Blog Post Ideas: Environment and Vegan Blogs

Blog Post Ideas: Environment and Vegan Blogs

Despite owning a website/blog myself, I always want to help my “competitors”. What I believe in is simply filling the Internet with useful content. And if that content is on my or your website: it doesn’t really matter too much. Don’t get me wrong here. I love seeing people coming in to my website from all different countries, but I believe that educating people about the environment should be our main objective.

Slightly inspired by my post about topics to write about for your bachelor/master thesis (if you want to write about sustainability/nature/climate change), I wanted to make a similar list for bloggers. If you are a blogger looking for things to write about: you came to the right place.

PS! I added some links to my own blog posts. You can get an idea of how I wrote them. Despite getting a lot of traffic to this website, it is not necessarily best practice within this industry.

Blog Post Ideas: Environment and Vegan Blogs

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Why do I give away topic suggestions for free?

As I am writing this, Sustainability Matters Daily is increasing its traffic volume by 30 % every month. Topic research is the single biggest reason why some people actually care to come and read my articles.

In this article, I am giving away all my “secret recipes”.

It’s divided into two parts:

1. How to do keyword research yourself.
2. Many suggestions that I came up with by using the method in 1). Feel free to steal any topic you want! 🙂

A-B-C: How to do topic research to your environment blog?

There are probably 1000 different ways to do this. And I spent time on a lot of useless stuff trying to come up with useful things to write about.

After trying and failing, I believe that these three (free) methods are the best:

ToolDifficulty levelLink
Competitor analysisEasy.N/A [read the section below]
Keyword SheeterEasy.Link
Google AutosuggestYou won't even need a brain. It's that simple.Link

Want to know more details?

Ok, let me explain.

Method 1: Competitor analysis

There’s a reason why some websites have millions of pageviews every day. And that reason is quite simple: they provide the users with high quality content.

In order to grow your own blog to a million pageviews, you should get inspiration from the very best people in the industry. For instance, I always go to either or the environmental section of The Guardian when I want to find some new topic to write about.

Let’s try that for a second. This is how looks like at the moment:

Photo: Screenshot, A brilliant website about the environment.

Just based on this, and using some of my imagination, I can come up with topics like:

– “Is plastic pollution really as bad as people say?”
– “Should we care less about plastic pollution and more about overconsumption?”
– “Analysis: how many winter days will we have left in the French Alps in 2050?”
– “Top 10 cute animals that are facing extinction due to climate change”
….and a lot more!

Method 2: Keyword Sheeter

Keyword Sheeter is a brilliant tool.

1. Go to their website.
2. Type in ANY word.
3. Get an awful lot of various topics to write about.

Example: by typing in “Climate change” in their search field, this is (some of the) output I received:

Keyword Sheeter is a great website for topic research.


Method 3: Google Search suggestions

1. Open
2. Type in whatever topic you would like to write about + one random letter.
3. Take notice on what Google will automatically suggest.

Example: By typing in “Climate change” + “a”, I was able to find some interesting things that could potentially lead to a couple of interesting articles:

Using Google itself as a keyword research tool is super easy.

After you’ve typed in “a”, go back and type in “climate change + b”, then “climate change + c”….and you start to get the point. 🙂

Now that you know how to do topic research yourself, you could either:

1) Go and do it. oooor….
2) Read on and see the topics that I came up with.

I would recommend the latter.

4. Bonus: Get a book called “Environmental Issues”

My article about bachelor/master degree topics became too popular. Too many people reached out to me on Linkedin and in the comment section.


I couldn’t answer them all. So I had to recommend a book that features nearly all of the environmental issues that can be found on the planet. And it’s a book that I strongly recommend to anyone that do any type of business with sustainability.

Environmental Issues: Looking Towards a Sustainable Future (4th Edition)
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Abel, Daniel C. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 328 Pages - 12/27/2012 (Publication Date) - Pearson Learning Solutions (Publisher)

Don’t think. Just buy it. Believe me: you won’t regret it. 🙂

Examples of blog topics that you can use on your environmental blog

When I wrote that I am giving these away for free, I am serious. It doesn’t take me long to come up with new ones, so I will promise that the ones below are 100 % “up for grabs”. 🙂

Topic: Climate Change & Global warming

Two very hot topics (pun very much intended):

  • A topic that has been underreported is the climate refugees. We already see that people need to escape to other territories and countries
  • People find it interesting to see how nature phenomenon will change due to climate change. For instance: “Will there be snow in Canada in 2050?” or “How will the increasing sea temperatures affect the coral reefs?”. Those blog posts tend to be very popular as it triggers people’s feelings.

Gather different scientific reports about how warm the globe can be in the future. Outline different possible consequences that potentially could happen.

Topic: Veganism and Meat

– Most vegan bloggers find recipes on other websites that they copy. If you want to be unique, you should try to make something that no one on Internet have made before. Yes, it is hard – but it’s absolutely possible. Unique, delicious recipes for vegan food….lets just say that it is a big market out there.

– Meat production do have a very bad impact on the environment. There are loads of articles that you can write:

1) How much better would the world be if everyone chose to eat chicken instead of beef?
2) How much greenhouse gas emissions do the livestock industry contribute with?
3) Are there any countries where meat production is more eco-friendly than others?
4) Various blog posts about health impact from eating meat versus eating a vegan diet.
5) Look into the environmental impact on transporting food from A to B. Example of a title: “Is it really eco-friendly to eat Argentinian beef in UK?”

