Chinese Nationalist Internet trolls: Wumao Explained (with examples)

Disclaimer: To “normal” Chinese people that behave properly and involve themselves in healthy discussions online: I love you. Thanks for making a better reputation of your country. This article is NOT about you.

This article is solely about the concept of “Wumaos”. These are, unfortunately, people hired by the CCP propaganda department to write false information online. And what they don’t understand is that they destroy the reputation of the beautiful country of China.

So literally no hate to China nor the Chinese people! I come in peace! 🙂

I’ve had my fair share of interesting conversations with people on Twitter. Many of them have been about China and Chinese politics.

But what’s interesting in discussing China online is that there’s always one single element you can predict: the interference by wumaos.

You can’t have an online conversation about China without the wumaos getting involved – believe me. It never happens. Not on Instagram. Not on Twitter. Not on Reddit. Nowhere.

And then you might think…how come do all these Chinese nationalists find and destroy the great online discussion about their own country (and especially the Chinese Communist Party)? Youtube and Twitter is banned in China – isn’t it?


That’s what I’m gonna let you know in this article.

I’ve already spent several days researching the topic, talking to several Chinese and non-Chinese people, and kicked off a bit of a fuzz with some of the Wumaos on Twitter. In other words: I got quite a lot of useful information that I want to share with you about this topic.

What is a wumao ( 五毛 ) – and where does the phrase come from?

Wu mao in Chinese means 50 cents. With the local currency being RMB, 50 Chinese cents would approximately equal 0,08 USD.

The origin of the name comes from the payment that these underpaid Chinese nationalists would receive from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for every single message they wrote online. The more pro-China-nationalist-spam they managed to write online, the more they got paid.

Examples of Wumaos in action on social media platforms

There’s nothing that adds more value to this type of article than real-life examples.

Let me try to give you some examples of Twitter-, Facebook- and Reddit posts that I am 100 % certain have been written by paid nationalists Chinese trolls.

Isn’t this exciting?! 

Twitter examples

Donald Trump was not the first guy who spammed Twitter with political lies. The Chinese guys were there waaaaaaaay before him.

Let me try to illustrate how extremely aggressive Wumaos are on Twitter.

#1: “Uyghur propaganda”

The Chinese government run a genocide on the Uyghur population in a place called Xinjiang.

That turns out to be a problem for them.

For instance, major corporations like H&M and Nike have voiced their concerns about muslims in concentration camps producing cotton. Stuff like that isn’t going unnoticed in other countries. And the Chinese government hate that to happen.

So a lot of the current Wumao efforts is to pretend that the crititicsm against the ongoing genocide is “propaganda”. Hehe…

Screenshot: Twitter

There are even some “western people” that go on about this topic:


In order to understand why there are two white people working for a barbaric dictatorship regime, you need some background info. And I’ll give you that right away.

The Times have written this perfect piece of article named “Beijing funds British YouTubers to further its propaganda war“. Go read it. And you’ll understand that the CCP propaganda goes further than you think.

Also: for the record. No western journalists have ever been allowed into Xinjiang to, quote, “do any independent research on their own”.

This gentleman claim that the Xinjiang genocide evidence is a result of, quote “actors used by CIA and WUC separatist group”. Can it be more cringe?

Screenshot: Twitter

#2: Picture of Wumaos in action from a Chinese prison

A great reporter by the name Jennifer Zeng posted a superb photo on Twitter. This is an image of Chinese prisoners that are currently being taught on how to be a Wumao on the Western Social Media platforms. Quite disturbing and interesting at the same time:

Screenshot: Twitter

#3: The CCP Virus propaganda

After “things” happened in Wuhan in late 2020, official CCP party members have been extremely busy tweeting propaganda about what they did to the world. This is just one of many examples:

Screenshot: Twitter

It’s quite funny how CCP desperately try to portrait the CCP Virus as a “success story” in China. Even though they lie about cases, they lie about deaths – and they lie about the origin. Stay classy, CCP! 🙂

Zhao Lijian, one of the “Wolf Warriors” of China, spread propaganda about the virus on Twitter. For some bizarre reason (or…out of pure desperation), he actually managed to write that the virus might have come to Wuhan from American soldiers:

Screenshot: Twitter

Yes. He actually wrote that. The funny thing is that one of CCP’s own Wolf Warriors ask for transparency from other nations. You can’t make this s*** up! 😉

Lijian Zhao is a very active guy on Twitter. He was also the one who mixed his personal and official account….and started to follow gay porn accounts on his CCP Twitter account by accident. (source: Reddit)

That’s a bit awkward.

