Home Master TMAFC-ERP Artesian Review: Great Under Counter System

The Home Master TMAFC-ERP Artesian reverse osmosis system is a great under-counter RO system that is easy to install, easy to use, and purifies a decent amount of water for you and your family to drink.

Home Master TMAFC-ERP Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System , White

Home Master TMAFC-ERP Overview

One of the best features about this RO system is the fact that it uses a seven stage filtration system which ensures only the best quality and safest water makes it out on the other side.

Additionally, it makes use of the catalytic carbon filtration media in the carbon prefilters. This allows it remove the most stubborn contaminant which is chloramine that is quickly become a problem since it is being used nationwide to replace chlorine.

With such a comprehensive filtration system, you can rest assured that 98% of all the contaminants that are found in the water will be eliminated.

Once water is filtered through reverse osmosis, it completely loses its taste as there is no longer anything dissolved in it. The Home Master TMAFC-ERP has a remineralization stage which water goes through after being filtered. This adds vital minerals back into the water.

Additionally, the TMAFC-ERP has a permeate pump as a custom add-on which increases the water pressure to a level which can work with your RO system. This solves the issue of many homes not having enough pressure to get an RO system to work properly.

Filtering system

As far as reverse osmosis systems go, the Home Master TMAFC-ERP generates comparatively little waste water. It is surprisingly efficient with a ratio of 1:1, which means only one gallon of water is wasted for every gallon of water that is purified.

The 7 stage filter is very efficient and can deliver up to 75 gallons of water per day. Given that this is an under-sink system, it’s doubtful that you’ll ever use that much water from the kitchen sink!

The filters are rated for 2000 gallons or one year before you need to replace them.

Easy maintenance

The Home Master TMAFC-ERP also has a very unique modular filter design.?While in some of the other systems allow for the canister to be changed while the filters are being changed.

In most instances, most RO systems will only allow you to change the filter. The debris that collects will overtime cause the canister to weaken and start leaking causing it to fail in the long run.

This is among the problems that one is bound to face with the traditional RO systems but has been addressed in this particular one to allow get more service out of your system with little or no problems.

With a traditional RO systems, changing the filters requires heavy tools and sufficient skill to be performed successfully. However, the Home Master offers a simpler and more approachable method of changing the filters that does not require you to have as many tools or as much skill to be able to change the filters.

This makes it not only more user friendly but also easier for you to get clean and safe water when you need it with relative ease.

The system comes with an all you will need DIY installation kit which means that you will not have to go back to the store to buy any tools or guides to assist you with the installation. All you will need is comprehensively included in the package once you buy the package.

Easy installation

Under sink RO systems are usually very easy to install, and the Home Master is no different. All you need to do is bore a hole in your kitchen counter from where you wish the pull the chrome faucet.

After that’s done, it’s just a matter of hooking up your system to the water line and providing a good drain for the waste water.

This video series on YouTube is very helpful and walks you through the entire process:



  • A fully assembled system right off the package that allows the user to be able to start using it as soon as they unpack without much effort required.
  • 75 gallon output
  • Easy to replace, modular filters
  • The system has a storage tank that ensures you have cleaning drinking water as soon as you turn the tap on. There is clean water readily and when needed.
  • It comes with a chrome RO faucet and faucet adapter which ensures that you have the complete package at your disposal for better quality drinking water.
  • To make the installation utterly simple for the users, the system also has an instruction manual included on the package to make sure that the system does not pose a challenge even to those that do not have prior experience on how to use this.
  • Chrome faucet
  • 5 year limited warranty, one of the highest in the industry
  • Optional refrigerator kit to hook up to the fridge for filtered water and ice


  • No UV stage for killing microorganisms
  • More expensive than other systems


Overall, the Home Master TMAFC-ERP is a solid under counter reverse osmosis system that packs more features than similar models from other companies, and wastes a lot less water in the process.

The filter life is quite long, too, so the extra price tag you’re paying up front will probably even itself out in the money you save on not buying filters to replace very soon!

Home Master TMAFC-ERP Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System , White
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Home Master TMAFC-ERP Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System , White
  • A better RO system | Home Master Artesian Full Contact’s innovative design solves most common problems associated with cannister and tankless RO systems.
  • Mineral Water on Tap | Patented remineralization system adds calcium and magnesium twice during the purification process for reduced storage tank degradation and great tasting, highly pure Mineral Water on Tap.
  • NSF Certified Components | meets or exceeds NSF standards for material safety and performance. NSF listed company. Made in USA.
  • Reduced Water Waste & TDS Creep | Built in non-electric permeate pump reduces TDS creep and water waste up to 80%, increases water production up to 50%. No electricity required.
  • Faster Flow Rate | Included Fast Flo RO! Kit has larger fittings and tubing provide twice the flow of traditional RO systems.

2 thoughts on “Home Master TMAFC-ERP Artesian Review: Great Under Counter System”

  1. Avatar

    This system has some of the best reviews of any reverse osmosis systems on Amazon. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase, but there are a few things that I really wish would be improved. The first problem that I had was with the instructions. Granted, I’m not a home improvement whiz, but the instruction manual was more confusing than helpful. I was excited to read in other reviews that photos were included, but the quality of them was very poor, so they didn’t do much good. The 2nd problem that I had was with the tubing. My kitchen really is not that large, but I didn’t have enough tubing in the kit to get the job done. Tubing is cheap at the home improvement store, but it was another step that I would have liked to avoid. I do like my system now that it’s installed though. There has been a really big difference in the taste of my water, and my bathtub and shower aren’t getting stained from hard water any more. If some of the problems with what’s included for installation and the instructions were improved, I think this could be a 5 star product.

  2. Avatar

    Believe it or not, my journey to this product starts with a diet! To put it briefly, I was tired of being overweight and having no energy, so I decided to make some major changes last year. Pretty quickly, I realized that one of the things that was contributing to my poor health was what I was drinking. I was going through almost a case of diet soda a day, in addition to my nightly glass of wine. Drinking my calories wasn’t working for me, and everything that I read said that I needed to be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day.

    Well, there was one major problem?the water in my house was gross. I get water through the city, but I live near the coast, so it always has a strong taste and an annoying aftertaste. I started out looking at whole house water softeners, but those were way out of my budget. One of my co-workers was raving about his Home Master reverse osmosis system, so I ordered one and hoped for the best.

    Fortunately, that co-worker came over to help me install the system. It took us a little longer since we are not pros, but we were able to figure everything out. I’m happy to report that this system has officially turned me into a water drinker! My mineral water tastes like nothing, which is exactly how I want water to taste. Purchasing this system is one of the best things that I’ve done for my health.

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