– Interviewing other bloggers is a good idea. Not only do you make friends in the big “vegan community” (which can be helpful for a lot of reasons), but you might also get a link from their website to your interview.


How does veganism really help the environment?

Topic: Grow Vegetables at Home

– A super good topic to write about. If you have any knowledge about this: please share whatever you know. A lot of people out there really want to see examples from the real life.

– You could potentially, if you have the time and persistency, create a long blog post where you follow the development of a tomato plant or something similar. Write down how you take care of it and what is required to grow.

– It might also be a bit of a big project to take on, but an interesting one: trying to grow four different vegetables. Document how difficult all of them are, what they need of care and water, and then make a conclusion based on that.


Topic: Politics

Disclaimer: be careful when writing about politics. Chances are that you have a “fan base” from people with different political views. Try to be as mild as possible in order to not scare people away.

– Make a compilation about what a certain politician have said about climate change.

– There are a lot of information about how Democrats and Republicans see this topic differently. Make a blog post where you compare meanings of people with different political view.

– Take a look into how the Paris Agreement has shaped the way political leaders talk and act about climate change. See if it had any effect – and if they will lead to reaching the goal about not increasing the global temperature to more than 2 degrees Celsius.

As you might see, politics can be a very difficult thing to write about. If you don’t know anything about politics already, you should probably stay away from it.

Topic: Nature

– People tend to care about rare animals. If you can compile a great list of facts about the Siberian Tiger; people would love to read that. Or do you know someone who owns an exotic animal as a pet? Take some pictures and write a post about it!

– Deforestation. A lot of our woods are being chopped down to either make space for cities or create products within the paper industry. Make some research on certain geographical areas that have undergone some serious deforestation and try to find out why that happened.

– People love picture series from beautiful nature. Do you live in an area with beautiful mountains, exotic animals or other nice nature elements to take pictures of? In that case: you know what to do. Remember to write a bit of text to make sure that you tell the search engines what the blog post is about as well.


What Are The Advantages Of Living Close To Nature?

What NOT to write about

There are only two things that I would ask you not to write about. First thing is posts based on “something you heard” that can be related to global warming or climate change. Unfortunately, climate change is a political topic that is quite sensitive. Spreading false information (intentionally or unintentionally) is a sin. If you ever write about these topics; be very careful about your statements. And if you are not sure about something, please try to find information online from trusted sources.

If you read certain vegan blogs, it sounds like you will die immediately from eating red meat – which is simply not true.

The other thing you should avoid is fake reviews. Either reviews that you are getting paid for from a third-party company (e.g., review of a eco-friendly makeup brand) or of a product you never tested. There are SO many websites out there trying to trick people to buy something by creating a fake “buyers guide” or “review” without really trying the product. Not only is it un-ethical. It is also quite easy to spot a fake product review. Do you know who will punish you badly for such blog posts? Google. If you have any hope of getting a significant portion of traffic through search engines, you should never write such a blog post.

To those of you that have a blog about environment, sustainability, or veganism

If you have such a blog: feel free to write to me in the comment section below. There are so many different ways that we can establish a mutually beneficial blog relationship. I have been working with digital marketing for more than 10 years and I have severe knowledge of how we can make sure that we can both get more traffic.

Please also fell free to add a comment if you have any other blog ideas to share. After all, I wrote this article to make sure that it became a helpful tool to other bloggers or website owners out there. Feel free to add your tips below.

Thanks in advance!

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    Hi! I have started my blogging website about nature and traveling and searching for the trending topic. Reading your blog gives me many ideas and info, thanks for that. My website is check it as till now I have only two blogs one on nature and one on traveling but I will write more in a few weeks. Also, I want to increase the traffic so let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you.

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    These are some amazing topics. Thank you for sharing them with us. There are other topics we could talk about like circular economy, is recycling really helpful, microplastics, bioplastics,

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    Hi Amund, thank you so much for this useful information. I’m pretty new to blogging and I am trying to get some inspiration for my next post. Keyword sheeter helped to spark an idea! Thank you for your generosity and wanting to create a community for eco conscious consumers!

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    I want to start my own environmental blog in Swedish. I also heard from someone that ranking on Google in Sweden is much easier compared to ranking when you write in English. My English isn’t that great, but I do know a lot about the environment…so I think it will be helpful anyway. Also, do you need really good writing skills in order to create a useful blog?

    1. Avatar

      Hi Andrea,

      you do not need excellent writing skills in order to make a useful blog. I am (hopefully) a good example of that. 🙂

      All you need is to try to publish helpful and interesting information. If you know a lot about a topic, I would really suggest that you try to blog. It won’t cost you anything…apart from some of your time.

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    Environmentalist blog owner (Anna)

    Thank you, I have a blog about the environment. What I think is really nice of you is to share what you think is valuable. Most blog owners or website owners REFUSE to share useful information like this, but you really seem like an angle. 🙂

    I am especially interested in your keyword research on top of your article. That’s super helpful.

    Thanks again. As a thank you, I will give you a link on my website so my readers can visit your blog as well.

    1. Avatar

      Hello Anna, and thank you for a fantastic comment.

      Very happy to hear that the article helped out in regards to spicing up your blog. I believe that keyword research is the single most important thing to get some traction on your website.

      The second most important thing is to ONLY write articles that provide some value to the reader. If you try to get traffic without providing some proper value, you’re living in the wrong century. Those “tricks” might have worked in 1999, but not anymore….luckily. 🙂

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