Vegetarian Inspiration – Best Recipe Blogs to Follow

Becoming a vegetarian: Best Recipe Blogs to Follow!

I have spent many hours online to find the best blogs that publish meat-free recipes. After being concerned about my meat consumption (I would say that I was average…just like you, probably…), I decided to “break free” and start to eat more veggies. During that period, I probably visited 100 blogs for inspiration.

I picked the best ones and created a list of the best blogs that frequently publish vegetarian/vegan recipes.

Vegetarian Inspiration – Best Recipe Blogs to Follow

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In a hurry? Here’s a summary of my top vegetarian recipe blogs

A Couple Cooks- Great number of recipes.- A business more than a free recipe blog.
- Very commercialized.
- Too large pictures.
Earthy Feast- Brilliant layout.
- Endless number of tasteful recipes.
- As of 2020, they do no longer update their blog with new recipes.Click
Green Kitchen Stories- Best design of all veggie blogs online.
- Super good descriptions on their recipes.
- Some of their recipes are a bit too ambitious for me. E.g., 1000 different ingredients or 100 hours cooking time.Click
With Food and Love- Recipes are really written with passion and love.
- Great layout.
- The frequency of new recipes are often a bit slowClick

Want to learn more about each and every one of them?

Great. 🙂

I have written a brief description of each blog in the paragraphs below. Quickly reading them would take (a lot) less time compared to actually checking all of them out.

My list: Best vegetarian recipe blogs

Please note that I am not affiliated with any of these blogs. I simply recommend them because they are super useful.

A Couple Cooks

This website is driven by a couple living in Indianapolis. And I would actually call it more of a business than a recipe blog. They have written books, made podcasts, done guest blogging “all over the internet” and so on. However, please note that all their recipes are free. They have a very user-friendly layout and A LOT of different recipes. You can even filter them by “Drinks”, “Snacks”, “Dinner”, “Dessert”, etc.

In other words: this is an excellent place to start if you want to find a big variety of vegetarian dishes.

My favorite dish from this website? The Vegetarian Norwegian Meatballs. PS! As a Norwegian guy myself, I am quite biased…but these were seriously TASTY!

If I should give A Couple Cooks one tip on how to improve their posts, it would be to have slightly smaller pictures. Or at least to structure the pictures in a better way inside one post. If you look at the recipe of the meatballs, you can see that the article is almost dominated by various pictures. That could be solved by simply using a Gallery plugin or something.

Not sure if the owners of A Couple Cooks will ever read this post. But if you do: please comment below!


Earthy Feast [note – no longer active]

Earthy Feast is a website that has not been active since late 2016. However, it has been one of my biggest inspirations when trying to replace meat with veggies. They list SO many recipes that are designed to not make you miss meat at all.

I know that this is a big deal for a lot of people. When I first started this experiment, I thought to myself: “Am I really going to be able to get full without eating meat?” and “Will I get enough proteins simply by eating what nature gives me?”. Those are questions that a lot of other people ask themselves as well.

Now, Earthy Feast is a vegetarian recipe blog driven by a couple from the USA. What I like most about the recipes is that there are no shortcuts. They are explaining every single recipe down to the smallest detail, which is needed to re-create some of the fantastic meals that can be found on their website. Thumbs up!

PS! If you ever read this: I really hope you guys start to upload new recipes in the near future!


Green Kitchen Stories

This award-winning website is not only on my “top five blogs list”. In fact, they manage to have more than 150,000 page views (!) every month. As a digital marketer myself, I must say that those numbers are quite incredible. And how do they do it? Simply by offering quality.

David and Luise are a couple that has created one of the best-designed recipe blogs that I have ever seen (regardless of category). Their front page simply consists of different recipes that you can click on in order to see how you can make them yourself.

The first recipe I tried to make in my own kitchen was their avocado salad with sesame crust – and I have made it more than 10 times since then. It almost makes me forget how bad avocados are for the environment. ☺


With Food and Love

Unlike most of the other blogs on this list, “With Food and Love” is a one-man operation. In fact, it is more of a “one-woman operation”. In the “About me” section on her website, Sherrie Castellano tells a story about being diagnosed with celiac disease and going through a radical lifestyle change. This also leads her to think more about what she puts in her body, which again leads to a wide range of fantastic vegetarian & vegan recipes.

I simply love this blog. Every time I am out of dinner ideas and I don’t feel that eating meat would be the best option, I type in “withfo” in the browser tab – and Google Chrome helps me with the rest. ☺

And just like any other successful food blogger, Sher decided to make a business of her knowledge. After all, she has tremendous experience within the field and is able to point out exactly which tools that are useful to make the best vegetarian dishes. (Wow, that was quite a positive sentence!!).

Anyway; you can visit her Amazon shop by clicking here. It contains ingredients and kitchen supplies that you can use to duplicate whatever dish she posts on her website.


Why are there no blogs in foreign languages?

As you might already have noticed, these are all blogs and websites written in English. I am 100 % sure that there are loads of excellent and unique vegan recipes that can be found in Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese and Spanish as well – but these are not too relevant for my readers.

As more than 50 % of my readers are located in UK or US, I simply chose to only list the websites that got English content.

If you want to find exotic vegetarian recipes, there are loads of people that blog about Chinese & Spanish vegan food in English. All you have to do is be a bit creative on your search terms and use Google a lot.

And if you find any “hidden gems” online or know about any other great vegan/vegetarian food blogs, please add a comment below. If you own such a website yourself, feel free to add a comment – I will make sure to list all websites that offer great value to their readers.

PS! I will not add your website if you have stolen recipes/pictures and only try to earn some money by entering this niche with non-original content.

3 thoughts on “Becoming a vegetarian: Best Recipe Blogs to Follow!”

  1. Avatar

    I have a vegetarian blog!

    I found your Linkedin so I will just send a message there and maybe you can add it to the list! 🙂

    Always happy to connect with other vegetarian blogs in order to get inspierd. I do always learn something from them.

  2. Avatar

    I am from Romania and together with my girlfriend I have a vegan blog in Romanian. Do you think it would be any value of translating the content to English? Not sure if it’s more difficult to get people to read our blog if it’s English or is it easier?

    I see you are a Norwegian owning an English environment blog so I just wanted to ask you 😀

    1. Avatar

      Hello Alexandru, that’s actually a great idea. I got some tips for what you could write about that would definitely get some search traffic through Google:

      – Typical Romanian vegan recipes.
      – A list of all the Romanian vegan bloggers (people can use the google translate app in Chrome if they want to explore their websites).
      – Loads of nice pictures of you two cooking vegan food together.

      In fact, that would be a lot more helpful compared to “just another American/English vegan blog“. People are thirsty for high quality unique vegan content… 😉

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