WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener Review


When it comes to water softeners, they do not tend to have the most stylish designs.

They practically built to deliver results. However, this can at times prove to be a major inconvenience especially if you are short on space but still require the services of a competent water softener.

Just like any other niche in the manufacturing industry, there are those that take the look of their products seriously and one of these is Water Boss.

If you?re looking for a great water softener that is appealing to the eye and great for limited space, then this ?water softener review could be a great fit for you.


Other than an appealing look, there is a lot of more that the Water Boss 220 has to offer. It features plenty of functionalities that make it quite a competent system to have in a home.

It is focused on delivery and ensuring a stable supple of soft water for the entire home. Some of the features that ensure it is able to achieve such fetes are;

It has a 22,000 grain removal capacity that makes it great for a medium size family of about four if they have super hard water. However, if you have moderately hard water, the system can support even more users with the same impeccable results.

Another powerful factor of the Water Boss is the short regeneration cycle that takes about 18 minutes when the salt setting is set to about 2.5. This means that the unit will use less water and hence you get to enjoy maximum output with less wastage.

The system is quite diverse with the ability to soften water that contains up to 70 grains per gallon which is quite high. Regardless of the hardness of the water, the 220 has the capacity to make it more palatable and usable for the whole house.

The machine can also comprehensively filer dirt and other sediments to about 20 nominal microns which is quite impressive. Nothing that you do not want in your water is capable of escaping the system.

It comes with a factory installed by pass valve that ensures you?re able to retain supply to the house even when the machine is down. This is a great addition so that you do not have to unhook everything in the event that something happens to the machine.

One feature that most users will find quite pleasing is the whisper quiet operation of the machine. This way, you do not have to worry about waking everyone one up when you want to do your dishes at night or maybe some laundry.

Needless to mention, the system also has a compact build that makes it particularly appealing to home owners that are short on space but would still love to have a water softener in their home. This would be a perfect fit in such scenarios.


There are plenty of benefits that the Water Boss has to offer and a great deal of them are largely thanks to its build and the features that it has.

  • It is quite compact and requires very little storage space.
  • Has a very fast regeneration cycle at just under 20 minutes.
  • It is quite easy to install.
  • Has a very low regeneration water use.
  • Is capable of filtering out dirt and sediments as well.
  • Has a high hardness coverage.
  • Comes complete with a factory fitted bypass.
  • Has a very low energy electronic control to save more on electrical usage.
  • Comes with extended warranties.


On the flipside, the Water Boss 220 does have some areas of concern that are worth noting before making the purchase. This ensures that you?re fully aware of what to expect and nothing gets you off-guard.

  • Has a mid-range softener price.
  • Installation should be done with utter care to ensure no leaks. If unsure, it is best to get help from a plumber.

If you?re looking for a great solution to your hard waters problems but are short on space, the Water Boss 220 could be the best solution. It is also a great fit for those that are starting out because of its vast softening abilities and the ease of installation.

If you do not have the space to tuck it in, you do not have to worry.

Its intriguing design offers a great feel to ensure that even if it is out in the open it does not look awkward. But, for safety?s sake, it is better placed in an enclosed space.

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