Guide: How to Find Topic for Your Sustainable Thesis

Environmental/Sustainability bachelor & master thesis topic help

Finding a good topic for your bachelor or master thesis can be really difficult. Maybe your supervisor has an idea or two they advise you to write about. You might even have a few of your own that you’re thinking could be relevant, but you haven’t decided one way or the other.

Well, this article will help you out. I have been in the exact same situation as you are now. Finalizing my bachelors in Business Administration (focusing on Sustainability), I ended up writing my final thesis with a classmate about a topic I never expected I would be interested in. Waste Management in the 28 core EU countries.

But before I decided on that, I went through weeks of research to find a decent topic. This is what this article is about. I will let you know about all the different topics that you might (or might not) want to write about.

Guide: How to Find Topic for Your Sustainable Thesis

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How to find a good topic for your environment thesis

However, the process of finding a suitable topic to write about was quite long. We had to write about something related to environment & sustainability and in the same way, connect that to economic development. Interesting. Very interesting actually, but also quite complex. During this process, we probably came up with and discussed hundreds of potential topics. The ones we threw away were not necessarily bad, but having three people (myself, my classmate and our supervisor) agreeing on how to move forward is quite a difficult process.

So here they are, the topics you can write about in your bachelor or master thesis when you study something related to sustainability or the environment.

Topic 1: Waste management

Waste management might sound boring. But it’s not. There is a lot to write about on this topic.

PS! I have divided every “master topic” into smaller topics. Remember that a school thesis on bachelor/master level should be quite narrow. The biggest mistake you can do is try to cover too much in one project, e.g. “What causes global warming?”.

– Look at the correlation between GDP per capita and solid waste management in various countries. For instance, why do countries with higher population numbers tend to struggle with implementing a solid recycling system?

– Investigate how improved recycling policies and technology affect how much waste that ends up in nature or on landfills. This is a project that potentially could be divided into two groups. The first factor is related to political will. But you could also write about innovation within management system. We are (luckily) handling our trash in a more sophisticated way in 2019 compared to what we did in the 70’s.

A great example is what they do in Sweden where they turn their waste into heating:

– Look into how government regulations will affect certain waste types.*

– Food waste is a hot topic, and you could look into for instance how Denmark has successfully reduced their food waste by 40 % over the last few years. Look at both political factors and how the mindset of Danes have changed. This could be super interesting, but if you wrote a longer bachelor or master thesis on this topic, I would suggest that you did some research with Danish people or be staying in Denmark for a while.

*= A very good example here is the implementation of a tax that the Norwegian and British government both ruled out. The tax harmed consumers that wanted to buy single-use plastic items – and especially plastic bags from shops. In order to save money, people turned towards using reusable bags when they went shopping. And the result for the environment? Less plastic in the UK and Norwegian cost, according to scientists. Quite interesting.

Topic 2: Overpopulation

– You could look into the correlation between overpopulation and pollution. Comparing what happened in the UK during the industrial revolution to what happens in China is a very interesting topic. Many people claim that “it is fair that the developing countries pollute so much as the West did it during the industrial revolution“.

– Look into what causes overpopulation. And based on that, try to make your own projection of how the world’s population will look like in the future. There are even many topics within the topic of overpopulation that could be interesting:

1) Lower mortality rates
2) Improved medical help in developing countries
3) Government regulations
4) And many more.

“Will we even survive?” type of topics

– Try to project how long it will take before we do not have enough natural resources to keep people alive. This could be done on a national or regional level, e.g. look at a developing country that sees a huge population growth, but at the same time got limited clean drinking water.

In 2018, Independent wrote an interesting article. The title of the article was “Humans have used a year’s worth of Earth’s resources in just seven months“. In other words: we are already exceeding the use of natural resources. And it definitely does not help that overpopulation is a huge issue in certain regions of the world.

– Another idea would be to look at different projections for how many people there will be on this planet by year 2050. Hundreds of different scientists have made different projections based on what they believe will happen to humanity. Those can actually be quite interesting.