Following X-rated gay accounts should you not be ashamed of, Lijian! But please do it from your personal account next time.

Facebook examples

Wumaos are quite eager to use Facebook as well. However, Facebook is not actually a very wumao-friendly platform.

It takes a lot of effort to join Facebook through a VPN.

After all, they need to open an account with a real e-mail, make a fake persona…and avoid using too strong words in order to not get that account banned. That takes up a lot of time.

And as you remember – the wumaos only get paid per comment they make – not the amount of fake accounts they register. 😉

However, you can clearly see that they have been active on several Facebook posts and groups already:

#1: “Western media are so wrong about Xinjiang! I have been there!!!!”


#2: Nancy Pelosi and the Beijing Olympics 2022 boycott

When politician Nancy Pelosi asked for a boycott of the Beijing 2022 Olympics, the Wumaos went mental with their fake accounts in the comment section. Nothing was related to what she said, but they tried to adjust the narrative.

The Wumaos are quite good at trying to switch the discussion topic to something completely different. I guess that’s a skill you need to have when you don’t have any arguments.

Screenshot: Facebook

#3: South China Sea aggression

Every country in Asia is dead tired of CCP getting involved with everything in the South China Sea. And the Wumaos know that. After all: they’ve been paid by the CCP to promote absolute garbage like this comment:

PS! It’s worth to mention that Facebook is blocked in China. The only way a Chinese person can get on Facebook is to either illegally use a VPN (which is EXTREMELY seldom used by normal Chinese people). Or…as you might know…get access to Facebook as a Wumao by the Chinese Government. 🙂

Youtube examples

Youtube got a comment section below every video. In every single China-related video, you will see wumaos commenting on all types of stuff.

These are just some of the comments that I found after browsing for five minutes:

#1: Denial of the TiananMen Square Massacre

So this is a Chinese person that spits on the graves of the people who died in the Tiananmen Square massacre. And he or she does that in order to protect the government that killed innocent Chinese people. Charming. I’m sure his family is proud of him.

Certain Wumaos on Youtube do indeed acknowledge that the Chinese Communist Party slaughtered innocent students with guns and tanks. But they still interfere in discussions – trying to do the classic whataboutism:

Screenshot: Twitter

#2: Made up stories about their colleagues and muslims

This one is kind of awkward. And obviously 100 % fake.

You might remember that the Xinjiang genocide is a big problem for the Chinese government. Not because they force their own citizens into concentration camps. The government is not so concerned about that.

The problem is that people all around the world have started to take notice. In order to deal with the truth being spread on Youtube, CCP has hired Wumaos to post fake Xinjiang-related stories on Youtube:

#3: ALWAYS deny the Xinjiang genocide! ALWAYS! 🙂

You also have to remember that Youtube is banned in China. The only Chinese people who can access Youtube are either illegally using VPN or a part of the state-owned propaganda department.

Well. Another solution would be to actually escape the Chinese dictatorship regime. However, the Chinese who have gone abroad are usually educated and hate the Chinese government themselves.

Reddit & Quora Wumao Examples

It’s easy to register on Reddit. All it takes is a functional e-mail and you’ll be ready to spam your pro-Chinese messages in no time.

This screenshot is probably the best of “soft wumaoing” I’ve seen. A guy opens a discussion thread on Facebook to explain why Facebook is banned in China.

This user presents six reasons why the Chinese government has blocked Facebook and other social media apps in mainland China.

