Reverse Osmosis Systems Reviews

Express Water RODI10D Review

The Express Water RODI10D is perfect water problem solution to use in older homes. Older homes often have plumbing that uses lead pipes. The lead in theses pipes can leach into the water flowing through them, thus raising the risk of encountering long-term health problems. The Express Water RODI10D removes 99% of these impurities.

Brondell H2O+ Circle Review

Brondell has made a name for themselves as one of the leading manufacturers of high quality water filtration systems, and their H2O+ Circle reverse osmosis system is no exception to their reputation. Boasting a slick design, simple DIY installation, and an incredible efficiency rate ten times that of most conventional reverse osmosis systems, the H2O+ Circle ranks as one of the best values in its category.

Aquasana AQ-RO-3.55 OptimH2O Review

Built to not only remove minerals through reverse osmosis but to put vital ones back in, the Aquasana AQ-RO-3.55 OptimH2O has a two-year warranty and comes with full NSF certification. It weighs about 12.3 pounds and is designed to be installed under your kitchen sink. It utilizes four types of filters: an activated carbon filter along with a reverse osmosis filter the company claims eliminates all dissolves solids smaller than one micron like fluoride and arsenic, a catalytic carbon filter for chlorine and ammonia, and a sub-micron filter that catches giardia and cryptosporidium.

Home Master TMHP HydroPerfection Review

Being able to guarantee the quality of one of the most valuable resources which water is a great hurdle. This is because, even though most of the water boards purport that their water is safe for drinking, there are a variety of bacteria and other pollutants that can be picked up by the water enroute to your home. Even more concerning is some of the minerals that are added to the water during the treatment process like chlorine do have their own negative impacts on the body overtime.

iSpring RCC7AK Review

Being among the most crucial raw materials that you can have, there is no doubt that you need to make sure that this ends up doing the job that it is meant to do. The only problem is that with thousands of contaminants that can get their way into the water that you drink or use in your household, it is virtually impossible to ensure that the water you use does not harm you. However, with a good RO filtration system you stand a better chance of being able to make sure that your water is much safer and much cleaner.

APEC Top Tier ROES-PH75 Review

It has consistently been said that protection is better than cure. One of the most effective to protect yourself especially from illnesses is to watch what goes through your mind. You have to ensure that you have the best possible and cleanest items going into your system and this is more so the case when it comes to the most important commodity which is water. You cannot be too sure of the safety of the water that comes out of your tap or well.

Home Master TMAFC-ERP Artesian Review: Great Under Counter System

With the worse climatic condition and the selfish nature in which industries are operating opting to put their own interests over those of everyone else, you can never tell what is in the water that you drink. You could take the risk but with the inflated costs of healthcare, it is better to take caution than to take the risk and end up with bank accounts that have gaping holes.

APEC Top Tier RO-90 Review

Having a reliable water filtration system in your home can be quite the valuable asset. Considering the escalating cost of healthcare and the increased risk of pollutants in the water, you can see why your family can be in dire need of a good and reliable RO system.

Watts Premier RO Pure Reverse Osmosis System Review (531411)

With the highly degrading planet, the water bed has been compromised, our oceans have become the dumping sites and sadly, even the boards that have been tasked with the duty of providing the masses with clean and safe water have terribly failed. While, this might sound quite alarming, it is an opportunity that puts the power to ensure the integrity of the water that you drink squarely in your hands. However, you need to be well prepared in order to take full advantage of this.