Topic 3: Food and drink

– How bad is it really to eat meat? A good question would be: what would happen to the greenhouse gas emissions if everyone replaced their beef with chicken? As you might already know, the beef industry is one of the industries that contribute most to global warming. In the famous documentary “Before The Flood”, directed by Leonardo Dicaprio, a scientist says that “if everyone ate chicken instead of meat, that would actually save the world”. Seeing if this quote is correct would be a very interesting bachelor or master topic.

I would point out that I have previously written a long article about this topic. It is called: “Why is eating meat bad for the environment?“. It contains a lot of useful information that you could use as inspiration to your thesis.

Another useful inspiration source is the previously mentioned movie “Before the flood”. If you got a couple of minutes, I would really recommend to at least watch the trailer:

– Is veganism good for the environment? Highly controversial and hot topic. Eating less meat is obviously a great thing for the environment. However, some reports have told us that vegan food is often traveling long distances before being sold and that it takes a lot more land to produce such food compared to non-vegan food.

– How bad are plastic straws for the environment? More and more cities and countries try to ban single-use plastic items, but how much damage do they really make? Also, are companies using the removal of single-use plastic items as a greenwashing tactic? We know that McDonald’s swapped out plastic straws with paper straws, but that doesn’t exactly make them an environmentally friendly corporation….

– Study the environmental impact of the global alcohol production. I have previously written an article about the impact that the illegal drug industry has on the environment. Doing research to that article was kind of scary. 🙁

On the positive side, certain beer brands have started to make their packaging more eco-friendly. I actually bought and tried out the “plastic free” packaging from Carlsberg, which you can read about in this article.

– Take a deep look into the avocado farming industry. “Rumors”, say that its huge environmental impact can be connected with high water usage and long-distance transportation to big markets such as Europe, North America, and Asia. Avocados do actually cause huge environmental and social problems in South America. There have been reported several incidents where people have been murdered because they fight against the water usage from the avocado farms.

Topic 4: Climate change

There are so many things to write about climate change. This is probably the number 1 topic when people are writing an essay or thesis about environmental issues. However, if you dig a bit deep into the topic, you might find some sub-topics that can be interesting to cover.

– What do people find difficult with climate change research? This could potentially be a topic that covers both the psychological aspect of accepting human-made climate change. There are some scientists that previously have done excessive research on why people tend to not care about global warming as much as they should, but you could look deeper into this.

– Do people really believe in climate change? And are some people more likely to “believe” than others? This research would be very interesting to do by including people from different occupations, age groups and from different geographical areas. Once they have been identified and contacted, you should invite them to an interview section to find out about their thoughts on climate change. Would probably need to narrow down the topic a bit, but it would be very interesting if done correctly.

– What will be the consequences of a rising sea level and/or rising sea temperatures? Most of our ecosystems will be affected: people living in cities close to the sea, coral reefs that are dependent on a certain and stable water temperature, polar bears, etc.

– Hot topic: climate change refugees. The first people are already forced to leave their homes due to increased temperature and sea level. You could potentially try to map out the most vulnerable groups on the planet and try to figure out how certain areas will become impossible to live in during the next 10, 50 and 100 years. Complex, but very interesting.

– For the economic freaks: how much will climate change cost the different countries in the future? Some scientists have already pointed out various types of costs and the report was published in national geographic:

PS! Very interesting read if you got a couple of extra minutes. You could also get some serious inspiration there.

– Could look into new “green jobs” that are popping up due to increased climate issues. Many engineers are now needed to develop solutions that will prepare communities and cities for higher temperatures.

Topic 5: Tourism and traveling

Did you know that about 11 % of the total greenhouse gas emissions globally can be traced back to people traveling? The aviation industry needs to take a huge blame, but other sectors contribute as well.

Some interesting topics to cover would include:

– Make a historical report on how traveling have contributed to global warming over the last XX years. People have not only started to travel more frequently and over a longer distance, but we have also changed the way of traveling. More airplanes, fewer trains (in general).

– Ecotourism is interesting. Destroying the earth has become a billion dollar industry in certain tourist areas. Bad air pollution and destroying of nature are just two reasons why we need less mass tourism and more ecotourism.

