What does Alex Jones from Infowars think about global warming? (Fact check)

I spent hours to look deep into what the Republican and self-claimed Donald Trump friend Alex Jones has said about global warming and climate change science.


Well, because I think it would be a highly interesting article that I know people would read. Most of the people reading this article would be familiar with Mr. Jones. However, I’ll start with a quick recap of who he is.

Why is it important to figure out what Alex Jones thinks about the environment?

First of all, because I believe that right-winged political figures very often tend to overlook global warming. It’s like a topic they do not talk too much about. Therefore, it was quite interesting to do research for two of my other articles:

This one about Milo Yiannopoulos and, even better, this one about Ben Shapiro.

If you’ve ever been watching Youtube videos that have been uploaded by Republicans in the US, I can almost guarantee that you have watched at least one of these three: Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro or Milo Yiannopoulos.

What’s Alex Jones’ background?

I am not going to spend a lot of time on this, but I find it necessary to quickly make a recap of who Alex Jones is:

– An American guy who runs a radio show called “The Alex Jones Show”.
– Owner of a website called Infowars.
– Pro-gun, Pro-Trump, Pro-anything-that-the-republican-party-does.
– If you want to read more about some of the non-environmental “scandals” that Jones has been involved in, feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the article.

Another thing that made me interested was the fact that Jones is very often accused of spreading fake news and conspiracy theories. That’s partly why I wanted to fact check some of his sentences as well.

This video tells you a lot about what else you need to know about Alex Jones as a person:

Fact check: Alex Jones and his view on global warming

Let’s start. But before I start to go into depth, I figured out that it would be nice to have some type of summary. If you’re in a hurry, you can simply refer to this overview right here:

1. That private banks are financing the “global warming hoax”.

2. Scientists are no longer using the name “global warming”, but changed to “climate change”. This was done because scientists realized they were wrong about temperature increase.

3. The sun is the reason for climate change. Also, any global warming can be traced back to a “natural cycle”.

4. The CRU e-mail leakage shows that scientists know it’s no global warming happening.

Those are the statements that I will fact-check in this article.

And if you want to read more about his claims, feel free to read below:

Quote #1: “A private group of banks is financing the global warming hoax”.


Why is it wrong?

After trying for several minutes, I was not able to find any source that could connect banks to the concept of global warming.

In other words: most people within the financial sector acknowledge climate change as a huge problem. However, there’s no evidence that any private-owned banks are spending their money on “fueling the global warming hoax”.

Quote #2: ” They have changed global warming to climate change because now the earth is getting colder again “

Before the climate change conference in Copenhagen in 2010, Alex Jones had quite an interesting performance when he was interviewed by RT.

Jones is one of those who believe that scientists are no longer using the “global warming” phrase. Donald Trump has later confirmed that he also believes that scientists are using different words as “we are no longer seeing global warming”.

Both Alex Jones and Donald Trump are incorrect.

Let’s look at the facts.

This is what Skepticalscience says about this myth:

Photo: Screenshot, skepticalmyth.

The same website is also able to provide quite a clear picture showing that the global temperature has indeed risen over the last hundred years.

In other words, there would be no reason for scientists to change their narrative from “global warming” to “climate change”:

Photo: Screenshot, skepticalmyth.

The full interview with Alex Jones on RT

Quote #3: “Climate change is based 100 % on the sun”

Alex Jones does agree that we do see changes in the climate.

However, he does not agree with scientists when it comes to the leading factor of global rising temperatures.

Instead of looking at the number of CO2 in the atmosphere, Jones believes that it’s all driven by the sun and that there’s nothing we can do about it. During an interview in 2016 (which is now removed by Youtube), he said that “the world’s climate is controlled entirely by the sun and has described anyone part of the movement to cut greenhouse gas emissions as being part of “a criminal gang”.” (link: desmogblog).

Why is this wrong?

NASA has concluded that a huge part of the climate change that we have seen over the last hundreds of years are nearly solely based on human greenhouse gas emissions. If you want to know more about that, you can read the article from NASA by clicking here.

Also, there is no evidence that can connect people who want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with some type of criminal gang.

Quote #4: “The e-mail leakage at Climate Research Unit proves that they know the climate isn’t getting warmer, but cooler”

Let me quickly recap what the big Climate Research Unit (CRU) e-mail scandal was all about. From 1999 to 2004, several e-mails from CRU was hacked and published online.

The content of these emails is quite interesting. Some of them show proof of a small group of scientists trying to manipulate data – and other emails show proof of the same people trying to hide statistics.

There’s still a debate until this date whether or not the emails are real.

Did the e-mails show proof that scientists KNOW that the climate is getting cooler?

No. I have read through all the leaked e-mails and none of them suggest that.

Now that I have introduced you to what Alex Jones thinks about climate change, I want you to get to know the guy a little better. I believe it would help to refer to some of his other conspiracy theories in order to

Which other claims have Alex Jones made throughout his media career?

Two things spring to mind.

1. School shooting didn’t happen

Alex Jones was one of several conspiracy theorists that claimed something quite extraordinary.

Adam Lanza killed 20 students, 6 teachers, his own mum and himself at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2020.

According to Alex Jones, this did not happen.

Many people, including Mr Jones, claimed it was a hoax that was set up in order to restrict American gun laws. In 2019, grieving parents filed a lawsuit against Jones for defamation.

2. Alex Jones goes head-to-head with Piers Morgan over gun laws

Piers Morgan is a controversial British journalist. He is open about his friendship with Donald Trump, which makes him quite unpopular among most Brits.

If you ever want to see exactly how unpopular Morgan is, feel free to look at the comment section below his Tweets.

However. He invited Alex Jones to his show on CNN to debate whether or not the US should ban semi-automatic guns.

It got heated. You better take some time to look at the video below to see what type of guy Jones really is:

What did we learn from this article? Key takeaways

Now, let’s try to wrap this up. I am already tired of this guy.

This is what you’ve learned:

– Alex Jones does not believe in global warming. He believes that the earth is getting cooler.

– He agrees that the climate is changing, but believes it’s a natural cycle and 100 % dependent on the sun.

– Jones also believes that everyone who wants to put a tax on carbon-heavy industries are part of a “criminal gang”.

– Global warming is not the only conspiracy theory Alex Jones believes in. He has been sued by people that found it offensive that he doesn’t believe in the Sandy Hook shooting. In addition to that, he believes that 9/11 was an inside job orchestrated by the American government.

As always: if you love or hate Alex Jones, feel free to let me know in the comment section below. People are always very eager to discuss political topics in the comment sections, which I think is fabulous.

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    The Climate change cult is really a Genocide cult of the elites. They want to get rid of the useless labor consuming their resources as society becomes more automated.

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    Alex Jones is just as bad as his hero Donald Trump.

    None of them have a grasp idea of what they are talking about when it comes to climate change or anything related to environmental politics. The fact that he has more than a million followers on social media says everything about the US.

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