Screenshot: Quora

As most people might see this as accurate and interesting information, all of his arguments are wrong. We all know why the Chinese government have banned Facebook in China. It has nothing to do with competition of domestic social media channels. It has everything to do with controlling the narrative and blocking the truth from their own population.

Imagine that the user actually says that “Vietnam has a political system very similar to China’s”. That actually made me laugh in real life. 😉

TikTok Examples

Are you one of those who use TikTok? Well, there’s a big chance that you’ve recently been seeing Chinese state-driven propaganda on that platform.

After all, TikTok is Chinese (which you can read more about on Wikipedia).

I’m not gonna go into every single propaganda video that CCP upload on TikTok. That would take me ages. But there is one guy who has already created a video about this topic on his Youtube channel.

What you’re about to see is quite frightening.

Video explaining the Wumao concept on Youtube

There’s one guy on Youtube who is particularly good at attracting Wumaos to his comment section. I mean: they just LOVE his videos.

And that guy is an American called Matt. He goes under the name “laowhy86” on Youtube.

One of his videos from 2018 explains the wumao concept quite well – and I wanted to share it with you. It’s highly recommended to watch if you got about 14 minutes and 52 seconds of spare time right now.

Wumao Discussion Strategies Explained

As you might have seen from the examples above, there are certain phrases and “arguments” that Wumaos use very frequently. After all: they’re following a script. I’ll explain a few of their main “arguments” and why they use them.

1: “Come and see for yourself!”

The main argument for covering the Xinjiang genocide is the “invitation method”.

The narrative always goes like this:

“Please come to Xinjiang and see for yourself! Everything you read in biased western media is false! Come to have a look at how happy the Uyghurs are at our beautiful camps! And by the way – they are training camps. Not concentration camps!”

The problem is that no journalists will ever be allowed to do investigation in the concentration camps. But it’s easy to invite people into a closed home.

When UN wanted to investigate what happened in Xinjiang, they were met with extremely weak excuses. You can read that story on Human Rights Watch.

PS! It’s not only the Wumaos who use this discussion strategy about Xinjiang. Even the Chinese embassy in Malaysia used these exact words after Uyghurs protested outside the Chinese embassy:


2: “Paid CIA troll!”

These Wumaos are paid by the Chinese government to spread propaganda online. That’s a concept they are very well aware of.

So if you’re saying something they don’t like – why don’t they give you a taste of your own medicine?

Many Wumaos will use the terms “CIA troll” or “paid by the CIA”. For some reason, they believe that everyone that says against China are paid by an American bureau. Yeah – it’s bizarre. I know.

Just after publishing this article, we actually had a perfect example of this. We got lucky. This is one of the first comments that appeared after I hit the “Publish” button:

If he only knew that I have never been to the United States…

3: “You don’t understand China! You don’t speak Chinese! You don’t live here!”

If you try to explain the Wumaos that the Chinese society isn’t going very well, they might start to question your knowledge about the Chinese society. After all: you are not Chinese. You do not live in China. How can you know anything about China!?!?!?

As a foreigner, you do not know these facts about the Chinese society:

  • China is placed 93rd on the most recent UN Global Happiness Index.
  • China is doing terrible on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).
  • China is doing terrible on the Human Development Index (HDI).
  • China is doing terrible on the Freedom of Press Index.

(thanks to the anonymous Twitter used who sent these statistics to me, btw! Despite living in China for five years, I have never heard about the rankings on these indexes…). Very helpful.

I’ve seen these statistics be presented more and more in the “Wumao vs normal people” discussions on Twitter and Youtube.

If you ask Wumaos, none of these statistics are valid. None. They can’t say why they are wrong. But they’re just wrong. None of these indexes tell the truth about the fantastic, open, successful Chinese society.

Some random Wumao in a basement or prison in Beijing knows much better the state of the Chinese society compared to globally acknowledged statistics.

As you’re not Chinese; you don’t know if any of that is true. So stick to your own business.

4: “Western media bias, CNN, BBC, all fake news!”

If there’s one thing that Donald Trump and Chinese Wumaos have in common; it’s the love for the phrase “fake news”. Wumaos adopted that.