– What are the health and environmental benefits of biking to work?

– From a financial perspective, is it a good choice for the government to invest in bicycle infrastructure? You could use Copenhagen in Denmark and Amsterdam in the Netherlands as good examples.

– Are there any environmental benefits to people using “shared economy services” like AirBNB instead of hotels? And what about taxi/Uber? Do they contribute equally to the environment? Just to add a thought to the last topic: Uber is a service that is highly dependent on customer demand, where taxis will be driving around regardless of the number of passengers.

Topic: Wildlife population & similar high-intensive research projects

Some topics are more difficult to cover than others. That is not only related to the information you have available, but also the complexity of coming up with something new during your thesis. Let us say that you choose the topic: “Polar bear population – how will it look in the future?”. The only information you could use are some simple projections made by one single source on how it will develop. The chances of you coming up with something revolutionary is very small. Unless you have good connections that can bring you to Canada, Russia or the North Pole to do some hands-on research in these areas.

I would actually strongly recommend finding topics that:

1) Already have a lot of information available from various sources.
2) Presumably, a topic that has not been answered by any other research lately.
3) Something that does not require too much extensive research out in the field.

And if you try to fit your master or bachelor thesis topic into all these criteria, you will probably stay away from anything that is related to the population development of a certain species.

Topic research on Google & additional support

As you might already have noticed, a lot of the “master thesis databases” online can only be accessed behind a payment wall. In other words, you have to pay a certain amount to get access to previous essays and thesis written by former students. That is often a problem. I really like that information online is free, which is partly why I wrote this article in the first place.

If you are still not sure about which topic you should write about, I would suggest that you do one of two things:

1) Write quickly about your “master topic” and your thoughts in the comment section below. I promise to reply you quickly in order to make sure that you find a topic that could suit you.

2) Ask your professor if your school/university got some sort of “thesis database” that you can access for free. When we wrote our thesis, we would be able to access all bachelor thesis that had ever been written at Aarhus University. That helped a lot for inspiration.

Also read: Travel & Tourism Bachelor Master Thesis Topics

Update! And book recommendation

I’ve seen a lot of great students in the comment section reaching out to me. And I’ve tried to answer all of you, which I will try to continue with in the future. 🙂

However, I also wanted to make life a bit easier for those of you who want to invest in a book that will help you out (a lot).

This book is highly interesting for those who want to find an environmental topic to their bachelor/master’s degree:

Environmental Issues: Looking Towards a Sustainable Future (4th Edition)
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Abel, Daniel C. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 328 Pages - 12/27/2012 (Publication Date) - Pearson Learning Solutions (Publisher)

I know the price tag could be a bit of a boomer for some students. However, I am sure you can convince some of your classmates to go together and buy it. It literally lists an awful lot of the environmental issues that can be used in such a thesis. And it digs a lot deeper compared to what I did in this article.

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  1. Avatar

    Hello Amund!
    Thanks for this article. I just want your advise about my topic, I am currently enrolled undergrad thesis as Industrial Engineering, my propose thesis title is all about environmental sustainability since I love green, am a bit environmentalist. I don’t know how to construct my title, I like to make about the growth of trees. By the way am from Isabel, Leyte, Philippines, we’re just studying in our locale. Hopefully you’ll recognise my queries. Thanks ahead.. hear you soon!

    1. Avatar

      Hi Jezriel. Thanks for your comment.

      It’s a bit difficult to relate something to “growth of trees”. However, one super interesting topic is to see how these “One for One” programs have worked out. You could contact one company that plant a tree for every t-shirt they sell (it’s many of them). On the flip side, you could easily make a survey to normal people about whether or not they are more likely to purchase a t-shirt if that t-shirt meant that they would plant a tree with the purchase. 🙂

      You can read more about these programs on

  2. Avatar

    Hello Amund,

    Wow, this was so interesting to read. I’m studying Business and Sustainability Management and currently trying to come up with a dissertation topic. For now, I have so many ideas, so probably this post will end up being a bit long- hehe sorry for that. I’m from El Salvador but studying in Germany and hopefully in a few months will start my master’s in Environment & Resource Management in the Netherlands.

