensers below $8. And if you do, they are either packed in bulk (often more than 5) or hideous.

Between $8 and $15 is the normal price range for decent-looking soap dispensers. Most of them are made from plastic, they have a high-quality pump and can last for many years.

Above $15, you will find a weird gathering of different products. Some are simply overpriced. But many of them have put great details into their packaging and design. From a quality perspective, there’s no to spent more than 20 USD.

Where should I buy refillable bags of soap?

They can also be found on Amazon. All you have to do is to search for “soap refill” on Amazon. I suggest that you buy at least 1 gallon (3.79 liters) every time you purchase. That will normally last for half a year for most families with 2-3 kids.

Plastic or glass dispensers?

Trust me: I hate plastic waste. Therefore, I am not a fan of recommending people to fill their houses with plastic products. Nevertheless, as of now, there’s no better option for kids soap dispensers than plastic.

It’s lightweight, durable and cannot easily break — which is a major benefit if you have a pack of little rascals at home. Just make sure you use the plastic soap dispenser for a long time, and you’ll get an eco-friendly thumbs up from my end.

Check out my buying guide on glass soap dispensers (for toddler-free zones.)

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  1. We have developed a SMART Dispenser that can be programmed to record and play any music of your choice or even a spoken message.It takes less than a minute and you can change the music as often as you like.
    The Dispenser is ideal for children.
    There are other SMART USPs that ensure people wash their hands EVERY TIME after using the toilet.
    The simple low cost technology has been registered with the U.K. Patent Office.

  2. That dinosaur soap dispenser is one of the cutest things i’ve ever seen…and I can give it as a gift to my little boy without him thinking it’s “too girlish”. 🙂

  3. When people get out of this pandemic crisis we are in, they start to understand the importance of washing their hands. My suggestion is that people will buy more soap dispensers. And you know what? getting your KIDS to wash their hands is even more important.

    They dig dirt, go on bike trips with their friends, getting their hands dirty everywhere. And then they come home without washing their hands starting to eat dinner. What it does is to create a system where people get sick because kids don’t wash their hands. Therefore, I agree that a cute soap dispenser would urge people to become a bit more hygienic 🙂

    1. Hello Koala,

      you are absolutely right. When kids wash their hands more frequently, they do get less sick. Not only them…but their whole family. 🙂

      It’s a reason for that! Hehe

  4. Great article. I think you are doing the exact right thing: not oversimplifying it.

    Many people that buy kids soap dispensers on Amazon think that they are all the same, but they’re not. It’s so much china produced s*** out there that is just sold to make large corporations some profit. It’s very important that they can hold enough soap for at least a week (300 ml is a minimum), stay clear and steady on the sink… as well as holds for more than a year.

  5. I bought the panda kids soap dispenser for a newphew. He loves it.

    However, I would also like to add that it can also be used to hold other types of liquid. Right now there’s a flu epidemic going on, which prevents people from doing what they usually should do. And therefore, we need to wash our hands quite frequently if we are going out in the shop, etc.

    I want to fill this “kids soap dispenser” with antibac (alcohol) and make my nephews clean their hands every time they come home from school.

    Wouldn’t that also be a good idea? I reckon it would be equally good for “thinner” liquid compared to soap?

    1. Hello Kylie,

      I have tested the panda soap dispenser myself. And I can confirm that “thinner” liquid (like antibac/alcohol) can very well be used within that specific product.

      The pump solution is quite strong.

  6. I am not sure if the Amazon search bar is working properly for that search term. When I try to write in “Best soap dispenser kids” or “Soap dispenser kids”, it just pops up a lot of other weird stuff that I don’t want…like something you can phsyically attach to your sink.

    Well, guess what Amazon? That’s not what I am looking for.

    So thank you. This is exactly what I need in my house – some cute panda soap dispenser that will help my kids prevent themselves from becoming sick!

    It’s SO important that you get your little ones to wash their hands, it makes all the difference on how many days they are sick in their childhood.

    1. Hi Sibiu, that sounds familiar. I am using Amazon quite a lot myself – and I can relate that their search terms aren’t too well optimized.

      On the other hand, I have spent some time selling soap dispensers on Amazon as well. I know that many of the shops do not optimize for search terms like “Soap Dispenser Kids”, which is why the relevant listings are not popping up.

      I agree that these things can be helpful to get kids to wash their hands more frequently 🙂

  7. Soap dispensers, creams and disinfection

    It is easy to demonstrate a good standard of hygiene when using the right products. Our soap dispensers and hand hygiene products provide optimum hygiene. Sealed refills make refilling both easy and hygienic.

    It’s absolutely crucial that you buy the right soap dispenser at home. I got Three….kids. And two soap dispensers – and one of them are actually quite similar to the panda soap dispenser that you’re featuring in this article. 🙂

    Anyway: thumbs up! I will get a New one from Amazon because its so cheap

  8. Thank you!

    I agree With what you say about what’s important for kids soap dispenser. However, I would also love to add one thing:

    – That it doesn’t splash out all over the sink.

    If you ever had a 5 year old in Your house, you know that they try to “pump” that soap dispenser so many times and that you can suddenly have soap all over the Place.

    1. Hello Maria,

      that is actually a very good point. There’s loads of soap dispensers and liquid holders that claim to be “child friendly”, but at the same time is leaking a lot.

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