Is Greta Thunberg Involve with Politics

Fact check: is Greta Thunberg a communist or a member of Antifa?

Every time a young political activist starts to disrupt the status quo, the same thing starts to happen: a lot of people will try to criticize them. For instance, it happened to Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez when she started to challenge Donald Trump. Various people started to share a 10-year-old dance video from a college party (which, in my opinion, shouldn’t be a scandal?).

It was, therefore, no surprise that this would happen to the young “climate activist star” Greta Thunberg.

I have previously written an article about Greta Thunberg. To be honest, I would recommend you to read that article. One of the topics I did not cover in that article was allegations about Greta being a communist. In this article, I will present to you all the evidence available on the topic – and will also let you know why certain people believe that Thunberg is a communist.

Is Greta Thunberg Involve with Politics

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Let’s jump straight to the conclusion: is Greta Thunberg a communist?

No, she is not. She has openly denied that she has any left-winged political interests.

Why did some people claim that Thunberg is a communist?

In regards to this topic, there have been two (misleading) claims that have gone viral. Let me run a quick fact-check on both.

The infamous t-shirt incident

That was a conclusion based upon a picture that her mum, Malena Ernman, poster on Twitter. In this specific picture, Greta wears a sweater with the following text: “Antifascist All Stars“. Several alt-right publications and newspapers spread that picture with the conclusion that Thunberg was not only against fascism but also that she was a “communist, left-winged political puppy“.

To protect Gretas` privacy, I am not going to publish the full picture that was uploaded by her mom. However, this is the shirt that she was wearing:

Screenshot of the t-shirt Greta was wearing on a Twitter picture.

It also sparked the debate of whether or not she was controlled by politicians with a left-winged agenda.

Thunberg denied being an ANTIFA/Communist on Twitter

This went so far that Greta was forced to go on Twitter and tell everyone that they were mistaken:

Her mom also tweeted about this topic. This is the tweet (with English translation below):

Greta borrowed the t-shirt from me. You can buy this t-shirt online with a wide range of different text on it. I had no idea that this t-shirt could be somehow connected with any violent organizations. To avoid confusion, she (Greta) has now deleted the picture.

Was the controversial climate activist group Extinction Rebellion arranging one of her climate strikes?

The alt-right are quite desperate to link Thunberg to alternative left-wing groups. If they succeed with that, they also have some arguments to claim that “climate change is a hoax“.

As I can read and understand Swedish, I get some useful insight into what local people think about Greta. One of the right-winged alternative media sources is called Samnytt. In an article they published in 2019, they claim that Bo Thorèn is the real person behind the international climate strike (which, by the way, is not true). In the same article, they claim that Thyren was one of the people who started an Extinction Rebellion group in Sweden. Through that extremely weak link, they managed to put a connection between Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion.

The problem is that an article does not need to contain facts to be spread online. As long as you have a point of view that many people agree with, your article will be read by a lot of people. And as these “newspapers” shape the mind of people who are already angry.

Book recommendation about Greta Thunbergs’ political connections

Most of the people reading this article will hate the book I am going to recommend. You have just landed on this website to confirm that Greta Thunberg is an evil communist and that she can be traced back to violent ANTIFA protests.

To the other side of my audience: I have a book to recommend. 🙂

Her father, Svante Thunberg, has provided some great insight to how it is to be a member of the Thunberg family.

And you can find the book on Amazon by clicking here:

Our House Is on Fire: Scenes of a Family and a Planet in Crisis
289 Reviews
Our House Is on Fire: Scenes of a Family and a Planet in Crisis
  • Thunberg, Greta (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 288 Pages - 03/17/2020 (Publication Date) - Penguin Books (Publisher)

Isn’t it a bit boring to read about the family life of an environmental activist?

I was afraid that I would hate the book. I’m gonna be honest with you. However, it’s a well-written and exciting book that helps you to understand more about what happens behind the scenes.

