Kube Water Filtration Reviews

Kube Water Filtration Reviews: Worth getting or not?

The Kube Advanced Water filtration system is a product of Kinetico Water Systems. Its products are among the top-notch systems that you can rely on. The Kube system has many benefits, and it will be a great addition to your home. Let’s learn more in this series of Kube Water filtration reviews.

Kinetico KUBE Advanced Water Filtration System

What is the Kube Water Filter?

The Kube water filter is a unit that fits under the sink with multiple benefits to your household. The filtered water from this unit goes directly into your existing kitchen faucet.

You can use the water from your kitchen for cooking and drinking when you acquire this filter. Other than the home setup, this quality product is ideal for RVs, too. The Kube system uses reverse osmosis to filter tap water for quality taste.

Kube is a product certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA). This product meets the requirements set by the National Science Foundation and the American National Standard Institute.

What’s so good about reverse osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is one of the popular purification techniques that you will find in most filter systems. It helps get rid of chemical contaminants and desalinate brackish or seawater using high pressure and a membrane.

This system is what most military personnel rely on when they go into other territories to guarantee fresh supply of drinking water. Reviews on the internet show that water filtration systems that use this method are available in various sizes.

Some studies and reviews indicate that Reverse Osmosis is not the best technique to use. Some pesticides, solvents, and volatile organic chemicals can pass through the semi-permeable membrane.

That’s why many people prefer Kube instead.

Kube Water Filtration Features

Compact design

Kube is one of the smallest water filters that you will find in the market according. It fits right under the sink, leaving space for other items such as cleaning supplies.

This feature makes Kube desirable for a full breadth of the population. People with tight spaces, especially in the kitchen area, do not have to worry about the bulk of the unit. Also, it is a suitable water filter for people with RVs.

The design makes this product portable and appropriate for an array of outdoor activities such as camping. This unit measures 6.2 by 13.1 inches.

Effective monitoring

One thing that makes this system one of the best in the market is the Kube?s Filter Life indicator. It helps determine the usage and time to help you get the best out of this system.

Read through the manual to confirm how this feature works to ensure that you do it right. Remember to check the filter life indicator time and again to verify that the unit is still active for the filtering process.

This feature is fundamental in ensuring that you get a replacement when you need to.

Bypass knob

This is another element that makes the Kube water filter one of the best. The knob allows you to switch from filtered to unfiltered water without having to turn off the main water supply.

The knob makes it easier for people who want to preserve their filter for an extended period. If the usage in your home is on the higher side, this bypass knob will help you switch between filtered and unfiltered settings with ease.

Twist and lock filters

This system comes with a dual filter system that helps maintain the steady flow for the period that you use the Kube filter. Additionally, maintenance is quick and easy, thanks to the design of this part as noted in reviews and testimonials from previous clientele.

Removing the sump and other deposits from the filter is also straightforward. The Kube water filter system is making a name for itself in the market due to this feature!

Easy installation

It will take you approximately 15 minutes to set up your Kube filter system .The unit is not complicated as many reviews show and, therefore, easy to install. A tutorial is available from the manufacturer to help you with the installation process.

Other than the tutorial which is available on Youtube, the manufacturer avails a manual with instructions to help you install your Kube filter. Follow the instructions to the letter to avoid damaging the filter before you enjoy the assortment of benefits it brings to your home. Do not follow any easy hacks you find in reviews.

Contaminants removed by the Kube

The list of contaminants that this filter system will remove is long. Heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, gasoline additives, industrial pollutants, microbial cysts, pesticides, and herbicides are among the many impurities that Kube removes.

This unit leaves healthy minerals but get rid of all contaminants found in tap water. Several features come together to make this unit as useful as it is.


Other than these features, many other factors make the Kube system desirable for many households. It is an affordable quality unit that does not demand so much regarding maintenance. The longevity of the filters depends on the amount of water than you cleanse every day.

The type of H2O in the area you reside in will also dictate whether this system will last long or not. This advanced system cleans up to 6300 liters of water before you have to replace the filters.

This, therefore, means that Kube will last anywhere from six months to one year in a household with four members.


Most people agree that Kube is a brand that you can rely on. Study the type of water in your region before you set out to buy any water filter. This factor determines the type of filter that will best serve your needs.

The longevity of the unit you buy will depend on the usage as well as the kind of water available. If you are going out of your jurisdiction, carry a water filter that will help remove a decent amount of impurities.

Kinetico KUBE Advanced Water Filtration System
77 Reviews
Kinetico KUBE Advanced Water Filtration System
  • Compact Design: Kube fits neatly under your sink, leaving space for cleaning supplies and other items.
  • Intelligent Monitoring: Kube's Filter Life Indicator measures usage, not time, to maximize filter life.
  • Bypass Knob: Kube's convenient bypass knob allows you to switch between filtered and unfiltered water without shutting off the main water supply.
  • Dual-Flow Twist and Lock Filters: Kube's dual-filter system maintains strong flow throughout the entire life of your filter.

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