    I think it would be interesting to do something related to my country. These are some of the ideas:

    – How to introduce recycling in El Salvador, a developing country (where no separation of trash exists). However, poverty and lack of education have a great influence on this. How do I expect people to separate trash in their homes when some do not even have enough to eat or even know how to read?? so I find myself in a bit of conflict with this topic…maybe there are more social aspects that have more importance if you know what I mean. Not disregarding in any way that there’s a climate emergency.

    – Following the business model of Oceanium (a Scottish biotech company that farms in a sustainable way- seaweed to create food and nutrition products and compostable bio packaging). The seaweed farming industry can help mitigate the effects of climate change and at the same time create jobs. I still need to do more research to see if this business model could be done in El Salvador. And I do not have much knowledge about seaweed, but I believe by doing the thesis in this could educate me more on it. Don’t know if I would be aiming too high!! haha

    – There is also this company Desolenator that provides solar-powered water purification systems that help remote communities produce clean drinking water, without the need for filters, chemicals or external energy sources. Water is such an interesting topic! in El Salvador a lot of people lack access to safe drinking water, that is why I believe it would be so interesting also to see how it would be to implement such a system in El Salvador. However, I don’t know if this would be too hard. It is a product that already exists, and if I do end up doing something like this I have to be in contact with the company right?

    I would also find it interesting in topics not related to my country such as:

    – To analyze how sustainable reporting has been involving through the last couple of years and how green trends have had an impact on this. This I also feel would be definitely interesting, but there are so many different industries. Something related to food companies and how they disclose their information would be an option. Otherwise, I could go with big companies such as Samsung and Apple (but I feel this might have been done already).

    – The environmental impact of tequila production in Mexico.

    – The importance of urban composting (and putting an example of some cities or countries) if I would end up going to the Netherlands, that would be an interesting route to go!

    So as you see, I’m all over the place and have too many ideas. My counselor is not really helping me and covid ain’t making it easier. Maybe you could share a bit your thoughts with me?

    Thank you!!

    1. Avatar

      Hi Marta! Thanks for your comment.

      Wow – a lot to read. It sounds like you’re interested and passionate about environmental topics, which is a brilliant base for writing a superb thesis.

      When it comes to your topics, I find almost all of them interesting. The very best thing could be, in my opinion, to analyze things that is happening in El Salvador. When I lived in Shanghai, they also tried to implement a trash recycling system, but it failed hard. People were not educated to understand the importance of recycling plastic.

      When I came down to the recycling station, they were very careful about whether or not I had plastic or food waste in my trash bags. Unfortunately, I saw that it all ended up in the same garbage truck in the end of the day – and the recycling system literally had zero effect.

      In regards to tequila production in Mexico, that’s a brilliant topic as well. If you do a search for “Avocados” on this website, I’ve written a couple of articles about the environmental footprint of avocados. While vegans in Scandinavia eat their avocado sandwich in hope of reduing their environmental footprint…it’s not always the case. 😉

      But keep going about what you’re already doing. Sounds like you’re on the right path!

  3. Avatar

    Hi Amund,

    I am studying BA Business Management in Wales and I am in my final year. I have been trying to decide on a dissertation topic since November and I keep changing my mind! Unfortunately I have never met my dissertation supervisor due to Covid19 which I am finding difficult.

    I found this article very interesting and helpful. I am thinking of basing my dissertation on plastic packaging or how refillable containers would be beneficial to reduce single-use plastic and would consumers be prepared to bring their own containers? This is not something which has been implemented in supermarkets in the UK. I was hoping you had some ideas or area of study for me to explore please? I am quite open to any other ideas! I want something quite relevant.
    Thanks so much for your help.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Belle, thanks for your comment.

      Single-use plastic is a very interesting topic. The economics of single-use plastic is even more interesting.

