How is to Live Alone in the Woods? This Post Will Scare You

How is it to live alone in the woods? This post will scare you

Reddit is not a very trustworthy source for information. After all, everyone can write whatever they want in these threads. And frankly, most of what is written on that website is … well….not useful content.

However, sometimes you find gold. And I came across this Reddit thread about home (or cabin) owners that have had frightening experiences after living isolated in the woods. It was actually when I did some research to my article about the advantages of living close to nature that I found it. And I simply had to share some of the stories as they are quite entertaining:

How is to Live Alone in the Woods? This Post Will Scare You

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The guy who had the white and black burglars in this house

Well, I guess most of us would have been quite scared after experiencing that. Note to self #1: do not leave your pork dinner in a place where animals can smell it. Note to self #2: raccoons do understand English.

Ben Affleck and gunshots

As I mentioned in this article: you simply cannot verify the information written Reddit. We just have to believe the user “immajustthrowthisaway” when he tells this story about being disturbed by an unknown man while watching Pearl Habor. The fact that his grandpa shoots him in the leg and leaves no blood trace…..well. I am skeptical. But regardless, it is quite a good story.

The creepy intruder and the horrifying selfies

WOW! Just simply: WOW!

If you still dare to live in the same house out in the wilderness after this experience, you really love your home. That is mental.

Murders without any police presence

Now it just gets sad. From a raccoon that smelled dinner to a guy that killed four people in a small village.

The dog who barked at the bear

I do understand his parents. Opening the door for religious people that want to convert you or some salesman trying to sell you a vacuum cleaner: fine. Opening the door for a huge black bear? No, thanks.

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Do you want to read more similar stories?

This specific Reddit thread is full of them. You can go directly to the page by clicking here and scrolling down. Some of them will definitely scare you from living in the woods.

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