Those include, but are not limited to:

  • The accusations about Greta Thunberg being a paid left-winged puppet.
  • How she deals with criticism.
  • How her whole world was turned upside down after she became famous.
  • And a lot more.

Please note that I read this book in Swedish. However, looking at the reviews on Amazon I am quite confident that the translation is made of someone that knows both languages perfectly. Don’t be worried about that.


There are two conclusions to be made from this article:

1) Greta Thunberg is not a communist. Nor is she a part of any radical left-wing political group.

2) As her popularity keeps increasing, there will be a lot of people that want to put certain labels on her. This is done to lower her credibility. Once someone can prove that Greta Thunberg is an Antifa member or a communist, they will immediately claim that her focus on climate change is driven by her political view. Furthermore, they will also be leading to the conclusion that climate change is a hoax.

PS! I hope that this article will rank high in the Google search for phrases like “Greta Thunberg communist” or “is Greta Thunberg a member of ANTIFA?”. As I am writing this article, several right-winged “alternative newspapers” hold the top rankings in Google for these search inquiries. That puts Thunbergs` reputation on stake. Feel free to give this article a link from any forum, blog or website that you own. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Fact check: is Greta Thunberg a communist or a member of Antifa?”

  1. Avatar

    This hasn’t aged too well, the Swedish doom goblin has effectively just admitted she’s a communist. Climate change and communism have always been two sides of the same globalist agenda coin.

  2. Avatar

    Now that you’ve seen what communists and antifa members are doing in Portland, I guess you can be proud of supporting Greta Thunberg. 🙂

    She is, and will always be, a puppet that’s being dragged around by large corporations and Dems.

    1. Avatar

      My one question is, as you say others have political agendas that means they would benefit from a perceived left wing extreme position as it would tear down the notion of climate change being real. What do you gain from her not being viewed as left wing and climate change. Not being a “hoax” seeing as you are the creator of a site called “sustainability matters”? Seems that you are asking people to buy into a typical oxymoron statement, whether it be right or wrong.

  3. Avatar

    Thanks for fact-checking this.

    I bet the anti-climate-change-people wont believe you anyway, but that’s their problem. Greta Thunberg is NOT a communist. She is NOT a member of Antifa. And she will NOT respond to this bizarre criticism.

    1. Avatar

      To be honest, I don’t think she even cares about the people claiming that she has ties to Antifa.

  4. Avatar

    The alt-right people will always deem greta thunberg as a fascist or communist. It’s the same way that the left will say that Naomi Seibt is a right-winged racist.

    If you are successful in putting such labels on people, you will also automatically say that everything these people claim are false.

  5. Avatar

    Member of Antifa? you cannot be a member of ANTIFA. It’s not like you go to the ANTIFA chairman and say: hey mate, I would like to pay 200 USD per year to be a member here…

    it’s just a movement that happen to go in the street and fight racism sometimes. People try to label it left-winged (and many People claim that climate change is a left winged thing), but they’re not exactly right

    1. Avatar

      Hi “ANTIFA nono”, thanks for your comment.

      Frankly, I have no idea what type of organizational structure that excists within Antifa. All I know is that Greta Thunberg (nor her mum/dad) have never been involved with them. 🙂

      Have a good day!

  6. Avatar

    Greta Thunberg is not a communist. However, it is quite clear that her parents are left-winged and that this has shaped her view on the political arena.

    I am not saying that this is something wrong, but she would not be voting for any right-winged party at all. That is for sure.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Yngve, thanks for your comment. (I guess you are Norwegian like me? 🙂 ).

      I have no idea about the political view of Thunbergs’ parents. Whether or not they are left-winged or not should probably not have too much influence on this debate. All I know is that Greta has said several times that she cannot be connected with any political party.

    2. Avatar

      She she isn’t into Left wing political movements. Climate change activism is in and of itself a Left wing political movement.

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