      There are many reason why businesses should not stop giving out plastic packaging, etc. Plastic is an amazing material. It’s lightweight, cheap to produce and is extremely durable. Unfortunately, it’s also creating an awful lot of problems in regards to sustainability.

      One angle would be to contact a coffee shop that has started to give discounts to people that bring their own reusable coffee cup. There are several of them in the UK:

  4. Avatar

    Hello Amund!

    I just discovered this article ad it gave me some hope hahaj.
    I’m studying international Business Administration and Anglophone Studies. It’s a interdisciplinary cdegree but I found out for myself that I want to go in a different academic direction. I will look for master degrees in the field of sustainability/ environmental studies and I want to find a topic for my bachelor thesis hat will help me move into this direction. While I am interested in a lots of topics, it is very difficult for me to find one research question. My ideas right now are writing about how social media can have a impact in environmental/ climate activism. I got inspired after watching the documentary “The Social Dilemma” on netflix 😀 I am also interested in the postcolonial ecocriticism from indigenous voices or ecofeminism but again, I struggle a lot to formulate a research question. Maybe you have some ideas, I would appreciate it so much! Greetings from Germany 🙂

    1. Avatar

      Hello! 🙂 I don’t think the proposal of writing something about social media is bad at all.

      Two possible angles:

      1) See how much hate environmentalist scientists get on places like Twitter. However, scientists in other sectors don’t seem to be attacked that much.

      2) Look at how dictatorship countries like Russia or China uses environmentalism as a propaganda tool. If I was to write a new thesis, I would definitely pick this topic. Just look at how China, as the biggest polluter in the world, try to claim to the world that they’re amazing at building long-distance trains, how they create a large solar-powered machine in the middle of the desert, how they have started to develop (a non-functional…) recycling system in Shanghai, etc. 🙂

  5. Avatar

    Hello Amund!

    I’m Maria and i’m doing a master in International Management. I need to do a dissertation that has to be related to something that’s international… I would like to do something related to sustainability and business. Could you please help me?

    Thanks in advance,

  6. Avatar

    Hi Amund, thanks for the helpful article. I’m currently doing my masters in environmental studies with a focus on environmental policy and sustainable business. I am really passionate about carbon reduction policies so I am thinking of doing my thesis in the area of industrial decarbonization, possibly narrowed down to the transportation sector. This would also likely include renewable energy policies. But I am having a hard time coming up with a feasible research question and potential methodology for the thesis. Can you help?

  7. Avatar

    Hi amund , I am manisha, I have done my post graduation in economics and now I am a student of PhD economics. Your article is very helpful. I want to research on ‘ the relationship between financial subsidies and generation of eco friendly products ‘ . So, plz tell me what kind of objective should I have or from where should I start

  8. Avatar

    Hi Amound! I am really thinking that this page could be my solution!!
    I am not writing my master thesis in the moment but I am currently in my masters and we received the task to conduct a thorough analysis of any sustainability topic within 10 pages (which should be anyhow in the context of business as well). I had 3 main ideas which I would like to present to you:

    1) Cirular Economy and ocean pollution
    I had the idea to analyse how circular economy could help to reduce ocean pollution. But I have no idea for any research questions that I could analyse in order to come up with sth “new” in that topic. Do you have any idea on that?

    2) Greenwashing and/or consumers’ willingness to pay for green products (as you proosed above)
    I like that topic but do you have an idea how one could combine those two topics? Or maybe I should just concentrat on the secon topic (customers willingness to pay). Therefore I could do a survey on that.

    3) Overpopulation
    I thought I could look at 3 countries (one developing, one developed and one transition) and try to estimate how long those countries can survive until their resources are gone.

    What do you thin? Which of those topics would suit a 10 pages analysis best? Or do you have another idea?

    Thank you very much! You are doing an awesome job 🙂

    1. Avatar

      Hello Daniela. Thanks for a long post. 🙂 Always nice to read what students come up with in regards to sustainable topics.

      If I was you, I would choose number two. I would go and find a “trending eco-friendly product” and ask a group of people if they were willing to pay more for that product or service.

