The Best Vegan Memes in the World

These vegan memes will make you hungry, angry or happy

We gathered some good vegan memes from Instagram that we thought you would find funny. Some of them are made to make you think. Other ones to laugh.

Anyway, these are the best memes from the vegan world that we could find.

Disclaimer: we do not own any of these pictures, we simply just browsed through Instagram and used the legal EMBED function. All pictures are credited to the uploader.

Disclaimer 2: memes are made to make you laugh, not to annoy you or be provocative. So if you feel offended or anything from these vegan memes, please let us know in the comment section – and we will be more than happy to take the discussion with you. However, a general tip will be to not take a lot of Instagram content too seriously.

The Best Vegan Memes in the World

Table of Contents

Meme #1: The struggle of introducing vegan pizza to family and friends


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Meme #2: Have anyone asked this question?


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Meme #3: Would probably work. I like avocados.

Meme #4: 101: How to trick a non-vegan

Meme #5: Handy t-shirt for all vegans.


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Meme #6: The struggle is real when you get non-vegan cheese on your pizza


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Meme #7: Does this meme even give any meaning?

Meme #8: When you need to give life a second chance


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Meme #9: Some questions that vegans answer 1225839283 times in their lifetime

Meme #10: Vegan desert. The best kind.

Meme #11: It is all about human development..?

Meme #12: If you are a vegan, you might know this feeling..?

How to make your own vegan meme?

There are two simple ways to make your own memes that you can post on your social media profile(s) or on your own website.

Meme generator

If you type in “how to make a meme” in Google, you will find out that there are loads of websites offering a service called a Meme generator. That is a simple software that makes you able to upload videos or pictures and attach text to it.


– Very easy to use.
– You do not need to have any background knowledge about picture making or any other software. These websites are designed to make “anyone” able to create memes.


– Very often you will have a small footprint in each picture saying “Made by Memegenerator X” when you use these websites. And if you want to remove that small print, you would have to pay a small price to upgrade to what they call a “premium account”.

Photoshop/Microsoft Paint

If you have a Windows computer you will already have a pretty excellent tool for making memes. Paint is very easy to use, free and can be used to import all pictures that you would want to use. This is a very simple video showing how to create a vegan meme (or any other type) with Microsoft Paint:

Photoshop is the premium version. It costs several hundreds dollars to purchase and got so many functions that you might get lost. Our senior designer at work said that despite working with Photoshop for 10 years, he learns new stuff every single day. So if you don’t have any experience with design, please don’t jump into the big Photoshop jungle. Stick to Microsoft Paint or Meme generators.


– You are in control of you own memes. No annoying “add on”/logos to the pictures.
– You are getting a new skill when you work on this.


– More work.

Last tip

Make sure that you only use pictures that are not copyrighted. If you use copyrighted pictures in a meme, it is actually a small chance that you might get sued.

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