Best Whole House Water Filter for Well Water

Many homes get their water from a private well instead of from the city’s water line. Well water is not always 100% pure because the ground itself can be contaminated. To solve this problem, you need a water filter.

After lots of research and combing through different products and their pros and cons,?we feel that the best whole house water filter for well water is the SpringWell Whole House Water Filter.

In case you’d like to keep your options open, though, we’ve shortlisted 5 very high quality and reliable whole house filters for your consideration.

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9 Best Whole House Water Filters For Well Water

1. Express Water Whole House Water Filter

One of the best options for US households at this time is the Express Water Whole House Water Filter. There are many reasons why this filter is so popular for well water; this ranges from the attractive price to the different features this water filtration system is accompanied by.

The Express Water Whole House Water Filter consists of three filtration units: this includes sediment, charcoal, and carbon filters.

By using this combination of filters, it can remove a wide range of contaminants including chlorine, rust, pesticides, dirt, sand, insecticides, silt, turbidity, organic chemicals, herbicides, cloudiness, and even odors.

Most of the contaminants listed here can be found in well water. The source of these contaminants is the ground itself, as these chemicals can leach through the soil into underground aquifers. Water tends to pick up these contaminants as it moves along, too.

The filters inside the Express Water Whole House Water Filter are designed to work simultaneously. The system also includes a fairly straightforward maintenance system, which solely requires a simple swap out of the filters.

Most Express systems are accompanied with a one-year warranty; this includes a one-year warranty for the Express Water Whole House Water Filter.


  • Removes a lot of contaminants
  • Very intuitive design makes maintenance easy: swapping out filters could not be simpler
  • Lifetime support even after warranty expires
  • 0.25 gallons per second flow rate
  • Long filter life of 100,000 gallons


  • Sometimes prone to leaks
  • Does not remove copper and nitrates

2. Springwell Whole House Water Filter System

Another popular filter system is the Springwell Whole House Water Filter System. It is designed for a variety of purposes; this includes the removal of?heavy metals, chlorine, contaminants and the like, which are often found in well water, especially in urban areas.

The Springwell Whole House Water Filter is unique to some other filtration systems, as it does not require any electricity.

A lot of consumers install the Springwell filter to solve the hard water problem in their home. If you encounter chlorine or other heavy metals in water, it can influence your skin and hair when you have a shower. By installing this system, you can counter hard water and experience the benefits of soft water.

Please note that there are dedicated systems to turn hard water into soft water, which can be more affordable. So, if you are looking for a system that solely works to create soft water, you may want to consider a system other than the Springwell filtration system.

That being said, if you are looking to filter out contaminants as well as other impurities from your well water, the Springwell Whole House Water Filter system will be perfect.


  • Removes a lot of contaminants
  • Easy to install
  • 6 month money-back guarantee


  • Comparatively expensive for a single stage filter

3. Iron/Manganese Whole House Water Filter From Pelican Water Systems

One of the more advanced water filtration systems for your home is the?Iron/Manganese Whole House Water Filter from Pelican Water Systems. The system filters water in five stages, which will be elaborated upon below.

This multi-stage water filter is an excellent choice for large houses that have 4 to 6 bathrooms as it is capable of filtering enough water to supply them all at once. Many large houses have their own private wells, which is why we’ve chosen this one in our list.

The first stage of the Pelican Water Systems Filter is a 5-Micron sediment filter; this stage of the filtration makes the water safe for your filter as well as home appliances by removing sediment; this may include dirt or debris.

Dirt and debris can have a devastating influence on your appliances and your filters, but also on your plumbing. In fact, sediment in water can clog your faucets and even influence the taste of the water.

Once sediment has been removed from the water in the first stage, the water goes through Pelican chlorination . During this second stage of the filtration process, a special concentrate is mixed with water.

The third stage of the filtration system is the Greensand Plus Iron Removal. During this stage, the water goes through a special filtering process where the iron is removed.

Once the third stage is complete, the water continues to the carbon filtration system; this is the stage where a lot of harmful substances are removed. During carbon filtration stage, compounds such as chlorine, sediment, odors, and unwanted tastes are all removed from the water.

The final stage of the Iron/Manganese Whole House Water Filter is the salt-free water softening stage. During this final stage, the NaturSoft system will remove hardness minerals from the water, subsequently turning hard water into soft water. Therefore, this kind of system is perfect for your shower or bathroom.