For some reason, Wumaos “believe” (or are paid to believe…) that “western media are all lies”. Yet, the newspapers in China are 100 % owned and run by the government.

It’s also funny how the term “western media” is used. If you do use the term “western media”, you do refer to radio stations in Sweden, newspapers in Germany, private political bloggers in Canada – and everything in between. But by putting a label on it, it becomes more efficient.

When the wumaos can claim that “western media lies” – they categorize everything outside of China as one unit. Handy.

Topics Wumaos love to get involved into

You have to understand one thing. The Wumaos are paid to only interfere with discussion topics that are a BIG problem for the Chinese government.

So let’s have a look at these sensitive topics below.

Topic 1: Tiananmen square massacre

The truth:

  • CCP murdered thousands of innocent Chinese people on June 4th 1989. The Chinese government have yet not apologized to the many grieving Chinese families who lost their son, daughter, brother, or sister. In recent years, CCP desperately try to remove the incident from history books and education within China.

The Wumaos:

  • “Tiananmen Square massacre never happened!”
  • or….”These students deserved to die – they were attacking the police and killing CCP soliders!”
  • or….”The Tiananmen Square massacre was important for China to stay strong and be as one unit! These students deserved to die!”

Topic 2: The genocide in Xinjiang

The truth:

  • The muslim minority in Xinjiang province is put into concentration camps. Women are sterilized. Families are broken up and literally hundreds of thousands of men are kept in concentration camps without any communication with their families.

The Wumaos:

  • “Come to Xinjiang and see for yourself and stop your fake news smearing China you ****”
  • or…”LOL, fake western media talk about genocide. What about the Native Americans in US?!?!??!”
  • or…”I know people in Xinjiang, they say they have a good life and it’s all fake, CIA bias, America white man trash!”

Topic 3: CCP Virus

The truth:

  • The pandemic hit the world as a result of a big coverup and lies for many months. China is actually one of the countries who handled the virus in a very bad way, but they keep lying about their death toll.

The Wumaos:

  • Oh lord…don’t even let me start to write what they actually believe about this topic.


So that’s it.

In this article, I’ve given you:

  • The description of what a wumao is and how the Chinese government funds their 50-cent-army.

  • Some great examples that illustrate how these paid internet trolls try to disturb any honest conversation that’s going on about China and/or the Chinese Communist Party.

  • The topics where it’s most likely to find Wumaos on social media platforms (you can go on Twitter and do a quick search for yourself…)

  • A video explaining the wumao concept (far) better than what I’m able to do.

  • Written down a list of the topics that Wumaos love to get involved in – so you can check up on these topics yourself! 😉

If you still got some questions about this whole thing, I suggest that you read the frequently asked questions below.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do most Chinese support the wumaos?

Most Chinese have no idea that the Chinese government has paid trolls to destroy literally every China-related online conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

This is not something that the government would tell their people.

As we all know: the Chinese government is not exactly afraid of hiding the truth. 😉

How many wumaos are currently working for the Chinese Communist Party?

Just like with all other statistics, you can never trust the Chinese Communist Party and their numbers. And obviously: the Chinese Communist Party has never publicly spoken about their large 50-cent-army. They would lose face if they did so.

One Harvard study from 2016 suggests that about 488 million messages every year (!) can be traced back to paid CCP wumaos.

In other words: more than 1 million messages across various social media platforms are published by paid Chinese nationalists every single day!


If Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are blocked in China – how do the wumaos access these social media platforms?

Great question!

They do so by using the VPN. The only people the Chinese Communist Party will give VPN access to are the people that are paid to lie for them on “western social media platforms”.

Isn’t that a bit cute? 🙂

Is there any point discussing with Wumaos about China on Facebook/Twitter/Youtube?

Not really. In the beginning, it can be fun to throw things at them. They will get emotional and angry very fast.

After all: they’re just doing a job for the government.

Do you have any other questions about the Chinese nationalist 50-cent-army? Have you been discussing anything China-related with them on Twitter and wants to tell me about your frustration?

