Fact check: When Ben Shapiro “owned” Greta Thunberg on climate change

After Greta Thunberg became famous for her “skolstrej för klimatet” (school strike for climate change), loads of people have criticized her. What is interesting is that the criticism seems to come from people with a couple of things in common:

– They are men over 30 years old.
– Many of them have been involved in the “alt-right” movement.
– They do not seem to be against the fact that Donald Trump is the most powerful man in the world.

One of the guys who fit all these criteria is called Ben Shapiro. He is most famous for “owning left-winged people” on Youtube. But not only that. Ben is quite a controversial character as well. That has lead him to be banned from speaking on Grand Canyon University, which caused quite some strong reactions from several people.

First of all: is Ben Shapiro wrong about “everything”?

No, he is not. Not at all.

In many cases, he makes excellent points about racism, culture and gender identity. To be

Ben Shapiro loves promoting himself on Youtube where he debates various political topics – just like climate change.

fair, he is one of the most knowledgable public speakers about these topics.

However, it`s when he talks about global warming that things start to go wrong. And this proves the problem with right-winged political figures in the US. At one point, they ask people to “go check facts” and “learn some science“. However, when it comes to climate change, they refuse to do so.

Another member of the “alt-right” is called Milo Yiannopoulos. I fact-checked every single thing he has ever publicly said about global warming and compiled it into this article. Let me just give you the conclusion right now: it didn`t look very good…

When did Ben Shapiro criticize Greta Thunberg?

In a Youtube video that was published in early 2020, a video called “Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Greta`s CRAZY Climate Change Arguments” was published on a Youtube channel called The Daily Wire. The title is interesting. However, the content is even better (you can find the video at the end of this blog post).

In this section of the article, I will break down some of the arguments Ben Shapiro made in this video.

#1: How old is Greta Thunberg – and does it matter?

Ben: “The media treats her as she is 14. She is not. She is 17 years old. As she is 17, she can be criticized just like any other public figure out there.”

Sustainability Matters: Right. 100 % in agreement. Her age should not be important when it comes to discussing her as a person or anything related to climate change science.

#2: She is all about feelings – and no science

Ben: “We should not treat her as some intellectual as her whole approach is: I am a child and I am angry! She is not hiding that.”

Sustainability Matters: I do disagree that this is her approach. She has, also just before Ben published that video, asked world leaders to look at the science when it comes to global warming. This is one of the quotes that was picked up by Forbes: “With today’s emissions levels, the remaining budget is gone in less than eight years. These aren’t anyone’s views—this is the science”.

What I do agree with Ben on is that she is not a scientist. She has no formal education. However, I have not yet seen her claim that she is a scientist or that any of the evidence is made by herself.

#3: “Her solution to stop global warming is crazy!”

Ben: “This is her solution to global warming. And guys, it is CRAZY. (….showing a clip of Greta Thunberg speaking at Davos…). So she wants to shut down the economy of the world.”

Sustainability Matters: You can`t disagree with Ben on this one. Going for a “real zero” emission model is impossible. What Greta suggested in her speech in Davos is not a realistic scenario.

#4: “Greta is just one of these kids that are used by the people on the left to appear cute”

Ben: “The left always uses kids to push political points. They do the same with gun control. As they do that, they can say `oh so you are attacking a child, how horrible!`.”

Sustainability Matters: I have not seen that this strategy is consistent on either side of the political landscape in the US. Some kids are politically active on both sides. Washington Post reported recently that several right-winged extremist groups target kids online in the hope of “recruiting” them.

Where I do agree with Ben Shapiro on this point is that the messenger does not make the arguments more valid. Whether it is a 70-year-old professor or a 17-year-old Swedish girl should not matter. And after watching several Greta Thunberg videos, I know that she agrees with me.

So…did Greta Thunberg got “owned” by Ben Shapiro?

Let me put it this way:

Ben Shapiro is a smart guy. He knows exactly which buttons to push to make Greta look like a fool. By showing fractions of her speech, he can paint a picture of a confused angry teenager that has no idea what she is talking about.

And the worst of all?

He uses this as an argument to say that global warming isn`t as bad as we think. After watching his video, I can see why certain people are fascinated by Ben. However, I would LOVE to see him debating a room full of climate change scientists. That would be something he would struggle with (and he knows it). Therefore, I put my money on the fact that we will never see that happening. 🙂

Where can I watch the (infamous) video?

Right here:

If you have any comments, please feel free to add them below. I have seen that many of my “political” articles are more popular than others – and that especially party members of the Republican party are super eager to join the debate! 🙂 That`s brilliant.

4 thoughts on “Fact check: When Ben Shapiro “owned” Greta Thunberg on climate change”

  1. Avatar

    Thing is that Greta Thunberg is great for the environment movement. In a way.

    I mean: she can sometimes say stuff that gets people thinking about the environment. But there’s no doubt that there should be scientists out there talking instead of her. She is good at the hype, but she isn’t very good at defending her own arguments.

    And that is actually a huge problem. No one cares about what she’s saying to be honest…and it’s super easy for Republicans to attack her based on that.

    1. Avatar

      I sort of agree.

      She creates a very good hype. People tend to care about the environment because of her.

      That being said, a 16-18 year old girl/woman is very easy to attack.

  2. Avatar

    Shapiro is smart, but doesn not understand climate change. He is a part of the alt-right group that constantly whines about everyone not understanding basic science and facts…but at the same time, he doesnt understand that global warming is a HUGE issue for humanity.

  3. Avatar

    Ben Shapiro did not “own” Greta Thunberg. What he did was editing out a fraction of her speech on a UN conference, attacking that fraction and putting it on Youtube. He also desperately tries to put the message out there that “she is no kid”, which is quite disturbing.

    Greta isn’t right about everything. But she surely isn’t wrong about everything either – just the way Shapiro and some other alt-right guys want to give the impression of.

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