How Nature Sounds Help me Concentrate: Study Tips

How Nature Sounds Help me concentrate [Study tips]

As a previous University student, I had my fair share of moments where I simply could not concentrate. However, one simple discovery totally changed the way I worked – and it made me significantly more efficient.

This sounds like a sales pitch. Don’t worry: I am not here to sell you anything. Neither am I affiliated with any of the Youtube videos in this article. The only reason why I write this article is because I sincerely want to help other students concentrate better.

How Nature Sounds Help me Concentrate: Study Tips

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Nature sounds as a concentration tool

All you need to do is:

1) Make sure you use some headphones/earphones [noise-cancelling headphones performs the best]
2) Play any of the following Youtube videos:

#1: “3 Hour Brain Power Study”

#2: “Deep Forest Healing Music”

#3: “Beautiful Relaxing Sleep Music”

A good tip is to go on Youtube and simply use search phrases such as “nature concentration music”, “nature sounds music”, etc.

Why does Nature Sounds help you Concentrate Better?

I could only find one single study on this topic. Acoustical Society of America published in 2015 a study that shows a clear correlation between listening to nature sounds and an improved mental health. In fact, these were some of the exact findings:

– It will make people feel more positive
– It helps with concentration
– Nature sounds can actually help with efficiency in an office

The study was done by analyzing the efficiency and mental state of coworkers before and after nature sounds were played in the background while they worked.

If you want to download or read the whole study, you can do so by clicking this link.

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