      Not only is it an “easy target” for a student to do such a project. It also gives great insight about a specific product that’s already been introduced on the market.

  9. Avatar

    Hi Amound! I am really having a great feeling here that your ideas could be my solution!! I am not conducting a thesis right now but I am currently in my masters and we have the task to do a thorough analysis about any sustainability topic (which is very broad). So I am thinking about soo many topics. I would like to present you 3 ideas that I had:

    1) Circular economy and ocean pollution
    I thought about doig an analysis on how the CE can help to reduce ocean pollution. My problem with this topic is that I do not have an idea which researchen question I could propose in order to come up with sth “new” in my analysis. Do you have an idea on that?

    2) Greenwashig and consumers’ willingness to pay for green products (as you recommended above)
    Do you have an idea how to combine those 2 topics? Also i could do a survey on that topic.

    3) Overpopulation
    Maybe I could look at 3 different yountries (one industry country, one developing, and one transistion country) and try to predict how long it would take them until their resources are gone?

    Do you think one of the topic could suit my 10 paper analysis best?

    Best Greeting!

  10. Avatar

    Hi.. thank you so much for your explanation. I Have started my master degree in sustainability science. Actually I don’t have any experience about the research side .but now I have to choose a topic for my research .I Would like to work on the topic like water pollution from improper agricultural practices .is it good topic to do as a master student? Can you help me for that please

  11. Avatar

    Thank you for the interesting article above!
    I am a masterstudent history and I would like to work on the topic of climate change, or a related topic. although I study history, the choice of subject for the master’s thesis is quite big and can be extended to politics and humanities too. I’m interested in international organisations and politics, and thought it might be interesting to link this topic to climate change.
    I find it difficult to find a relevant research topic / question.
    Do you have any idea or another tip on how to proceed?
    Thank you so much,

    1. Avatar

      Hi Louise.

      I see. If you also can go into recent events, I would do something like I did for my bachelors’ degree:

      – Checking the impact of how EU regulations worked on municipal waste.

      It’s quite interesting how EU got some type of rules. And the domestic rules to each country also apply differently. Many times, it’s hard for certain governments to see how to implement EU rules and limitations.

      It doesn’t have to be about municipal waste though. EU is trying to control a wide variety of environmental issues, like air quality, waste management systems, transportation, etc.

      Not sure if that was clear, but it’s the only link that I know is interesting when you try to connect “international organizations” and “environmental issues”.

  12. Avatar

    I am a sustainable and environmental management MSc student in the UK. I have done my project proposal in solid waste management which I was really excited to start with. However, couple of weeks ago I saw a documentary about the water and I realised that could be even more interesting due to my concern about developing countries. it is been hard to find a specific topic related to water, developing countries and the economy. Do you have any idea about what could I do?

    Many thanks,


  13. Avatar

    Hi Amund,

    first of all thanks for your articles, they are really interesting and valuable for all of us students!
    I am an Italian student and I am attending a Master in International Economics and Management with a focus on Made in Italy.
    I am interested in writing a thesis on sustainability, but I don’t know how to develop it and what to focus on specifically.
    I would have the chance to interview companies from a small village in Italy of about 6,000 inhabitants as a “case study”.
    I’m waiting for your precious suggestions
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Avatar

      Hello, that’s cool. I was actually working in a company before that had an office in Turin – which I was lucky enough to visit some years ago. 🙂

      You’re writing that you do have the ability to interview some companies. In that case, I would dig a bit deeper into the Italian fashion industry. Fast fashion is a huge problem from an environmental perspective.

      And you have a lot of famous brands to contact and ask about their environmental impact and how they try to work to reduce waste:

      – Bottega Veneta
      – Moschino
      – Prata
      – And so on.

      You’re probably not getting the answer from the absolute biggest players in the industry. However, if you contact some “up and coming” fashion companies in Italy, I’m positive that they will let you in on an interview.

