8 Famous Climate Change Deniers

8 Celebrities That Are Climate Change Deniers

The subject of climate change can be polarizing. On one side, some people believe that if we don’t do something about it, a catastrophe of biblical proportions will happen. However, there are always people that are on the other side of the fence. Such a group is often referred to as the climate deniers.

In this article, you will find eight celebrities or public figures that belong to this group.

8 Famous Climate Change Deniers

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Donald Trump

President Donald Trump is always fond of being in the spotlight. Before becoming a president, he starred in several TV shows. Since opposing climate change these days can cause a lot of stir, it’s no wonder that Donald Trump is a climate denier.

And, according to him, “Ice storm goes from Texas to Tennessee. And here in Los Angeles is freezing. Global warming is simply an expensive hoax!

Mister Trump is not shy when he talks about climate change. Despite being proven wrong a number of times by leading professors and scientists, he still believes that climate change is, quote “a hoax”.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh achieved national fame through his show The Rush Limbaugh Show. He is also known for his conservative position and political commentating. Since most of the conservatives are also climate deniers, he belongs to the same group. In his own words, “Climate change doesn’t destroy the world. It’s just a big scam that involves all the people.”

Video: Watch how Rush Limbaugh debunks climate change once and for all

In this Youtube clip you can also hear him saying that he is, quote: “an expert in debunking this whole leftist thought about climate change“:

Even though Rush isn’t very famous (to say at least) outside the US, I chose to include him on the list.

So we got two Republican climate change deniers on the list…let’s see if we can find someone not involved in politics! 🙂

Sarah Palin

Oh darn. Yet another politician. Did you know that Sarah Palin was a climate change denier?

Most people would recognize Sarah Palin as a Republican Vice President Nominee for the 2008 elections. She was officially labeled as a climate denier when she said – “Climate change is like eugenics. It’s just junk science.”

Palin said a lot of unfortunate things about humans impact on global warming. Most of them were said between 2008 and 2009. Skepticalscience.com wrote a list of all the things she said – and ran a fact check on them. If you want read more about that, please click this link (external link).

The day Sarah Palin asked all Americans to go out and question the science community

Yep, you read that right. As a part of a launch of a “climate change denier documentary”, Palin was publically going out and begging the American people to question the “facts that were fed them”. Quite bizarre if you ask me.

You can see the whole clip in this Youtube video:

Ted Nugent

A celebrity list can’t be complete without a rock star, and that’s why Ted Nugent is here. This American political activist and singer-songwriter gained famed as the lead guitarist for the band The Amboy Dukes. He’s made his stance when he said – “Global warming is a fraud. Watch Glenn Beck.”

Mister Nugent also wrote a piece in the paper/news website Newsmax.com. If you want to read more about his view on climate change (and Al Gore), feel free to click this link.

Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton is best known for authoring medical fiction, thriller, and science fiction books. He is considered as a soft climate change denier skeptic when he said, “Climate change is not the most serious problem and limiting emissions is not the thing to do. There’s not even technology for this even if it’s needed.”

I would therefore be quite careful about naming Michael Crichton a climate change denier. He seems to acknowledge that the climate is changing, but he doesn’t seem to think that “it is important as everybody thinks”.

This might be a big ask, but I would recommend you to watch this 13 minutes video about Michael Crichton’s view on climate change:

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson can be an abrasive TV personality and is best known for hosting Top Gear UK and related productions. According to him, “Every time they put a climate change program on, 42 people will watch that, 7 million or 8 million will watch Top Gear.”

It’s also worth mentioning that Jeremy Clarkson had a bit of a Twitter rant towards Greta Thunberg. After getting criticized from several people after how he treated her, he wrote a comment in The Sun (ooooh, I hate that newspaper) called “The world may be getting hotter, Greta Thunberg… but having a meltdown isn’t going to help“.

These are just some of the quotes from that article:

#1: “And yes, you are spoilt because when you told your mum and dad to stop using planes and give up meat, they didn’t behave like sane parents and ignore you.”

#2: “So be a good girl, shut up and let them get on with it.”

#3: “WHEN a teenage girl has an angry, tearful strop, most parents just send them to their rooms until they’ve calmed down.”

George Will

George Will is a political commentator with a conservative stance. He is best known for his commentary in The Washington Post. Despite being a conservative, he’s not a hardcore climate change denier.

In his words, “Those who believe in global warming are exemplary empiricists. They think that everybody that disagrees with them is a climate change denier that doesn’t respect science.”

Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson is mostly known as being a comedian in Saturday Night Live sketches.

According to her, “You can wrap Agenda 21 in many pretty words like “caring about the earth” but it is actually – global communism.”

She was also somehow able to claim that “Human-caused global warming has never been proven… It’s based on false science”.

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