Three reasons why Ecofeminism is a pretty bad idea

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I’m quite a big fan of reading various scientific articles. This nerdy hobby of mine helps me to discover a lot of new topics. You would be surprised how much weird stuff that scientists put their time and effort into.

Eco-feminism is my new favorite topic.

That’s why I had to write this blog post.

Where did my fascination with ecofeminism start?

As mentioned before: by reading various scientific articles about climate change and global warming. Loads of research is currently being done on figuring out why the political landscape is so divided when it comes to environmental politics.

One of the scientists, a woman called Lucy Sargisson, wrote an article called “What’s wrong with ecofeminism?”.

The research paper starts like this:

“What’s wrong with Ecofeminism?” by Lucy Sargisson. Screenshot.

In other words: Lucy isn’t a big fan of ecofeminism. And I’m not a big fan of it either. But before I start to dig into why this new political movement is a bad idea, I will let you know what ecofeminism really is.

What is ecofeminism? (Definition)

Let me give you two different definitions. They are overlapping, but written in very different ways.

Definition 1 from Mary Mellom

Mary Mellom, the author of the interesting book “Feminism and Ecology“, delivers a quite brilliant definition of ecofeminism:

Ecofeminism is a movement that sees a connection between the exploitation and degradation of the natural world and the subordination and oppression of women. It emerged in the mid-1970s alongside second-wave feminism and the green movement. Ecofeminism brings together elements of the feminist and green movements, while at the same time offering a challenge to both. It takes from the green movement a concern about the impact of human activities on the non-human world and from feminism the view of humanity as gendered in ways that subordinate, exploit and oppress women.”

Definition 2 from Julia Mason

Mrs Mason was invited to a “Ted Talk” where she was asked to talk about ecofeminism (you can see the whole speech below). In this speech, she gave a very precise definition of ecofeminism:

The social mentality that leads to the domination and oppression of women is directly connected to the social mentality that leads to the abuse of the environment.”

Let’s try to translate and summarize that.

  • Ecofeminism is a political movement
  • It suggests that there’s a correlation (link) between destroying the planet and discrimination against women
  • The movement suggests that political decisions are male-centered.
  • It also suggests that men use the same strategy to “abuse women” as they do to “abuse the environment”

Now, I hope that was somehow a bit clearer about what ecofeminism is. Now, let’s see why it’s a bad idea.

What are the reasons why ecofeminism is a bad idea?

It might sound like a great idea? Women’s right combined with climate change protests?

Isn’t that the best idea ever?

No, it’s not. And I will tell you why.

1. It’s quite blurry to understand the concept

Despite reading a whole book and 20 articles about the topic online, I struggle to understand the concept fully. And don’t get me wrong – I fully support stuff like:

  • Equal rights for women and men.
  • Women should be more involved in global political decisions.
  • That we have to take care of the planet and stop global warming asap.

However, I don’t really get why we have to mix feminism and the fight for a greener planet. These things should be separated.

2. It’s easier for climate change deniers to attack the “green movement

The “ecofeminism movement” is one example. Extinction Rebellion is another one.

When radical political groups try to forward a brilliant message, they are immediately shut down. And there’s a reason for that. People are not interested in hearing your thoughts if you have previously been well-known for radical political meanings.

Suggested read: 8 fun facts about Extinction Rebellion

Many people have a problem with feminism. And a lot of people have a problem understanding that climate change is a real thing. When you invent a concept that combines these two things, you will immediately get a lot of haters.

3. Lack of scientific evidence

Every time you make a claim, you should be able to back it up with evidence.

There is little or no scientific evidence to prove that ecofeminism is a good idea. I actually read the book “Feminism and Ecology”. For ecofeminists, this is apparently their holy bible.

One thing that stood out was the lack of evidence. When you write a book about some political movement, you NEED to back up what you’re saying with external proof.

PS! If you’re interested in the topic, I would actually recommend you to read the book. You can find it on Amazon by clicking here. It’s not a book that’s poorly written or anything. It just doesn’t have any objective facts to back up its statements.

9 thoughts on “Three reasons why Ecofeminism is a pretty bad idea”

  1. Avatar

    Ecofeminism is just like other types of feminism…completely unneccessary.

    I support the fight against global warming. I do not support feminism in any shape or form.

  2. Avatar

    I don’t agree with you. Men are the reason why this planet is going down the drain.

    1. Men take the bad political decisions to insult women every day.
    2. The #metoo movement has shown why we need less men and more women.
    3. There is a clear pattern that the same people that harass women also don’t understand climate change (hey, Donald – I am thinking of you).

    1. Avatar

      I agree with Marissa. Imagine thinking there’s no relationship between women and nature smh, go to Africa and see for yourself. While at that educate yourself more not everything is political!

    2. Avatar

      I also agree with Marissa. It is also comical that you see that Ecofeminism needs scientific evidence. Do we need scientific evidence to prove that racism is also bad?

      Don’t try to oversimplify this.

    3. Avatar

      You need proofs to logically relate patriarchy to people’s abuse of natural enviroment

    4. Avatar

      ….while “Westerners” in general laugh at the barbaric dictatorship regime called China. 😉 I would rather have a #metoo movement compared to a government that has a long history of killing its own people for their own gain.

      I know that most Chinese people, for some bizarre reason, have faith in their own government. Anyway: let’s leave that conversation, hehe.

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