  • Very effective at removing iron
  • No electricity required
  • It has 5 stages
  • In built Water softener


  • Very expensive compared to other systems

4. EcoPlus EP-1000-ULT Premium Whole House Water Filter

One of the more advanced water filtration systems offered online is the EcoPlus EP-1000-ULT Premium Whole House Water Filter. It works through a special UV system, which has countless?benefits for the purification of water.

The EcoPlus UV system will focus on the elimination of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens; this is done by preventing these harmful elements from reproducing.

Another added benefit of the EcoPlus Water Filter is that it has a long lifespan. A lot of filtration systems will require the replacement of filters over time; this is not the case for the EcoPlus, aside from the pre-filter.


  • Easy to install
  • Includes a water softener
  • Huge 1,000,000 gallon capacity


  • Expensive

5. SoftPro Elite High Efficiency Water Filter

If you are searching for a water filter with a lot of capacity, you should certainly look at the SoftPro Elite High Efficiency Water Filter. With a capacity up to 80,000; this is a solid choice for the entire home drawing its water from a well.

Obtaining the SoftPro Elite High Efficiency Water Filter can save you on your utility bill and can even prevent water waste. In fact, the SoftPro can save you up to 75% in salt usage and 64% on water waste.

The SoftPro Elite High Efficiency Water Filter also includes an effective chlorine filter. The chlorine filter is a 1.5 cubic foot up flow catalytic carbon filter, which effectively removes chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, herbicides, and other dangerous contaminants.

Water filtered with the SoftPro system is more than suitable for drinking, as it also includes a reverse osmosis water system; this enables you to purify and drink well water.

The filtration of water is not the only thing the SoftPro system is good at, since this unit also has the benefit of protected tanks. Some filtration tanks are susceptible to etching and freezing. However, the SoftPro has a protective jacket that protects the tanks against this sort of question.

A SoftPro Elite High Efficiency Water Filter is also accompanied by quite the lengthy warranty; this includes a whopping ten years on the control valve, and a lifetime warranty on components such as the mineral tank and the brine tank. With this long warranty, it is no wonder the SoftPro Elite High Efficiency Water Filter is one of the best systems on the market.


  • Huge warranty
  • Includes RO filter
  • 75 gallon per day capacity through RO filter
  • Available in a variety of grain capacities for varying water hardness


  • Costly

6. Aquasana Well Water Whole House Filter

The Aquasana Well water Whole House Filter removes over 97% of chlorine in water as well as other harmful contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides ,rust,sediment,water soluble metals and industrial solvents. This provides clean, filtered water to every faucet in your home. This makes it among the best whole house water filters for house use as well as for drinking water.

Scale and corrosion can build up and damage your plumbing and appliances. This filter protects your home appliances from the harsh effects of hard water like forming scale and clogging.

Unlike a salt based water softener,this salt free conditioner doesn’t remove minerals from your water. Instead, it prevents minerals from binding and forming scale without removing them.

The copper-zinc mineral stone reduces scale and water soluble heavy metals like lead and mercury while inhibiting the growth of bacteria and algae inside the filter. The UV filter further protects against bacteria and viruses that could be in your well water. The powerful uv filtration sterilizes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria making your filtered water safe for drinking.

If you want something easy to maintain,the Aquasana Well Water Whole House Filter is a good choice.It doesn’t require complicated salt replacement ,backflushing and doesn’t waste water. This system doesn’t require electricity ,meaning you don’t have to worry about electricity bills.

Additionally, it has a unique up flow and a dual tank design that increases the time water comes into contact with the filtering media.It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and a 5 year limited warranty.


  • Durable
  • Prevents scale forming on plumbing and appliances
  • Does not waste water
  • Does not need electricity
  • Easy to maintain
  • Removes heavy metals
  • Removes contamination like bacteria and viruses
  • Catches rust,sediment,and silt
  • Inhibits algae and bacteria growth inside the filter


  • Water remains hard

7. ULTRA Spring Water Whole House Well Water Filter System

The ULTRA Spring Water Whole House Well Water Filter Systems is the best solution for anyone with high levels of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide. Water with hydrogen sulphide smells awful.