Or ARE you a wumao sitting in a basement in Beijing and is currently FURIOUS about what you just read?

Regardless of who you are or what your intentions are: feel free to drop a comment in the comment section below. We love you all. 

Other China-related articles

As I said: I love China. That was my second home for about four years.

Therefore, I’ve written loads of articles on both the good and bad sides of that beautiful country. Here are some of them:

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  1. LOL… Matthew Tye (Laowhy86) and his buddy have been exposed as racists white supremacists by Daniel Dumbrill in his youtube video [Youtube link] and its follow up video [Youtube Link] yet you showed his videos as information.

    1. LOL…. I’ve provided actual footage of Matthew Tye (Laowhy86) which have been removed. And you’ve actually provided your link to what? Some report. LOL. With 3rd-party reports, anything can be said. LOL.

    2. Nah, what you did was linking to a video of a genocide-supporter who was cherrypicking 10 year old footage to somehow portrait a guy as a racist. Not only was the video extremely bad made – it’s also obviously sponsored by the barbaric dictatorship Chinese regime.

      Matthew Tye is married to a Chinese woman. I guess that goes strongly against the “racist white supremacist” narrative you’re desperately trying to push.

      Anyway: have a good day! 🙂 I think we leave the discussion here.

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    1. Hehe, I’ve never been to the US. It’s not a country I will ever go to either. So I’m not sure if the term “CIA troll” would fit me very well.

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      Not sure if you yourself might be an ABC, but please, learn some manners.

  3. Externally, i.e. in interaction with foreigners, wumaos are such a joke. You’d need to lack a considerable amount of brain cells to fall for their disinfo. Internally it’s different, because Chinese people get flooded with propaganda nonstop, on TV, in the streets, and online. They also didn’t receive an education that emphasis critical thinking and questioning authority as part of your civil duty. And those Chinese that are opposing, can easily feel isolated because of the CCP-praising online environment. Which, btw, is one of the main goals of the GFW and online censorship: Obstructing the formation and organization of a nationwide opposition. Hundreds of protests throughout the country every year – imagine they’d merge into one movement.

    1. Well, the average Chinese is sadly not that well educated, and therefore might very well believe what the government tells them 🙁

  4. Do you know why Chinese people get so angry when people tell the truth about China, Mao Zedong, Taiwan, The Tiananmen Square massacre?

    I had Chinese classmates who are 20 year old++ that actually believe that China is a good country.

    1. Hi Thomas! I will not go into a discussion on whether or not China is, quote ” a good country”. That’s not up to me to decide.

      When it comes to how nationalistic the Chinese people are, I think we have to look at history. The current regime has been leading China since after WW2. This regime has had an extremely strong focus on lifting up the Chinese spirit and create an “us against them” attitude. So imagine that one day, these Chinese people go abroad. The first thing they meet is some foreign person who tells them that they have been lied to by their government their who life. How do you think they react?

      In order to properly befriend and socialize with the Chinese people, you need to understand them and the Chinese culture. That’s why I learned Mandarin. It’s a fantastic people and culture to get to know – but you have to do it properly.

  5. Thank you for mentioning that you are NOT talking about Chinese people like myself. there are more than 1,4 billion people in China. We do not like our government either but we dont have a history of discussing politics.

    So if these “wu mao” are forced or not: they are still doing a job for China. I guess they feel that they are doing something right even though they might not create the best reputation of China.

  6. As a Chinese, I am sincerely ashamed that our government spend money on spreading propaganda online. This is money that could be used to help poor people in our country.

    Even though I like your article and agree with you, there are couple of elements that I think is wrong. For instance, I am not 100 % sure about the massacre and who started it. In our schools in China we dont talk about this topic at all.

    1. Hello Liu. Thanks for your nice and warm comment.

      I am probably not going into a factual discussion about the massacre in this comment section. However: thanks for being open about what you feel and think. After all: I got numerous Chinese friends and get along great with those. Unfortunately, many “paid nationalists” destroy the reputation of your beautiful country.

      Take care, mate!

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