Study: Restaurants Save Huge Money by NOT Wasting Food

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Food waste is a huge problem worldwide. Some studies suggest that about 40 % of all food produced will end up in the bin. That is pure madness.

Before you read this article: you better try our Food Waste quiz. I am sure that you will be surprised by some of the answers…

A group of scientists called Champions 12.3 recently published a report about the financial benefits of wasting less food. Let me show you why this matters – and why everyone that owns a restaurant should read this report.

What does this particular study show?

The whole reason why this study was conducted was to find any correlation between the amount of food wasted from restaurants and the financial impact it would have on the business. The research question was the following:

Would restaurants save money by wasting less food?

Simple as that.

Luckily, the findings suggest that you can easily answer “yes” to that question.

Let me summarize the conclusion:

– After investing in a food waste program, 76 % of all restaurants got their money back within a year. In other words: they recouped their investment. After two years, about 89 % of the restaurants in the study had a positive Return On Investment on their updated “food waste policy”.

– Some of the most efficient ways to reduce food waste in a restaurant were to start measuring how much waste you threw away, get the staff highly engaged, think about how you store the food [inventory] as well as rethink your purchasing practices.

– Overall, restaurants saw a 7 to 1 return rate for every dollar they spent on developing food waste programs. That is amazing.

Food waste: Simple, yet Complicated

The only way to succeed in getting people to care more about the environment is to punish them financially. If a business owner sees that making his or her business more “green” will automatically benefit the margins, the green shift will happen naturally. But as long as people are uneducated about the benefits of reducing food waste, people won’t care.

Food waste should be quite obvious to people. If you don’t eat (or serve) the food that you buy, you lose money. However, this seems to be quite difficult for people to take in.

How much food is wasted from (American) supermarket chains?

We know that the American government has started to take severe action to prevent food waste from grocery stores. In 2018, a report was published that mapped out how much food was wasted from the various supermarket chains. Walmart came out on top, and Aldi got the absolute worst classification (F). You can read about the findings by clicking here.

PS! If you want to read the whole report conducted by Champions 12.3, feel free to click here.

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