This powerful filtration removes up to 8 ppm of sulfur and your water smells fresh. this is a powerful combination of a whole house well system with a whole house carbon filtration system and a salt free water softener. This system removes contaminants and limescale build upon your plumbing and appliances.

By doing this, you’re extending the life of the appliances and reversing the damage effects of corrosion. The 5-micron sediment filter removes silt, sand, clay and other sediment. Maintenance is easy since you don’t need to use chemicals or salts.

The KDF media removes harmful chemicals such as chlorine as well as heavy metals like lead and mercury. The coconut shell carbon media gets rid of contaminants including VOCs, pesticides, herbicides and more. Unlike salt based softeners which use ion exchange to remove minerals, salt free softeners use a physical process called Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC).

The process converts the minerals that cause hardness to crystals that cannot stick on surfaces of your home plumbing and faucets. This keeps your appliances and appliances free of scale buildup. Your water will not be soft but it will be conditioned.

The system does not require regeneration cycles since it does not have any trapped salt ions. This system doesn’t waste water and you need no electricity. The package comes with an installation kit for easy installation as well as instructions.


  • Ideal for water with high levels of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide
  • Doesn’t require electricity to operate
  • Removes heavy metals
  • Protects plumbing and reverses damage
  • Doesn’t waste water
  • Comes with an installation manual


  • Doesn’t remove hardness minerals

8. Home Master HMF3SDGFEC Whole House Water Filter

With a 95,000 gallon capacity, Home Master Whole House Filters system is great for well water with deposits of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. The whole house water filter gives you clean water for up to 12 months for a medium size family of four. But this depends on the size of your household.

The Home Master 3 stage filter has dedicated units to remove a particular type of impurity in your water. With an excellent pressure of 15 Gallons Per Minute, you’re sure that your water pressure will be steady thanks to massive filter housing with 1 inch ports.

This 3 stage filtration unit removes contaminants that create staining, foul tastes and odors in your well water. You can purify up to 95,000 gallons without needing to replace needing to replace the carbon filter which means its very easy to maintain.

The Home Master HMF3SDGFEC removes up to 95% of dirt, rust, sediment and chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. This model is not ideal for use with water with iron bacteria or with acidic water with less than 7ph. It is also not good for chlorinated city water.

The oversized sediment filters are easy to maintain, and so they save you on time, energy and cost. The Home Master Filter system comes fully assembled with filters, steel brackets, and a housing for easy mounting. You also get an instruction manual for guidance if you’re doing it yourself.


  • Removes up to 95% of dirt, rust, sediment and chemicals
  • Has 3 stage filtration
  • Removes sulfur smell in water
  • Excellent water pressure of 15 Gallons Per Minute
  • Long filter life
  • Fully assembled package
  • Comes with a manual


  • Not for use with water with iron bacteria
  • Not good for chlorinated or acidic water with less than 7 ph

9. IFilters Whole House 2 Stage Water Filtration System

Using this whole house water filter to clean all the water entering your home prolongs the life of your appliances. This includes your washing machines, dish washers and water heaters. You can install this filter at the point of water entry or at the point of use next to your bathroom or under the kitchen sink.

The sediment filter eliminates sediments, dirt, sand, rust, and scale particles . If your water tastes of chlorine or foul taste and odor ,this filter will solve the problem. The replacement filters are affordable and the system is easy to maintain.

You can easily view the cartridge filters through the clear filter housing and so you can easily tell when you need to change the filters. Additionally , it is super easy to remove the filters using the built-in pressure relief buttons. The system does not have a defined filtration capacity and it depends on the condition of your incoming water. The cartridges can last up to 6 months before they need a replacement

A decreased water pressure in your pipes could be an indication that the filters are clogged with sediment and probably need a replacement. The flow rate for the IFilters Whole House 2 Stage Water Filtration System is 3 gallons per minute which is ideally not a sufficient flow rate for busy households.

It will only provide reasonable water pressure with a maximum of 2 points of use at the same time. Installation is easy and straightforward. You get a wrench, a bracket for mounting, mounting screws, and an instruction manual. This manual guides you as you install or replace the cartridge filters.


  • Removes chlorine taste and other foul odors
  • Prolongs the life of appliances
  • Has a clear housing
  • Can be installed at point of entry, point of use or under the kitchen sink
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with a manual


  • Slow flow rate

How Do I Find the Best Whole House Water Filtration System for well water?

