What country has the most vegetarian/vegans?

One article published in Worldatlas.com showed a list over the countries with the highest “vegetarianism density” among the population. We have given a link to the article below the list.

….and these are the most “vegan” countries in the world:

1. India (38 % of their population is vegetarian)
2. Israel (13 %)
3. Taiwan (12 %)
4. Italy (10 %)
5. Austria (9 %)
6. Germany (9 %)
7. United Kingdom (9 %)
8. Brazil (8 %)
9. Ireland (7 %)
10. Australia (5 %)

Surprising results?

What we find a bit weird is that we don’t see any of the Scandinavian countries on the list. This is a region where food security and environmental issues always have been prioritized among the population. We also know about strong government campaigns that educate people about the benefits of eating white meat/vegetables and the health risks of eating red meat/beef.

This sign wouldn’t work in India..? 🙂

Another interesting thing to point out is the percentage number after UK. 9 % might sound like a lot, but we wrote an article lately saying that 50 % of all young Brits have tried to go vegan. That is very positive, but it shows that a lot of people fail when they try to create a lifestyle inspired by vegetarianism or veganism.

Link to the article can be found here.

Which countries eat most beef and other red meat?

Let us just jump to the other end of the scale. Countries that have a high meat consumption do have some things in common. First of all, they have a fairly high GDP per capita. In other words: their citizens are quite rich. In addition to that, they are mainly located in North America or Europe. I guess living in a cold climate and having money between your hands create some sort of an unhealthy meat culture..?

Anyway, here is the list.

1. Denmark
2. United States
3. Australia
4. Israel
5. Argentina
6. Canada

After living in Denmark for 3 years, I am not very surprised that they “win” this list. You can barely go to a restaurant in Copenhagen or Aalborg without smelling the taste of meat. That being said, the country is currently a “trend” that many Danish citizens approve: reducing food waste. I have also published an article about that, which you can read here.

Why is it good that people become vegetarians and vegans?

Because eating meat is not only bad for the environment, but also for your health. In the future, no one will eat meat. We are only eating it because it is tasting good and has a high protein density. We are already seeing that companies like The Impossible Burger starts to duplicate meat taste by using updated technology and plant-based ingredients. This is the future. When people start to accept the fact that eating red meat is really dangerous, we have come a long way.

I am not a vegan myself, but I really understand why the “vegan movement” is growing day-by-day. If you want to read more about how veganism is helping the environment, you can read this article (it is about a 3 minute read – you can do it!) .

4 thoughts on “What country has the most vegetarian/vegans?”

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    When you divide countries into vegan or “non-vegan” communities, I would first say that’s weird. Because this isn’t binary. A lot of people in every country are now either vegan or vegetarian.

    However, I used to study this in University and we saw that some factors are important to determine “how vegan a country is”:

    1) Culture. Does it have a culture to eat a lot of meat? For instance, in Argentina it’s impossible to think that Argentina would have a large vegan population.
    2) Access to meat. In poor and developing countries, many people are forced to NOT eat diary or meat products.
    3) How “trendy” they are. For instance, people in UK are hipsters. Therefore, a lot of them have turned vegan.

    1. Avatar

      Hello Concerned vegan,

      thanks for your comment. Great input.

      In regards to your first paragraph: I did not intend to make the article “black and white”. In other words: in the article, it was important for me that it shows that we are talking about the percentage of vegetarians/vegans in the whole population. I do not say that “Sweden are vegan and Argentina are not“.


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