Alexapure Pro Water Filtration/Purification System Review

Water is life. Every human being requires a specific amount of drinking water on a daily basis. However, the larger percentage of all available water is most likely to contain contaminants of different kinds. Such water requires filtration before consumption in order to rid it of any harmful elements, which is why a filter like the Alexapure Pro Water Filtration system can be a must-have.

Alexapure Pro Stainless Steel Water Filtration System - 5,000 Gallon Throughput Capacity

There are numerous models of filtration systems available in the market. These systems work in various ways and to different levels of efficiency. Mostly, some of these systems end up not fulfilling the users’ expectations, and might even expose the users to water-borne ailments.

However, the Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System beats them all in the water filtration arena. This groundbreaking water filtration system is mainly designed to provide you and your household with contaminant free water.

In this review, we have taken an in-depth look at the features that make this product the best water filtration system available in the market.

How Does the Alexapure system Work ?

The Alexapure water filtration system is designed to remove up to 99.9% of all water impurities.

The high-efficiency level is achieved through combining the filtration power of a composite shell of ceramic with the superior filtration capabilities of an all new gravity block core.

The ceramic shell is coated with silver, which makes it a powerful antibacterial agent.

The ceramic shell is the outer shell, which blocks large molecules and contaminants. Once it passes through the outer shell, the inner shell is a carbon(composite) filter which removes organic contaminants and many pathogens.

Alexapure Filters are what are known as?gravity filters, which use the force of gravity to pull water from the top chamber in to the bottom chamber through the filter block above.

Although there is just one filter block built in, you can use multiple filter blocks to speed up the process.

Once the water has filtered into the bottom chamber, you can simply use the spigot to dispense water.?The filtration system can be used in places with and without a power connection since it does not require electricity to operate.

All it needs is the force of gravity, which thankfully is available everywhere! Heh heh heh…

What features does the Alexapure filter have?

The Alexapure water filtration system is laden with great features to ensure you get a constant supply of pure, healthy drinking water.

You can use any kind of fresh water with this filter and it will clean it up. The only water you should not use is salt water, which will screw up the filter.

Alexapure filter highlights:

  • It has a filter capacity of 5,000 gallons. Such a large reserve of water ensures that you will never run short of clean drinking water.
  • The filtration system boasts a stainless steel construction that is both hygienic and durable.
  • Ease of assembly and low maintenance. There is nothing worse than a water filtration system that you cannot disassemble easily for cleaning and reassemble.
  • The system is powered by gravity and will not incur any electricity costs.
  • The filter has an extended lifespan thus eliminating the need for constant replacement.
  • It has a spigot that provides instant access to purified fresh water for drinking.

In addition to these amazing features, this water filtration system greatly saves on space.

What do you get with it out of the box?

It is compact and thus can be placed almost anywhere in the house. The box package comes with the following items upon shipping:

Alexapure gravity block filter with a hybrid shell of ceramic. It comprises the major filtration components of the system.There is a rubber base ring to provide a nonslip anchor for the system.

  • One stainless steel upper chamber.
  • A lower chamber, also made of stainless steel.
  • A lid made of stainless steel.
  • There is also the spigot assembly.
  • The knob assembly and rubber plugs are also included in the box, together with manual bearing instructions for assembly.

Each Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System package comes with one gravity block filter. However, the system is designed such that it has the capacity for four filters. You can be able to increase the pure water flow rate without compromising the quality of your drinking water.

The Alexapure water filtration system is one of the easiest to maintain. It is however highly recommended that special care and attention be given as follows when needed.

Contaminants removed by the Alexapure Pro System

You can check test results here.

NitriteAluminumArsenicLeadChromium-6ChloraminesChlorineFluorideRadioactive substancesBenzene

VOCs (volatile organic compounds)MTBEGlyphosate (sold as Roundup and other herbicides)DDTPharmaceuticalse. ColiBacteria and virusesCysts

How much time does the Alexapure Pro take to filter?

Since we’re relying on gravity, water is constantly pushed down through the filters. The Alexapure has a rated capacity of 1 gallon per hour. For drinking purposes, this is more than suitable even for a decent sized family.

The more water there is the more the force of gravity is acting, so it will filter faster. So to keep it working at full speed, you’ll want to keep the upper chamber as full as possible.

Chamber Cleaning

Since the chambers are made of stainless steel, they are by default easy to clean. However, you will need to thoroughly rinse the interiors with cool, fresh water before first use. The same is recommended every time you disassemble the system. The exteriors should be regularly wiped clean with a soft, clean cloth.

Filter Exterior cleaning process.

Untreated water contains a lot of minerals. During the filtration process, some of these minerals may form a coating on the system’s ceramic shell. This layer hardly affects the water filtration process, but it needs to be occasionally cleaned. It is recommended that you carefully remove the filters from the upper chamber and clean their exteriors.

The best way of cleaning the filter exteriors is by use of a scouring pad with no soap, gently scrubbing away the mineral buildup and thoroughly rinsing them in fresh water.After cleaning, replace them in the upper chamber.

How to Change the Filters

The Alexapure gravity block filter is designed to provide you with clean drinking water for the longest period. The filters hardly ever stop working. However, it is imperative that you once in a while change the filters to maintain a steady flow of pure drinking water. It is recommended to change your filters upon noticing a drop in the water flow rate.

Why Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System?

As we saw in the beginning, water is the single most essential commodity for life. In this regard, a steady supply of this commodity is a must have for every household. There are, however, many contaminants in water.

Some of this water is supplied through pipe systems that were installed decades ago. As we all know, water contains minerals that coat and corrode these pipes over time.

The water that passes through these pipes could be harmful if taken directly from the tap, hence the need for an efficient water filtration system.

Again, the Alexapure water filtration system comes with a full money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. There is an initial one year warranty during which you can return the product for a full refund if you do not find it satisfactory.Another excellent benefit of having the Alexapure water filtration system is the versatility.

Since this product does not require electricity to operate, this system can be used anywhere in the world. It means that it is the best water filtration system to carry on your outdoor trips, and also a great choice of system for those working in areas with scanty water supply.

When you go shopping for the most efficient water filtration system for your household, look no further. The benefits that this system offers compared to the other models in the market are outstanding, and this review will guide you into making a wise choice.

What is the cost per gallon if you use Alexapure?

Since replacement filters cost around $90, your cost per gallon – considering that one filter lasts for 5000 gallons will be about $0.02 per gallon.

However you should bear in mind that the full one gallon per hour speed will only be achieved if you have 4 filters in the cartridge instead of just the one.

With just one filter, it will filter much slower.

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