As you may have noticed by looking at the examples above, there are various features you can encounter with water filtration systems. So, how do you choose the best features for your home? Below, we have provided an overview of the essential technologies you should consider for your well water filtration system.

Water softening

One of the essential filtration technologies for many homeowners is water softening technology; this is a process where hard water is turned into soft water. Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, which in turn could influence your skin and hair after having a shower. Through ion exchange technology, water filters can turn hard water into soft water.

Reverse Osmosis

Another technology a lot of people look at is the reverse osmosis technology. Reverse osmosis is achieved through the use of mechanical filters, which in turn removes harmful sediments from water.

We must mention that not all reverse osmosis filtration systems are made the same. Some provide the basic functionality of sediment removal, while others contain additional filtration systems to remove certain toxic chemicals that could be present in water. Therefore, it is a good idea to check how advanced your reverse osmosis filtration system is.

Carbon filter

Homeowners should also look at filtration systems that contain a decent carbon filter. The carbon filter ensures the removal of harmful compounds such as chlorine, volatile organic chemicals or VOCs, benzene, and even radon. Because it removes such dangerous substances, it cannot be ignored for your water filtration system.

The final technology essential for your home is the so-called manganese and iron reduction filters. As the name suggests, this kind of filter removes iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide during the filtration process.

Are There Different Types Of Water Filtration Systems?

In the examples above, we focused on the whole house filtration systems for well water. Naturally, this is not the only kind of water filtration system available. Below, we have listed some of the most popular water filtration systems and technologies with their respective benefits.

How much do water filtration systems cost?

Countertop water filters

Filtering water can be as simple as obtaining a countertop water filter; this can be done through a faucet mount or even a simple pitcher. Because of their rather compact size and less complex nature, these are the types of filters that are more affordable. Of course, we must mention that most countertop water filters will not filter the water to the extend of an advanced water filtration filter.

Under-sink water filters

In addition to the countertop water filtration systems, you can also encounter the so-called under-the-sink water purification systems; these are systems focused on the removal of toxins from water.

An under-the-sink purification system will require some degree of installation, as it filters the water before it comes out of the faucet. These kinds of filters can also have additional filters installed, improving their functionality. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find purification systems that filter out sediment and heavy minerals.

Within the range of under-the-sink purification systems, you will encounter the reverse osmosis purification system we mentioned earlier. Most reverse osmosis systems are aimed at the reduction of fluoride, nitrate, lead, and even copper.

Whole house water filters

Of course, the final type of water filter you can encounter is the whole home water purification system; this is a system that will filter water for various faucets and/or taps in your home simultaneously.

We must mention that a whole home water purification system can be quite complex, so it should always be installed by a professional. The installation of the system must also consider the installation of the filter near the water meter and the installation near the well or water storage tank.

Most whole home water filtration systems will use the technology of mechanical straining to purify the water. During the mechanical straining process, the system will remove sediment and carbon.

Whole home water filtration systems can also contain so-called UV microbiological technology; this technology focusses on the removal of specific chemicals. A UV system can also turn hard water into soft water.

When selecting a whole home water filtration system for your home, you should always pick your system based on the toxins that are present in your water. If you are unaware of the toxins inside the water in your home, a good water toxin report will be required.

During the selection of your whole home water filtration system, you must also consider aspects such as the flow rate and the filter size. Naturally, the flow rate and filter size of your filtration system must be suitable for the size of your home and the water consumption of your household. To determine the optimal rate and size, you should also look at the consumption of popular appliances such as your washing machine.

Why Should I get a Whole Home Water Filtration System?

In the introduction of this article, we briefly mentioned some of the reasons why you should obtain a water filtration system for your entire home; this included environmental benefits as well as saving on your utility bill. Of course, there are health benefits associated with these water filtration systems as well, especially when you consider that toxins can make their way into your water.

This article has covered some of the basics of water filtration systems for the entire home, but also elaborated on some of the smaller water filtration systems and their benefits.

With the help of this article, you can make a more informed decision when you go shopping for your water filtration system. So, be sure to use this article as a reference whenever you are in doubt. We are sure you will get the perfect water filtration system at the end of it.

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