Tips for Writing a Global Warming Essay

Tips for Writing a Global Warming Essay

After spending 10 years in “normal” school and 5 years at a university, I have written quite a few essays in my life. I would maybe not go so far to say that I am an expert in writing school papers. However, I am definitely an expert in global warming. And I know what it takes to write a thesis that will give you a good grade in school.

If you are going to write a Global Warming Essay, you should definitely read the tips I have gathered in this article. Believe me, they will make the process easier.

PS! I have previously written an article about how to write your university thesis about any environmental topics. More specifically how to find a great topic for your thesis. You can read that article by clicking here.

Tips for Writing a Global Warming Essay

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Topics to Cover about Global Warming

Have you received a specific topic from your teacher or professor? If not, you need to start to be a bit creative.

Luckily, there are loads of topics to cover within global warming. I guess the best way is by giving you some titles that you could use:

1) How long will it take until Manhattan is under water?
2) How are we going to see an increase in climate refugees?
3) Is the Paris agreement going to save us from global warming?
4) How does the polar bear [or any other sea creature] deal with increased sea temperature?
5) Why do so many people believe that global warming is a hoax?

As you can see, there are loads of different topics to write about within global warming. Most students actually think that finding a good topic/headline is the most difficult part of writing an essay. I agree. But once you have found something that works, you can immediately start to do your research.

It is just like going to the gym: the difficult part is to pack your training clothes and walk out of your door. After that, the workout is extremely simple. ☺

How Can I Find Reliable Sources?

There are so much information out there that is not true. Let me just inform you that about 30 % of the people in Europe and USA do not believe in human-made climate change. By default, that means that about 30 % of the information online about global warming is literally…trash. And you don’t want to use “trash” as a reference in your essay, do you?

So what should you use as resources?

Some websites are really useful to learn about global warming. NASA is one of them. They are using scientific evidence to write long articles (that are quite easy to read and understand) about why global warming is happening – and why humans are to blame for that.

You should look for sources that are:

1) Government-sponsored websites.

2) Scientific articles published through proper universities.

3) Websites that are driven by organizations that are known globally for providing authentic information, e.g. NASA, UNESCO, National Science Foundation, etc.

4) Certain newspapers like The Guardian, New York Times and The Washington Post.

These sources will always have updated information about global warming. No professor or teacher will criticize you for referring to them when writing an essay.

If you want get in trouble, you should use sources like these:

1) Blogs that are written by random people that do not have any education in sustainability.

2) “Scientific reports”, that cannot be verified by any universities. A good way of figuring out if a scientific report about global warming is true or not is simply by Googling the people who made it. You will quickly find out if it has been cited in newspapers or trusted websites.

3) Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.

If you stay away from these sources, you should be fine. You might also have a book or two from nature/biology class that you could use as a reference?

Why is it Difficult to Write an Essay About Global Warming?

Global warming is an extremely complex issue. After all, you don’t have one element leading to increased temperatures on the global level. You have millions.

Let me illustrate that by asking some rhetorical questions:

1) Can melting ice on the North Pole be connected with global warming?

Answer: Yes.

2) Can deforestation be linked directly to increased temperatures?
Answer: Yes.

3) Can social problems, such as crime and refugees, be linked to global warming?

Answer: Yes.

4) Can all the choices we make in our everyday life be somehow connected to climate change and global warming?

Answer: Yes.

You might see that it is an extremely broad topic. When I tried to write in “Global Warming Essay” in Google, one of the suggestions that came up was “Can I write a Global Warming Essay in 200 words?”. Well, you can – but you have to be extremely careful about not going too broad.

Trying to cover the whole specter is impossible. You would literally need 500,000 words in order to cover everything about the topic. I do not expect you to write that much in a school essay.

Here are the 11 best strategies to overcome writer’s block.

How to Write a Conclusion?

Do not come up with any new information in your conclusion. Your conclusion should simply be a summary of what you have written previously in your essay.

Write 5-6 sentences about your key findings and make sure that it is readable and easy to understand. If you have written a good conclusion, it should quickly summarize all of your essay findings in a small paragraph.

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