  14. Avatar
    Invokavita Magdalena

    Hi Amund,
    Thanks for that. Really liked your website and all the tips here! Well done.
    I’m now finishing my BBA major in Finance Management and I have no idea what to do for my thesis.
    I’m finding it so hard to come up with an idea. My teacher suggested me to compare how sustainability reporting developed years 2017 – 2018 annual reports for certain industry. Or how it has developed during 10-20 years (one company case), etc. Even with this suggestion I still can’t narrow it to 1 industry or 1 interesting company. Would you have any idea? Any tips? Or any topic for a Finance student regarding sustainability?.. Thanks.

    1. Avatar

      Hello Invokavita,

      seems like you and your teacher are onto something. When I studied in Denmark, it was one specific company that got a lot of attention in regards to such reports. They publish their sustainability reports openly, are very easy to get in touch with (at least for Danish students) and are easy to do research on.


      If you google “Lego sustainable report” or “Lego responsibility report”, you will find loads of data.

      I can also mention that my professor had written a long thesis about backshoring on Lego. He also mentioned that they are very easy to deal with – and that they are super happy to support students that want to know more about their company.

      As of now, that’s the only company that I know can be very good in regards to what you’re talking about. 🙂

  15. Avatar

    Hi, Amund!
    I like your write up. I wish to carry out a research on environmental sustainability.
    Please suggest reasonable areas to study.
    Thanks in advance!

  16. Avatar

    Hi Amund
    I am so excited to have come across your website. I am a masters student of Health and safety in the premier University of Ibadan, Nigeria. I am also considering another masters on Environmental Management. I will like to work on Environmental issues relating to health. Any help you can render?

    1. Avatar

      Hi Nnkea,

      thanks for writing.

      I would suggest either one of these two interesting topics:

      – How fewer people will have access to clean water due to climate change

      – How scientists actually believe that climate change will cause a lot of skin cancer! This is a topic that is under communicated but is quite severe and serious.

  17. Avatar

    Hello Amund
    I am currently a masters student in engineering business management. I was able to narrow my research areas to sustainability and supply chain I came up with the idea of writing about circular economy and the potentials it could unlock for global supply chains but I’m not too sure about it anymore. Any ideas ? (Ps it could be a topic in any of the two areas or a bridge between them)

    1. Avatar

      I also tried looking at the challenges and difficulties facing the concept of sustainable and green engineering. Is that good enough ?

  18. Avatar

    Hi! What do you think about human trafficking and environmental sustainability concerns? Any topics come to mind?

    1. Avatar

      Amund, thanks for your thoughts. I think it is super interesting as well. I am thinking there is definitely a link between climate change and increased human trafficking, as different areas have been negatively impacted. Alternatively, the question of human trafficking causing environmental decline could be similar to your discoveries in relation to drug trafficking. I recall reading about the environmental damage and pollution caused by trafficking routes previously. Thanks again!

    2. Avatar

      Hi Amund,
      I am a PhD student in the management field and I would like to write my PhD dissertation about Sustainable Development in the business /management field, would you please help me in find an interesting topic?

    3. Avatar

      Hi Amund,
      I am a PhD student in the management field and I would like to write my PhD dissertation about Sustainable Development in the business /management field, would you please help me in find an interesting topic?

  19. Avatar

    Hi amund,
    I’m interested on the transition to a low carbon future and energy transition
    Would you have any suggestion to where to focus on?
    I’m doing my master thesis, and I haven’t a clue how to narrow it down and decide on the research questions
    should I focus on a country? Should I focus on public perception?
    I know it is a broad topic and it’s too difficult to make it simpler
    I would love to hear any suggestion from you

    1. Avatar

      Hello Gabi, interesting choice.

      I would go for some research on what the public wanted to say about it. There is a term called “willingness to pay”. It indicates that certain people are willing to pay more (taxes) in order to make a greener environment. When it comes to electricity and energy, it doesn’t seem to be anyone who really cares where they get their power from.

      It would be interesting to map out one country and run an analysis of what the people would be willing to pay in order to get greener energy.

      Another topic is something that happens in my country Norway. Despite the fact that we all want windmills, A LOT of people are angry when we are building them – because they are “destroying the beautiful nature”. So that’s a very complex situation that you could look into.

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